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In all the time browsing the forums a brand of makeup brushes would pop up very often that intrigued me – Sonia Kashuk found at Target. Yep! Not a high end brand of brushes, but a cheap (relatively) line at a cheap department store…. but found only in the USA – BOO! :(

So I asked around but for some reason, no one could help me get it. Friends who went to the USA too could not find the brushes for some strange reason. However, being patient has its virtues because my lovely gal-pal Giddy Tigress has delivered the popular Sonia Kashuk brushes right into my grubby little paws! 😀 Thank you so much, GT!

Sonia Kashuk Makeup brush

A couple of days ago, I received my Sonia Kashuk Powder Brush ($19.99) and Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat blush brush ($14.99). 2 brushes I’d been wanting for the longest time, especially after reading about them on Karen’s blog.

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Christmas Giveaway

Righty, here’s the 2nd and final part of the Christmas Giveaway results! I’m sure many of you are waiting for this :)

January 2009 – I am still getting enquiries from people who say they did not receive an email. Please note that there is only ONE GIFT SET and ONLY THE FIRST NAME on the list wins. If your name is not the first name, please try again next time. Thank you

The first name on each list is the lucky recipient of the gifts mentioned. Duplicate names with (f) and (b) behind them are the additional entries from secret passwords in the feed and blog entries.

Loreal head to toe set

Tiny Tapir Nana Mays set

Stage Cosmetics gift results

Envirosax gift

Rootote gift


I will be in touch soon for your mailing addresses and you will have 48 hours to respond failing which the next name in line receives the gift. Watch your mailbox!

For those who participated but did not win, I thank you all for taking part and making this giveaway a great success. :)

I hope you all continue to remain subscribed to my feed and do continue reading this site because there will be more giveaways planned for next year and one really exciting one I’m working on even as we speak. I might place emphasis on length of readership and subscription… or I might not. I haven’t quite decided at this point in time.

All that said, I hope everyone had fun taking part in the Christmas Giveaway this year and who knows, if I manage to get the sponsors again next year, we’ll do this all again in 1 year’s time! Keep your fingers crossed for supportive sponsors yes? 😀

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone!

~ Paris B ~


Note: I’ve been informed there is a local online seller on lowyat and perhaps on blogs going by the name “celine” who has stolen my picture below and some text to sell her own product. I am not associated with that seller and no consent has been obtained from me to use my photo or text.

A few years ago, when I first started getting into bags, I came across a bag organizer called the Purseket. It promised to keep your bag or purse organized and I craved and lusted after it, but the prices in USD plus shipping put me off since I’m in Malaysia and all. So, I bided my time and I waited and in the process gave up on a few bag designs and sizes because of disorganization issues.

Disorganized bag

Here is an example of a bag with disorganization problems. It is a simple handheld tote bag with a large main compartment and some slip pockets on the inside that can’t do much. It is a very useful bag because I can fit quite a lot of things in there, but in the process, I end up with a jumbled mess.

Keys get lost in the deep recesses of the bag, followed by sunglasses and forget looking for business cards! Half the time, my head would be stuck in my bag rooting around for something or another which can be a hassle and embarrassing, especially when I lose my mobile phone in there.

Introducing the Bag Organizer to save the world from disorganization! When I was at The Curve last weekend, I came upon a stall at the weekend bazaar at Cineleisure (next to The Curve) at Mutiara Damansara, that was selling bag organizers, amongst other things. When I saw it, I immediately yelled “Purseket!” because it was just that! The bag organizer was a purseket and available in RM and at an affordable price of RM29.90 which I proceeded to pay for in RM1 notes thanks to MySimplifieds! 😀 Its usually RM39.90 if purchased online but sold at a special promotion price at The Curve weekend bazaar.
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