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Beauty and Fashion Tech looks at everything you need for a perfect brow from Anastasia Beverly Hills

Viva Woman
finds out the types of Vitamin C in skincare products and what works for our skin.

Beauty Bento Box
offers her first impressions on the OLAY White Radiance Foaming Cleanser.

My Women Stuff
discusses what are chemical sunscreens and physical sunscreens.

Beauty Blogging Junkie
shows you how you can channel a Mad Men character at various price points.

Cinnamon Kitten
forsakes her M.A.C. brushes for a few weeks to try out a couple of eco-friendly ecoTools.

Beauty Match
has a video review: Should you buy Cover Girl Lash Blast or Maybelline Collosal Mascara?

Beauty Secrets Revealed is Giving Away AminoGenesis Anti-aging Skin Care Products Worth $119

Makeup and Beauty Blog gives you details on how to attend a free Chanel master makeup class.


Shopalicious wants to share the wonderful jewelry concoctions of Amy of the B-Line, chemistry teacher by day, jewelry designer for fun!

loves the scent of Hermèssence Vétiver Tonka.

Laya’s EYE
has fallen in love with the prettiest cupcake wrappers she has ever seen.

Shoe Blitz
talks about the hottest shoe trends for fall.

Glamour Gift Guide
loves the look of Lori Bonn jewelry, including coordinating necklaces, bracelets and more.


Style…a work in progress
is looking forward to a Gothic-Victorian-cowgirl style Fall and tells us about it when she says “Real cowboys never run, they just ride away

Style Manila
invites all to support the Style Manila Page on Facebook!

Tops 2 Bottoms
shares some shirred and bubble style ideas for your work wear.

Just A Formality talks about trends in bridal shoes.

The Space Between My Peers
wonders if long floral dresses are hopelessly dated.

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Jojoba asked in a comment on a previous post how the Vitamin C Skin Boost compared to Vitamin E oil for the skin since I use both items regularly. My short answer is that I use both the Vitamin C and pure Vitamin E together and I find both products beneficial for my skin so I’m not really in a position to compare the two save to say that they are both very good products. However, her question got me thinking about each of the vitamins C and E and their uses.

vitamin Vitamin C and Vitamin E for healthy young looking skin

Colonial Dames Vitamin E Oil and The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a known antioxidant. It helps rid the body and skin of free radicals and helps boost the immune system. Vitamin E for the skin is also well known in its uses for helping to reduce scarring and to lighten existing scar tissue. Continue Reading ►


I was flipping through a magazine yesterday when my eye fell upon this rather deja-vu-ish picture.

estee Shimmering Pearls by Estee Lauder and Guerlain

Where have I see that before?

Why in Guerlain of course! The famed Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating powder balls. Don’t they bear an uncanny resemblance to Guerlain’s iconic product? I was so surprised that its taking Estee Lauder so long to jump onto the illuminating bandwagon. This is especially when Guerlain has taken it one step further and introduced the pressed Meteorites pearl highlighter. Continue Reading ►


Pardon any funkiness

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Please pardon any funkiness you may experience on My Women Stuff. I am in the process of upgrading my wordpress and there might be a bit of a mess although fingers crossed, there shouldn’t be.

Update: I’m now running wordpress 2.6 and it was painless! Yay! icon smile Pardon any funkiness

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