I happened to pass by an Estee Lauder and Lancome counter yesterday so I decided to stop and ask about the new vibrating mascara available in both brands. Needless to say, I got blank stares and was promoted some new non-vibrating mascaras. Sigh…

But all was not lost because it was the launch of the new Chocolate Decadence collection by Estee Lauder for Fall 2008! I’d been watching out for this one mostly because of the packaging.

el Estee Lauder Chocolate Decadence Fall 2008

The Estee Lauder counter at Isetan KLCC has it all and it was looking good. I’d say though that in line with the chocolate theme, everything is a little too brown and too warm for my liking. That said, I could not resist testing out the eyeshadows and the shimmer powder!

I swatched the colours and wanted a photo but got sucked into having the eyeshadows tested on me and the colours were wiped off later. Boo… I’ll explain why in a minute. Continue Reading ►


olay Review: Skincare: Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Aging Cream

Hands up everyone who remembers their mothers or grandmothers using Oil of Ulan with the distinctive pink lotion and powdery smell? icon smile Review: Skincare: Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Aging Cream I do. And I took a while to adjust to it being called Oil of Olay and then just Olay.

I used the Total Effects cream the first time it was introduced here in Malaysia. I was one of the testers for the mystery cream based on an ad on tv at the time. I knew what it was because I was monitoring its arrival after reading many good things about the Olay Total Effects cream online. When I tried it, I knew I liked it and Olay Total Effects was my staple moisturiser for a couple of years.

And then, I got bored and ventured out into various brands of skin moisturisers, mostly of the department store or higher end variety.

Recently, with prices soaring on nearly every consumer good, and with my night moisturiser on its last legs, I decided to once again return to an old favourite, to see how it re-measures up. Continue Reading ►


sanaf Review: Makeup: Sana Maiko han liquid Foundation

I picked up the Sana Maiko-han liquid foundation on my last trip to Singapore. The foundation comes in a heavy solid glass bottle with very pretty patterns embossed on the frosted glass. The whole package looks so compact and delicate and so unlike the normal bottles of liquid foundation you get in the market. Truly, the Japanese have some things or two to teach the world about the wonders of packaging!

When I tested the foundation in the store, it was a toss up between 01 and 02 the 2 lightest shades. 01 when I dabbed on my hand looked very white, but 02 looked too yellow. So, I settled for 01. There are only 3 shades available by the way, so girls of darker skin tone will be hardpressed to find a match.

Continue Reading ►


If you are like me and spend the longest time putting on mascara, fearing to get poked in the eye by the mascara wand, or fearing having mascara smeared over your lid, would you use a vibrating mascara wand?

Well, the folks at Lancome and Estee Lauder certainly think so!

mascara Vibrating Mascara Wands   Whats next?

Lancome has come up with an Oscillation Mascara (US$34) which at a press of a button, vibrates to coat your lashes up to 360° . Continue Reading ►


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