When I first saw the Guerlain Midnight Butterfly collection in person, the one item from the collection that caught my eye was the Guerlain KissKiss lipgloss in Shimmering Pink #802.

I have always been a fan of the Guerlain KissKiss lip products especially the lipglosses and I used to own them in the longer Divinora collection, with the beaten gold cap. It was one of the first high end lipglosses I owned and I liked them for being non-sticky, non-goopy but yet imparting a high shine and gloss factor and colour. It also turns out I’d never reviewed them here hehe…

Guerlain KissKiss Midnight Butterfly

The Guerlain Midnight Butterfly lipgloss in Shimmering Pink #802 is not a pink to my untrained eye. It is more of a purplish hue, with an iridescence when you catch the light. It comes in a square tube with a brush applicator. I like the brush applicator because it gives better control when applying gloss.

The metallic cap is embossed with the Guerlain name, and there is a butterfly etched on it. Very pretty and girly but it was not quite the reason I bought it. The reason I dug deep into my pockets for it was because of the colour. One look at the colour swatched on my hand and I knew it was for me. And I’m right! :)

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I am a tech geek. I am forever chasing the newest mobile phone models, the latest notebooks, the latest gadgets… not always catching them, mind you, but chasing them nonetheless. But when I saw the HP Mini 1001 TU Vivienne Tam digital notebook clutch from HP, I knew instantly that I WANT IT!

HP Mini 1001 TU Vivienne Tam

I want it so badly, I’ve spoken to my regular computer guy to pre-order it so I know the minute it comes in. I’m getting some conflicting news about whether its coming into Malaysia and when but I read that its due in Malaysia only in January 2009. I’m told its either RM1699 or RM2800 depending on which store you call. Since its US$699.99 and reports say its S$799 I’m more inclined to believe the RM2800 version. :( That effectively puts it in unattainable range.

I’m not usually swayed by looks but this baby grabbed hold of my heart immediately when I saw it. Being a geek, I checked out the specs on HP and yes, it’s looking good, people! Its essentially the same specs in the more normal looking HP Mini 1000 except the jazzed up case. It comes with Windows XP which is awesome because my Asus EeePC doesn’t – it runs on Linux which takes some getting used to (I have the older version). It weighs about 1kg+ but I’m not sure if that’s with or without battery and a 10 inch screen. Light, portable and fashionable! I don’t carry a notebook for work purposes so I don’t need a work horse – just one that can work when necessary and be portable the rest of the time.

I’m not all that captivated by the peony on the cover, but the red colour and design sorta grabs me and anyway, the peony and colour will look good for the Chinese New Year 😀 Besides this baby looks good carried around – I’d stop my hunt for an oversized clutch once I find this one. I promise! Fashion + digital mobility, can you ask for more?

Of course, the practical side of me kicked in about 2 hours later after the euphoria had died down, to ask “Do you really need another notebook just because it looks good?” And sadly, I can’t bring myself to answer the question yet, because the practical answer is “No” but the impestous side of me says “Yes! By golly YES!” So yeah… dilemma 😛

*whimper* So, this must be how being in love feels like? :)

So this is love… hmm mm mm… so this is love….

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In all the time browsing the forums makeupalley.com a brand of makeup brushes would pop up very often that intrigued me – Sonia Kashuk found at Target. Yep! Not a high end brand of brushes, but a cheap (relatively) line at a cheap department store…. but found only in the USA – BOO! :(

So I asked around but for some reason, no one could help me get it. Friends who went to the USA too could not find the brushes for some strange reason. However, being patient has its virtues because my lovely gal-pal Giddy Tigress has delivered the popular Sonia Kashuk brushes right into my grubby little paws! 😀 Thank you so much, GT!

Sonia Kashuk Makeup brush

A couple of days ago, I received my Sonia Kashuk Powder Brush ($19.99) and Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat blush brush ($14.99). 2 brushes I’d been wanting for the longest time, especially after reading about them on Karen’s blog.

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