I am no artist as my pathetic attempts at art will show you. But when even I can produce amateur art pieces like these handpainted glass plates, you can just imagine the glass art that is produced by master glass artist Raja Azhar Idris. Raja Azhar Idris is a world reknowned Malaysian glass artist and […]


I thought these were very unique so I decided to show you 2 gifts I received for Christmas that got me scratching my head and going “Eh? What is this? A hook over your ear? A hair piece?” What would you have thought they were? Come on, take a guess before you look down for […]


Perhaps you got invited to a Christmas or New Year’s party this year end and want to bring something for your host or hostess. Perhaps you forgot to get a gift for someone who got you one! Gasp! What do you do? Well, in the latter case maybe say “Oops! I left your gift at […]


I have a soft spot for scented candles. Burning scented candles leave a lovely ambiance in your home – it truly turns a house into a home, especially in winter. Since we don’t have winter in Malaysia, I like burning candles in the evenings or in an air-conditioned room. Somehow, the scent lingers better. These […]


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