A while ago, I shared a little discussive piece where I said that the idea that wearing makeup is bad for your skin is a fallacy. It is! It’s nothing to do with the makeup (unless of course, you use a product that is inherently bad or poisonous), but all to do with how you care […]


I love messing around with foundation. A good base is truly one of my weaknesses, and it’s rather ironic, considering I had already found that elusive Holy Grail foundation. Yes, I have. Did it surprise you? When you find yourself going back again and again to one particular product, especially for days when you know […]


Earlier this year, we were treated to a slew of new foundations from different brands, and noticeable among the new offerings were these “serum foundations” – liquid foundation infused with skincare benefits like that of a serum, so your makeup doesn’t compromise your skin. I tried the one from Bobbi Brown a while ago, and […]


Hi friends! I’m kicking off this new series today, (I didn’t want to call it a series, but it’ll be a recurring topic so I think that’s what a series is right?) which I’ll call “Beauty Scenario”. What it basically is, is a post where I pose a beauty related scenario, whether based on my own […]


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