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  1. I’ve heard so much raved about shadow stick on Youtube, so I decided to try Mally’s, the one Emily Noel loves. and I love them! Never tried any of the brands above but I think I will in the future. XD I think I should try Laura Mercier next. hehehe..
    Thanks for the review Paris!

    • I haven’t come across Mally’s but I’ll bear it in mind, since I love using cream shadow sticks now. So easy and quick especially when I’m so lazy to do my eye makeup these days haha! Definitely try the LM one. I just picked up the Christmas set with the 4 travel sized caviar sticks – happy now hehe

  2. I am a big fan of LM, superior quality with very wearable shades! I have the Sandglow & grey pearl, both my to-go products at the moment, preferring them over powder shadows. I have very oily lids and these babies really last.

    • Oh *high5* I love them too! I shall KIV Grey Pearl and Sandglow is absolutely lovely for a quick wash of colour or as a base. I just picked up the Christmas set with 4 travel sized ones and am very happy that the colours aren’t already ones I own yay!

  3. I am so interested in these. I don’t really wear eyeshadows because there hasn’t been anything that requires applying tons of make-up but when I do, I love quick eyeshadows where I can just do a quick swipe and I’m ready to go. I have to say, I love all the color selections from Bobbi Brown better than Laura Mercier, probably because of the shimmer. Since I am more dark skinned, matte neutral colors are never really visible. But since you said it has a drier texture, I might try both. When the time comes 🙂

    • Ah you’ll love these then, Hani 🙂 They are literally swipe and go! I’d say head to the counter when you have the chance and test them out to see which you prefer. We will have our preferences, but I think both BB and LM are the way to go 🙂

  4. I’ve tried quite some shadow sticks. In fact, it’s been a bit of an obsession! Out of everything I’ve tried, LM is my favorite as well! Texture aside, a lot of the shades are just so wonderfully complex! The Clinique ones are indeed a bit of a flop. I’ve tried one Bobbi Brown one so far, and it doesn’t blend as well as I want it to. Maybe that’s why I haven’t tried another!

    • Yay for LM 🙂 I find the Bobbi Brown ones a bit drier which might explain why it doesn’t blend as well. LM just blows everything else out of the water doesn’t it? 😀

  5. Spot on comparisons here, PB. I’m torn between LM and BB. I like BB because it stays without creasing, and I like LM because of the beautiful shade selection and buttery texture. If I’m not being too picky, I say, I like both just the same.

    • LM got me thanks to their texture and colours. They definitely hit it out of the ballpark with their colour selection! But I can’t deny the lasting power of BB cream shadow sticks either. I think ultimately it’ll come down to personal preference on texture and shade selection 😉

  6. welcome home Paris!
    Im also a fan of the LM eye sticks. it is really idiot-proof..and last well under our humid weather and my oily eyelid~.Just to let u know that LM will be launching a pack of 4 mini Caviar Sticks for Xmas in Sephora (Pink Opal, Amethyst (my favourite colour), Rosegold and Sugar Frost). Its at S$63..Quite a good deal as it takes a long time to finish one stick..so might as well buy the smaller size tube at one go!

    • Hi Anne, Thanks for letting me know about the mini caviar sticks! I picked them up today hurray! LOL 😀 Its RM155 here which is a pretty good deal for 4 shades I don’t already have and they’ll last a long while anyway 😀

  7. I finally got my hands on the caviar sticks! Holiday 2016 LM haha
    can’t wait to try it
    But not sure why they include a neutral black matt tuxedo this year, kinda meh
    Thinking may give it away

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