Excuse me for one moment as I descend from the frills and frivolities of beauty and cosmetics and fashion to the dull practicalities of life. But I wouldn’t descend were I not to tell you of a new find that has lightened a household chore for me. Since we are mostly women reading this, I […]


Its Christmas Day! 😀 Merry Christmas to one and all! 😀 Did Santa bring you something nice? 😉 If you’re here recovering from a food coma, come and snack on some bite-sized bits from my beauty blogging friends this December. Its the last one of the year oy! I hope you’ve enjoyed the monthly round […]


I received a comment from Jo 2 days ago, who asked how I would pack a small gift like a lipstick or lipgloss for friends. I thought it so interesting that it deserved its own post Here are some ways I pack small items as gift. I’m not very good with gift wrapping so I […]


I’m at a loose end again this Saturday – its been a very long week for me work wise and I’m exhausted and brain dead. So I’d like to ask your thoughts on wooden flooring. Yep. Nothing cosmetics based, but one every houseowner might have thought of at some point. Are you surprised at this […]


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