Makeup Reviews

Loads and loads of reviews about all aspects of makeup, from many diverse brands complete where possible with pretty photos, product swatches, how it looks on me and comprehensive commentary. Enjoy!

One of my most anticipated Christmas collection purchases this year, is the Guerlain Liu Calligraphy palette for eyes and lips. Now, I’m not the most tolerant person when it comes to having a mixed medium palette, because I actually detest having powders and creams mix together, as is wont to happen. You know how it […]


One of the quieter, more understated Winter/Christmas collections is the one from Laura Mercier. Amidst the glitz and sparkles of the larger cosmetics brands, Laura Mercier quietly enters the room bringing with her beautiful red lips and a touch of elegant metallic shine on eyelids, drawing inspiration from the Art Deco period in the 1920s. […]


Notorious. How can anyone resist anything with a name like that! “That” in this case, is what Chanel calls a “Sculpting Veil for Eyes and Cheeks”. The idea is to use it to sculpt your features (a more elegant way of saying “contour”). I have seen many pictures of this online already and just like […]


The last time Dior put up a nail-lip matchy-matchy show, they kept the colours pretty close. In the same family at least. So, when I saw that the Grand Bal Christmas collection had a Diorific lipstick named Diva and a nail colour named Diva, I expected them to be in the same colour family. Uh… […]


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