sunscreen Mexoryl and Tinosorb S Sunscreen

I’ve written time and time again about how well L’oreal UV Perfect sunscreen with Mexoryl works for me. I have conceded that it does not work well for everyone, with some people reporting breakouts but in general its worked well for me.

Mexoryl is a chemical sunscreen or sunblock patented by L’oreal, that has been used quite prevalently in Europe and Asia for a while, but was not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) until quite recently. What’s good about Mexoryl is that it absorbs both UVA and UVB rays and is photostable which means it doesn’t break down as easily under the sun and thus protects the skin against UVA rays (the ones that cause skin aging) better.

Recently, I was at Guardian checking out the Eucerin counter when I saw that Eucerin has introduced a new product – Eucerin White Solution with SPF40. This is a day moisturiser that comes with very high SPF and I was intrigued. The sun protection ingredient is provided by Tinosorb S. Continue Reading ►


I thought I might let my regular readers know that my postings might be a little sporadic in these few coming weeks. Some things are happening that are bugging me so I’d rather not write something half hearted just for the sake of writing.

I’ll be back on a more regular schedule soon.

Thank you for your support!

~ Paris B ~


One of the items I was keen to try from Guerlain’s Summer 2008 collection was the Meteorites Illuminating Pressed Powder. I already have and love the classic signature Guerlain Meteorites powder in the loose balls form. The pressed version of the Meteorites was intriguing besides sending goosebumps up and down the spine.

meteorites Review: Makeup: Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Pressed Powder

First off, the packaging. The one on the left is the new Guerlain Illuminating Pressed Powder in Mythic Parfait 01. The one on the right is the Guerlain Meteorites loose powder balls. I like the packaging of the new pressed Meteorites. I prefer plastic packaging over cardboard and it does look classier rather than gaudy.

That said, the plastic feel very light and brittle so I’m very careful with it. The cover closes with a noticable “click” feel so you know that the cover is closed properly. This actually makes it easier to travel with but I don’t know how the pressed powder will hold up to travel. Continue Reading ►


I’m not thin but neither am I large. In the local Asian brand market, I usually take an M (Medium) size for clothes without being over ambitious.

Yet going into to Western (American, British or European) clothes stores, I find I’m fitting into sizes like XS, S (MNG, Zara, Banana Republic) 0, 2 (Banana Republic, Gap) 8 (Marks & Spencer, TopShop or any British brand). The question is, am I really fitting into those tiny sizes? If I am, then how on earth are the even slimmer or smaller sized girls fitting into anything in these brands?

clothes Am I an XS or is it just vanity sizing?

This is the phenomenon of vanity sizing. I personally believe that vanity sizing exists. Why I say so is because when you compare men and women’s clothing sizes, you’d notice that most men’s sizes are constant across most brands. Men’s shirts are measured by collar size (which don’t differ by very much), chest and sleeve length and men’s pants are measured by waist and length of the leg. That’s mostly all there is to men’s wear I’ve found. Know a man’s collar and waist size and you can invariably shop for your man at any time, even with him absent, without too much fear of his clothes not fitting.

Try with with women’s clothes and you have a nightmare on your hands. Continue Reading ►


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