sanaf Review: Makeup: Sana Maiko han liquid Foundation

I picked up the Sana Maiko-han liquid foundation on my last trip to Singapore. The foundation comes in a heavy solid glass bottle with very pretty patterns embossed on the frosted glass. The whole package looks so compact and delicate and so unlike the normal bottles of liquid foundation you get in the market. Truly, the Japanese have some things or two to teach the world about the wonders of packaging!

When I tested the foundation in the store, it was a toss up between 01 and 02 the 2 lightest shades. 01 when I dabbed on my hand looked very white, but 02 looked too yellow. So, I settled for 01. There are only 3 shades available by the way, so girls of darker skin tone will be hardpressed to find a match.

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If you are like me and spend the longest time putting on mascara, fearing to get poked in the eye by the mascara wand, or fearing having mascara smeared over your lid, would you use a vibrating mascara wand?

Well, the folks at Lancome and Estee Lauder certainly think so!

mascara Vibrating Mascara Wands   Whats next?

Lancome has come up with an Oscillation Mascara (US$34) which at a press of a button, vibrates to coat your lashes up to 360° . Continue Reading ►


teatree Essential Oil: Tea Tree Oil and its benefits

One of the essential oils I make sure I am never without is Tea Tree Oil. These days, this oil is very common but I remember a time when it was quite hard to get hold of this oil whether as an oil or in skincare products and I had to request friends in Australia to get them for me.

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Oil) is extracted from the Melaleuca tree which is found predominantly in Australia. This explains why many skincare brands that contains Tea Tree Oil are Australian based. Tea tree oil is known to have some medicinal properties when applied on the skin and it is also supposed to be anti-bacterial and a disinfectant.

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Here’s an update on the Maybelline Contest I ran last week.

My judges have gotten back to me with the Top 8 Entries and here they are in no particular order!

  • Eliz – He stole her heart by cleaning an oily server for her
  • NKP – He sent her to buy lunch so he could check her out
  • Zeren Veren – Keeping it simple to impress
  • Sher Reen – Instant chemistry with a boy from school
  • Rinnah – Distracted by his looks but not in a good way
  • Natallie – Her tips for getting ready for a bind date
  • Jacqueline Ambrose – She went to England to meet her blind date but got stood up
  • Wearenogorillas – He only had eyes for her

Please go over to the original post to read the comments in full.

Now its over to you, readers.

Please vote for your Top 5 in the poll on the right. The Poll closes on 18 August at 12 noon so if you want a shot at winning the freebies, don’t forget to vote and get your friends to vote as well!

If you missed out on being a finalist, don’t worry. Head on over to Paint Me Gorgeous for another great giveaway!

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