Ever since I hopped onto the exfoliating toner bandwagon a while ago starting with one from Hada Labo and then continuing with the REN Skincare Clarimatte toner, both of which I’d finished to their very last drop; one brand had been tugging away at the edge of my consciousness. This was a product that came highly raved by many prominent skincare bloggers who I highly respect for their opinions, and I just had to find a way to get it.

The product is the Pixi Glow Tonic and it comes highly rated by acclaimed skincare guru Caroline Hirons (who I adore and have learned a lot from btw, even if I may not agree with everything because some things don’t work for my skin and I know that); and better yet, it’s available online with international shipping! I love webstores that ship internationally for free or a small fee, and I find stores based in the UK are very good about this, which is why I buy a lot of my skincare from the UK.

pixi glow tonic

Pixi is the brand, which some of you may recognise, is also a brand that makes some quite cute makeup and makeup sets. To be honest, as I’m not as well trained in reviewing ingredients that goes into skincare, I would not have given this a second look, due to its makeup origins. This is why I have to let other more experienced and cleverer people do it for me :P I just come in to give it a go to see if I like it.

Ms. Hirons says that this is a dupe of the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 (another product that I’m dying to have a go at, but which is near to impossible to find online as the dodo – if you know a website that will ship it internationally without me having to mortgage my house to do so, please let me know!) and she loves the Lotion P50 so at the first opportunity, I picked up a bottle online to see what the hype was about.

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Do you have one? A bedtime routine, that is. I’m sure you do, one way or another :D It may be beauty related, or it may not. Maybe it involves you catching up on the news of the day?

bedtime routine

I was thinking about it one evening, while getting ready for bed. I go to bed early, mostly because I suppose I have that luxury to be able to :) I know some people who have kids etc have their bedtimes dictated by that, but since I don’t, I eschewed keeping late nights, and pop off to bed fairly early. I’m usually in bed by 10pm or 11pm at latest. I can’t even keep my eyes open past 10.30pm these days! (Psst! Sleeping early is also better for the skin ahem! ;) )

Oh yes, I’m lucky and I know it :D However, I do suffer from bouts of insomnia now and again so keeping a fixed bedtime helps me. My body winds down on its own and when the Sandman comes a-visiting, I’m usually ready.

But I do have a routine before bed that I slavishly adhere to. It’s very simple really, but the routine tells my body that it’s time to shut down.

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Here, add this item to the list of “Things you didn’t know existed or needed till you have it” because that’s how I felt about the Benjabelle Brush Tree. I saw this sprout (sprout! Tree!) online a few years ago and as I always always do, I sniffed, turned my nose up at what I figured was yet another gimmick to make people waste money, and swore up and down that drying my brushes flat was the way to go. I’m often too sceptical for my own good.

benjabelle brush tree malaysia

Alright, the difficulty to get hold of it played a major role. It cost a lot to ship to Malaysia from the USA and I soon promptly forgot about it. However, a friend and entrepreneur, Romana of MyMakeupOrganizer brought this into the country last year and rekindled my interest, so I picked one up. I told myself it was to assuage my curiosity and I still kept my sceptic hat on.

But sceptical as I am, I cannot deny that the Benjabelle Brush Tree is a very clever little contraption that deserves its accolades.

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I’ve gone a little Guerlain crazy on Instagram lately, but it’s mostly because of a) cabin fever (I haven’t been out to a mall in ages!) and b) new pretty things from my favourite brand! :D There are a few items in Guerlain’s Les Tendres Spring 2015 collection but to be honest, I wasn’t taken by anything else in the collection except one – the Météorites Perles de Blush Eclat Angelique. There are some pretty looking eyeshadow palettes and some coral lipsticks but I wasn’t interested. I was there at the Guerlain counter for one thing and one thing only – my blush balls! :D

guerlain meteorites perles de blush angelic glow

There are some misconceptions I should clear up before I tell you what I think though. While these are part of the Guerlain Météorites franchise, it is a blush. It isn’t meant to be anything else except a blush so please do not try to use this as an all over powder the way I’ve actually seen some people mention. Of course it will make you look silly – try applying any blush all over your face and see how silly you look! :P

Secondly, please do not be fooled by the enormous close up pictures you’re seeing everyday on Instagram and online. The product is tiny. Not merely tiny, it’s teeny tiny. I will show you some basis for comparison in the following pictures but be aware of what you’re getting and don’t pan the product just because you thought you were getting a larger product. Remember, images seen online always appear larger (and better) than in real life. It’s called photo editing and perspective.

So, you know I love love love my Guerlain Météorites and you know that I love love love blush. It’s something I’m sort of known for, so naturally, the minute I knew it was available at counters, I was off like a shot to pick one up for my very own :D

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