A little while ago, I told you about my Benjabelle Brush Tree and how useful I found it for drying my brushes. I still love it a lot, make no mistake, and despite what many people perceive, it doesn’t take up a lot of space because it actually folds flat until you need to assemble it again.

Before this, I used to dry my makeup brushes flat. It was what everyone did. Then came the idea online that hanging it upside down might be a better idea and would keep the water away from the ferrule. So, I looked around online and spotted various ways people have been doing this – drying their makeup brushes upside down.

diy brush tree drying upside down

So if you aren’t into buying a contraption that helps you dry your makeup brushes upside down, here is a small selection of DIY ideas you can use, all of which are free. Yes, FREE! 😀 That magical 4 letter F-word everyone loves. Well, one of them anyway* 😉

The caveat of course, is that they are only free if you already have the equipment at hand, and most of us will. You may just have to think a little out of the box if you don’t have the exact items, but you will get the idea. Onwards!

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Subscribers to the MWS Companion(which is the MWS newsletter) were treated back in March to a preview of this new serum from Antipodes Skincare that had just landed on my lap. I was quite excited about it because it’s from Antipodes, and that’s a brand that I actually really enjoy using a lot, and the brand I credit to changing my mind and perception about organic skincare.

antipodes worship serum

This year, Antipodes launched their new Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum and I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little more than amused at the name and the claims. You see, from experience, organic or natural skincare always takes a little longer to be effective as compared to a chemical based skincare. Sometimes, there’s no effect at all and from my experience I knew to give this a 2 month trial as opposed to my regular 1 month trial period for skincare.

As it turned out, I didn’t really need that extra month because I can quite comfortably attest to seeing some results within the first month of using this serum night and day. And I love it. Boy, do I love it! I love it so much, I actually think that this is an organic version of another much loved anti-aging serum I rave about. In fact, I loved it so much, I talked to the folks at TNS Skinlab who carry this brand locally, into giving us all an exclusive discount code that you can use on their website to buy this serum. More about it below! 😉

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From experience and from scouting around the internet and browsing the cosmetics shelves, I’ve noticed that “cleansing water” fall into 2 categories. One calls themselves “micellar cleansing water” and another calls itself just plain “cleansing water”. Some mention in passing that it should be rinsed off (few do) and others say it is a no-rinse formula.

But it is this latter no-rinse formula that really captures the imagination of many. How wonderful it must be to avoid washing your face in the morning or evening? Just wipe on a cotton pad to “cleanse” your face and continue with your skincare. You don’t even have to step into the bathroom or risk wetting the floor with your vigorous splashes of water in the sink. Yay!… or is it?

wash face after micellar cleansing water

Most cleansing waters and micellar cleansing waters are stated to have a mild formula and are suitable for sensitive skin. They are usually a very liquid, water based product, that is basically like applying water on your skin. But they contain chemicals that help adhere to dirt and makeup on skin, which makes it easy to wipe off using a cotton pad. You can’t do that with just mere water.

It is this ability to cleanse the skin that makes it a popular makeup remover these days. It does feel more gentle on skin and less drying than makeup removers of yore. But because it feels like water and is said to be so gentle and cleanses your skin so well, that we are also told that you don’t have to rinse your face thereafter.

In some instances, I know people use this as their facial cleanser. They use a cotton pad to wipe the product on skin, then follow up with the rest of their skincare. Or, I’ve been told by people they use this as a toner. After regular cleansing, they wipe a cotton pad with cleansing water all over their skin and follow on with skincare.

When I ask them why they do so, the answer is usually that it’s so gentle and it feels so refreshing. Also, many formula including the popular Bioderma brand says that you can. There’s no need to rinse the product off, because it has already cleansed your skin.

I must say I’m not comfortable with this. So before I launch into my spiel, why don’t you share your thoughts with me on this issue. Do you wash your face after using a micellar cleansing water, or is that your facial cleanse? Please don’t feel embarrassed because I’m not an expert and this is just me talking based on my experience, and I am always open to hearing of other peoples’ experiences :)

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I was browsing the shelves of Guardian pharmacy one day when I came across the Biore Perfect Cleansing Water. This was about a year ago (that’s how far back I’m backlogged LOL!) when I was messing around with different cleansing waters, and I went “Hey? Biore has a cleansing water too?” So, since it wasn’t terribly expensive, I picked up a bottle and stuck it in my “To-try” cupboard. Yes, I have a cupboard. Skincare, it’s a disease 😛

biore cleansing water

I have an interesting observation though. The one I have here is called Biore Makeup Remover Perfect Cleansing Water. However, I have seen reviews online for a similar product labelled Biore Makeup Remover Micellar Cleansing Water. Are they the same thing? Can anyone verify if they are?!

Either way though, I have to point out that this Biore cleansing water is a little more specific than the French cleansing waters, like Bioderma or Caudalie that tell you that it operates as a waterless face cleanser. This one is being marketed as a makeup remover, albeit a mild and gentle on skin one, and rightly so, to my mind.

I broke out this bottle when I had used up the last drop of my Dr. Brandt cleansing water (I’m actually finishing up a lot of products these days before moving on), and much to my surprise, I found that I quite liked this. That’s very healthy for my wallet too, so I’m not complaining!

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