A couple of years back, I shared what I packed for a trip where it was going to be chilly and dry in Spring. I come from the Tropics where the temperature varies very little. Our version of seasons is Hot and Wet and Hot and Dry, with Hot being the operative word. Humidity? It’s […]


I was talking to a friend last week and was quite incredulous when told that said friend used to think “LOL” stood for “Lots of Love”. I honestly, hand on heart, believed it was an urban myth! A joke popularised by the internet, but nope. Here was someone telling me in all seriousness that was […]


When I recently went away on vacation, it was to a country in the Northern Hemisphere which had just broken through a particularly long winter, and Spring was just in the air. That wasn’t quite what the weather report for Prague told me when I checked before I left. I had reports of weather in […]


Over the years, I’ve heard so much about the Clarins White Plus line and their use of the sea lily to help with skin whitening/brightening. It seemed to have been the core of everything White Plus. Then, this year, I learnt the sea lily is so 2012. No more sea lilies in the Clarins White […]


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