Makeup Reviews

Loads and loads of reviews about all aspects of makeup, from many diverse brands complete where possible with pretty photos, product swatches, how it looks on me and comprehensive commentary. Enjoy!

A-England was the brand that made me want to start painting my nails again, and that is really no mean feat, considering my impatience and all round klutziness when it comes to nails. I picked up all in The Legends collection when it was released and considered myself done in. Got bored But when I […]


As a tropical gal, I used to look forward to Summer as a student in the UK. It meant I was going home for 3 whole months and that I would finally feel some sun and heat on my skin again. Heck! It meant I would finally be able to peel off the layers of […]


The day lip balm takes on a limited edition flavour is the day you know that the cosmetics world has gone a little boinkers. Oh wait. There already is a limited edition lip balm out there! The world has gone boinkers! (not bonkers – that’s too normal) The Maybelline Baby Lips lipbalms are quite highly […]


One of the more interesting items from the Dior Croisette Summer 2012 collection is the 1 Couleur Eye Gloss which comes in 4 shades. Eye Gloss! Turns out that what it is is a liquid cream eyeshadow in a lip gloss type packaging. To be perfectly honest, it didn’t grab my attention very much. I […]


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