Yay! Apparently you girls have totally inundated Tiny Tapir with your emails about the Rootote bags! icon smile Rootote up for sale in Malaysia! So, they have been working day and night to get their site ready to support all your demands and now the Rootote page is finally ready for business!

Head on over to the Tiny Tapir Rootote page and pick yours up today!

I’m eyeing a Tall one myself icon razz Rootote up for sale in Malaysia!


Goodness! With a tagline for the holiday season that says Let it shine! one would be expecting loads of shimmer and glitter in the collection right? Wrong! Stila’s Holiday 2008 offerings may say Let it shine, but they are anything but super shimmery and glittery!

Here’s a sneak preview of what to expect for Stila Holiday 2008. Expect the Stila Holiday collection to be available in Malaysia in November 2008 just in time for the holiday season icon smile Stila Holiday 2008   Let it shine! Let it Shine! Let it Shine! Continue Reading ►


I had been reading some online forums from various sources recently about silicones in skincare and beauty products and how they are bad for the skin. I have been curious about it for a while, because this discussion about whether silicone is good or bad for the skin has been going on for some time.

silicone What is Silicone and is it bad for your skin?

Silicone is a chemically derived product with occlusive qualities. What this means in terms of skincare is that covers the skin to protect and keep the moisture in. By doing so, silicone also fills in uneven skin texture like fine lines and acne scars so it gives the illusion of great skin when foundation is applied over it. This is why most makeup primers in the market will contain silicones because it helps the primer do its work i.e. prime the skin for makeup.

To identify silicone in a product, look for Dimethicone or methicone in the ingredient list (definition). In fact, the general rule of thumb is that anything ending in “cone” is likely to be silicone. Opinions however are divided as to whether silicone is indeed good or bad for the skin. Continue Reading ►


Grab a Rootote today!

by Paris B on · 32 comments

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I was first enamoured by Roototes when I saw them on Karen Cheng. Then Tine wrote about how much she loved her Roototes and I knew I had to check them out.

rootote Grab a Rootote today!

Both Karen and Tine gave links to the Rootote store in Australia which ships to Malaysia for a flat rate of AU$12. Not too expensive if you can find a few friends to combine your order. I was doing just this, when I discovered that Roototes can be purchased right here in Malaysia too! Continue Reading ►


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