BB Cream

I’m not much of a fan of BB Creams that tout to be creams for everything – moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation. I treat them as I would tinted moisturiser or as a sheer foundation and apply it as a foundation i.e. after my sunscreen before the rest of my makeup. I have tried some recently that I’ve liked but they are quite few and far between as I’ve found BB Creams of various brands to be generally oily and without a good colour match for all. Still, I can always be surprised and I have been :)

When March 2013 rolls around, here’s something new that Estee Lauder will have on counters – the HD version of their Cyberwhite range. This is essentially the upgrading of their existing Cyberwhite Brilliant Cells product range, and is their whitening, brightening skincare line. For now, 3 new items will be introduced into the range – […]


Oh lookee what will be available at our local Clarins counters come March/April 2013! Not to be outdone by the many brands who already have BB (and maybe even CC) creams in their arsenal, Clarins too will launch a product called the Clarins UV Plus HP BB cream SPF40. This will be launched under the […]


Back when BB Creams first took the world by storm, I tried a few and found that from a personal perspective, I never really liked the “real” BB Creams that came out of Asia and especially Korea. I found them heavy, grey (!!) and oily. When the western brands started jumping on the bandwagon and […]


BB Creams are something I still do not quite get, all said and done. Yes, I have my faves that happen to come from 2 different ends of the price spectrum – Dior and Garnier and you do not get more diverse than that! I much prefer using a liquid foundation because to me, that’s […]


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