I’ve given Maybelline mascaras a hard time. I disliked the Maybelline XXL Mascara and the Maybelline Unstoppable mascara was quite stoppable as far as I was concerned. I bought them both and I binned them both as quickly as I could. But when I have so many people extolling the virtues of the new Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl mascara, the itchies struck and I had to test it. Reader Monstro swears by it so there had to be something to it right?

Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara

I picked one up at Guardian a while ago for RM25+, a promotional rate from its regular RM30.90 retail price and when I got home, I belatedly saw I’d gotten it in BROWN! Brown mascara?! Its a first for me! The mascara is actually lighter than it looks in the photo above.

The Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara is the one in the short fat tube with pink metallic wordings. The counter and print ads show models with impossibly long curled lashes and it promises to add volume to your lashes and curl and keep your lashes curled the whole day. Continue Reading ►


I’ve started bringing lunch to work for 2 reasons – costs and health. My regular chap fun (economy rice) stall moved away and with it, my source of decently priced lunch food. So, after a few trial and errors, I’ve taken to making lunch boxes. Turns out its pretty fun, builds creativity and it helped me lose weight too! :)

The only thing is that I’m lugging my lunch to work in a quite unfashionable eco-friendly grocery bag. Whilst loving the environment, I wish I had access to these funky lunch bags. Just look at them!

Fashionable lunch bags

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If you read the financial pages of the papers, its mostly doom and gloom. Recession, reduced spending and rising costs dominate most of the news. Go out and eat and you’ll find food portions reduced in size at higher prices. Then you look at your paycheck and wonder if it’ll cover all these rising costs.

So, new stuff aside, I thought now is a good time to play a little game called “Shop in your Stash” :)

Rules are simple:

  1. Look in your present skincare, makeup, clothes or handbag stash or collection and pick out one item that is over 5 months old that you have not used or worn in a while.
  2. Write about it on your blog (pictures will be nice!) and link back to this post. If you link back here, I should be able to pick it up and in 1 week from today (7 November 2008), I’ll put up a roundup post of everyone who participated in this little game.
  3. If you don’t have a blog, don’t fret, just tell us in the comment section about your experience shopping in your stash.

The goal:

  • To help rediscover some oldies but goodies
  • To help us appreciate what we already own and hopefully stop us lusting after new stuff (not that it’ll work! :P )
  • To introduce some of our old favourites to everyone else (and maybe cause them to lust after them LOL!)

I’ll go root about in my stash this weekend – will you join me? :)


Lavshuca is to Kanebo Cosmetics what Majolica Majorca is to Shiseido. Both are low end brands of the 2 Japanese cosmetics giants and found readily in drugstores of Japan and Taiwan. Majolica Majorca has dipped their toes into Malaysian waters and many of you readers have expressed such an interest in the brand, I will not be surprised if Kanebo decides to fight back by bringing in Lavshuca! One can but hope of course ;)

For now, I’ve mainly tested only the Lavshuca single eyeshadows and the Summer Gradually Palette. Between the two brands, I think Majolica Majorca wins in the princess department. But strangely enough, Majolica Majorca has never attracted me as a brand. I’m all for Lavshuca instead, even if my initial forays into the brand weren’t as good as I had expected. Still, its a brand that I keep looking into and that keeps me interested.

When my sister went to Taiwan, I latched on an order of Lavshuca products – the Lavshuca Loose Powder and Lavshuca Powder Blush.

Lavshuca Loose Powder and blush

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