Makeup Reviews

Loads and loads of reviews about all aspects of makeup, from many diverse brands complete where possible with pretty photos, product swatches, how it looks on me and comprehensive commentary. Enjoy!

About a year ago, when Dior came out with the Mitzah Panther eyeshadow palette, I remember the huge fuss everyone made over it because it was very limited in quantity worldwide. It is surely one for the animal print loving ladies This year, for their Golden Jungle Fall 2012 collection, Dior has made the panther […]


I’ve hmmed and hawed over this product for quite the longest time ever. I just could not quite figure out how best to approach it. “It”, in this case is the Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Makeup or which I’d just call the Revlon Mousse foundation because that’s what it is. A mousse type foundation. I […]


When I showed you the overview of the Dior Golden Jungle collection for Fall 2012 I told you that my favourite piece of the collection was the Golden Savannah (774) palette. I haven’t changed my mind. It has now slipped comfortably into my eyeshadow palette stash as a keeper. One of the palettes I won’t […]


Fans of Revlon Lip Butters, are you in for a treat! 4 new colours are entering the Malaysian market this month in 4 colour families including a very interesting orange. Orange! Tutti Fruitti is a straight orange and ah! I loved the idea of an orange lipstick as much as I loved the idea of […]


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