Makeup Reviews

Loads and loads of reviews about all aspects of makeup, from many diverse brands complete where possible with pretty photos, product swatches, how it looks on me and comprehensive commentary. Enjoy!

I used to be very active on a makeup forum back before I started blogging, and at the time the “star foundation” everyone was raving over worldwide, was the RMK cream foundation. Any request for a foundation rec would inevitably throw up RMK. Yet I was also warned repeatedly that the cream foundation might be […]


(Boss LB’s face appears on screen) Your mission, Lipstick Bandit, should you choose to accept it, is to feature a sheer lipstick. You may buy, beg, borrow but please try not to steal one for your August assignment. Good luck. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds. PB: Yes boss! [This should be easy. […]


Dior is making big splashes this year. Is it any coincidence that its the Olympics year and Dior went for Gold? For the Autumn/Fall 2012 collection, Dior decided to look to the jungle for inspiration. Its not as if it popped out of the blue. Mr. Christian Dior in 1947 had unveiled his couture collection […]


Ah I haven’t done a walkaround the beauty halls for a long long time. I’ve been so busy that the malls and beauty counters are starting to look quite alien to me. I initially was planning to pick up the Rose Initiale blush from Chanel’s Fall collection but some circumstances have resulted in me forbidding […]


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