After waiting for what seems like forever for the Guerlain Midnight Butterfly collection to arrive on Malaysian shores, I have finally sneaked a peek at the collection. Part of it anyway. I was at Metrojaya at Midvalley Megamall and did not see the Christmas collection displayed so I asked the girl at the counter who immediately brought out all the stuff for me to view. Apparently, there was no space for her to display the new products! Strange reason, but there you go! Bit of a waste really because most people would stop and stare at the beauty of the Guerlain Midnight Butterfly collection.

The whole Midnight Butterfly collection is done in a pale lilac shade which is quite unusual and very pretty. Butterflies are etched on the surface of the metal case of the lipstick. However, I was disappointed to note that the Meteorites Pearls come in a cardboard box albeit with a butterfly embossed on the cover. It was a bit of a let down.

First up is the Mysterious Butterfly eyeshadow palette (RM180). This limited edition eyeshadow palette comes in shades of purple with a butterfly etched on it and filled with shimmer. At a glance, I knew it wouldn’t work for me.

Guerlain Midnight Butterfly eyeshadow

I don’t handle purples on the eyes well, and this was one purple palette I cannot handle because the colours tend towards being warm with reddish tones. Whilst pretty to look at, I found the eyeshadow palette too sheer. See the swatches below:-

Guerlain Midnight Butterfly

I’m not overly fussed with sheer eyeshadows, but even I found these a little too sheer for my tastes. The colours themselves have shimmer but minimal and I suppose if you swatch part of the butterfly design then there would be more shimmer.  I really like the Perles d’argent eyeshadow palette and to me, the Mysterious Butterfly palette can’t hold a candle to that. Pity really because it is seriously pretty!
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November’s coming to an end and we’re in the home stretch now!

Look what I have to tease you with today!


Isn’t this exciting?

I’m sitting here with a huge goofy grin on my face surrounded by all sorts of stuff and I just know everyone’s dying to know what’s going on. Patience, grasshopper… 😀

December 1 … tick tock…

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I was recently contacted by Reese and Origin Living Sdn. Bhd. to try some organic soaps from Taiwan. I am a self-proclaimed shower gel junkie but some recent forays into handmade natural soaps (e.g. Soapy natural handmade soaps) has left me nothing short of impressed. So I agreed to test run some Yuan Organic Soaps.

Yuan Organic Soap

The Yuan Organic handmade soaps are made in Taiwan.You can read about its history at the Taipei Times article (link) or on its official website for those who can read and understand Chinese (link). Essentially, what these soaps are, are 100% natural and organic handmade soaps using natural ingredients and herbs and are touted to have curative effects for various skin problems.

Here is a link to a site I found which lists the various types of soaps available and what they are good for, for those of us who cannot understand Chinese. As Reese was so generous with the bars of soaps I couldn’t test every single one so I will be spreading the love as I go along :)
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When I wrote about the new RMK holiday palette, it must have come across how much I detest all in one palettes. Actually, I don’t detest palettes nor all in one palettes. I actually like palettes that accommodate a variety of products because they make the best travel companions. Sometimes, no matter how much you love your Chanel blush, you aren’t going to take it holidaying with you for fear of it getting lost or broken. I don’t for this reason.

But above all, I enjoy palettes that are like little works of art. Take these YSL eye and face palettes as an example. They are mostly from 2007 or thereabout but I only just discovered them while browsing and their Christmas promotion offers.

YSL Eyeshadow and face palettes

I am most taken in with the top 2 which are the YSL Mauresque Mosaic Eye Palette and Mauresque Mosaic face Palette. The colours of the eye palette are rather bold but if I know YSL enough, the texture will be on the sheerer side so they won’t come off as turquoise as it looks. Besides, turquoise on the eyes is one of my favourite shades. The cheek colour on the other hand looks like a lovely pinky bronze.

I know that the silver stripes on the Horizon palette (bottom left) don’t go all the way through which is a bother so I did not want to get it although the colours are pretty. Do I detect some similarity in that lovely turquoise shade in the 2 palettes? I prefer the Maureque ones because of the pretty inlaid pattern.

Above all, I think these palettes are lovely wearable art pieces. It might be that recently reading the Stories from the Arabian Nights may have something to do with my fascination with these Moroccan looking designs :) Reviews online say the colours and patterns of both these items go all the way through which is great. The only thing would be steeling myself to despoil it!

At US$24 for the eye palette and US$28.50 for the face palette (discounted), I’m seriously tempted to get them after missing out the last round. Add the usual loyalty discounts and if I can find another item, the usual 5% off plus free shipping and eeks! It might actually be affordable! 😛 If you want to beat me to them, go to and look under the Christmas Promotions.

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