Salon Visit: Sothy’s Flagship Salon @ Publika for the Lifeline Energizing Intensive Treatment Facial

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On December 14, 2013
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I found out just recently, that the 128 Faubourg facial salons have been rebranded as Sothy’s Flagship Salons which brings the Sothy’s brand name frontline and center and perhaps a little more recognizable. So, the newly rebranded salons now look like this one, at Publika.

sothys facial Salon Visit: Sothys Flagship Salon @ Publika for the Lifeline Energizing Intensive Treatment Facial

I was there recently to try a new facial treatment – Lifeline (Fil de Vie) Energizing Intensive Treatment with Siberian Ginseng. Do you remember when I briefly talked about our skin cells losing energy due to age and various internal and external aggressors? It was brought back to me when I underwent this facial because what this treatment was supposed to do, was boost the skin’s energy reserves so skin looks brighter and feels smoother and firmer.

I’ll keep this brief because it’s a facial treatment and really, facial treatment are hard to talk about because it’s such a personal thing. I was there in the evening and I did wonder if it was because the salon might be closing not long later that I felt the therapist’s movements to be a little too quick for my liking. I only go to 1 regular salon for now and they spoil me silly, taking their time everytime I’m there, so I did feel a difference.

The Sothy’s Flagship salon is a lovely, luxurious place. As per a previous recorded experience with them, a session starts off with a warm foot bath. The bed has a lovely warm electric blanket which I always appreciate because treatment rooms can sometimes get cold and it makes you feel much more comfortable on a warm bed.

The Lifeline Energizing Intensive Treatment starts with a cleanse, exfoliation and then extraction where necessary. The extraction was relatively painless and left no marks nor redness on my skin and was done quickly. This is one of the nice things about going for a facial – getting all the gunk cleaned out of your pores icon razz Salon Visit: Sothys Flagship Salon @ Publika for the Lifeline Energizing Intensive Treatment Facial

What followed was a Siberian Ginseng Concentrate serum applied to the skin, combined with a facial reflexology massage, that was comfortable and very relaxing. So relaxing that I fell fast asleep. This facial massage continues with the Digi-esthetique Modelling Movements using the Modelling cream, before applying a double mask to the skin.

sothys facial2 Salon Visit: Sothys Flagship Salon @ Publika for the Lifeline Energizing Intensive Treatment Facial

As I mentioned, the therapist’s movements were a little quick when applying products to the skin but her fingers were deft and relaxing when it came to the facial massage. I do believe in a facial massage you know. It’s so hard for us to do it at home because so often, we just don’t really have the patience to, and besides like a body massage, it’s nice to have someone else do all the work while you relax icon smile Salon Visit: Sothys Flagship Salon @ Publika for the Lifeline Energizing Intensive Treatment Facial

When I left after about 90 minutes, my skin looked impressively clear and bright and wasn’t sticky, oily or red. Yeah, it does tend to look like that after every facial I go for, which is why I’ve given it a week to see how it’s fared. The results weren’t merely temporary. I did notice my skin looking much better and brighter for days afterwards although that glow is starting to fade a week in. I’ve even walked out the door for a weekend lunch appointment with nothing more than a touch of concealer and a bit of Meteorites powder all over. At this point, I can’t quite say if it was this facial that gave me the luminosity of my skin or my skincare regimen in general, but I’d like to think it’s a combination of everything working all at once.

As the therapist told me, the facial was akin to recharging batteries of my skin and I liked that analogy. It gelled with what I’d just learned about skin energy depletion and if a facial treatment can help my skincare work more efficiently, why not?

The drawback of course, is that the Sothy’s Lifeline Energizing Treatment with Siberian Ginseng costs RM590 a session. Ouch! I know. I’d actually consider doing this facial again, maybe twice a year, just to jump start the ol’ batteries, as it were. It’d not be as painful that way and I’ve seen the results so I know it delivers as far as I’m concerned. But a monthly or even bi-monthly treatment might just be far too rich for my tastes.

There is also an accompanying Lifeline Energizing Day Cream and Lifeline Energizing Night Cream (both RM590) so you can prolong this at home if you like. Although I didn’t have a reaction to the creams which were applied post facial, I wasn’t crazy about trying them because realistically, there’s only so many products you can use before you actually stop seeing results and I think I’ve reached that pleateau. Anything I use now is maintenance and for me, that’s great. I don’t have to try so many things anymore LOL! icon razz Salon Visit: Sothys Flagship Salon @ Publika for the Lifeline Energizing Intensive Treatment Facial

sothys facial3 Salon Visit: Sothys Flagship Salon @ Publika for the Lifeline Energizing Intensive Treatment Facial

Oh quite possibly the best part of the facial was the post-treatment tea and almond crisp. Man! That almond crisp was so good, I wouldn’t have minded munching on a couple more! icon biggrin Salon Visit: Sothys Flagship Salon @ Publika for the Lifeline Energizing Intensive Treatment Facial

Do you go for Sothys facials or do you use Sothys products and if you do, what do you like?

I’m not too familiar with the brand myself. I’ve used a couple of products in my time but so far, nothing quite leaps out at me. There might have been a cleansing milk or hydrating toner maybe? I’ve enjoyed their facials though. I’ve been for a couple at the Sothys salon in Bangsar Village 2 whenever I see a promotion on. That’s the best way for me and my wallet to enjoy a Sothys facial because they’re so pricey otherwise! icon biggrin Salon Visit: Sothys Flagship Salon @ Publika for the Lifeline Energizing Intensive Treatment Facial

Paris B

Sothys Lifeline Energizing Treatment with Siberian Ginseng is available at all Sothys Flagship Salons and Sothys Premium Salons at RM590. To find your closest salon, look here.

Disclosure: Featured service was provided complimentary for evaluation. Our commitment is to provide honest feedback. For posting guidelines please read the disclaimer.

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liyeun December 14, 2013 at 8:40 am

I have always wantes to try their products and facials, but the price just kills me! I mean, there are so many cheaper alternatives that do just as good.


Paris B December 15, 2013 at 3:26 pm

I have to disagree when it comes to Facials, Liyeun. I do think a proper facial with proper products do tend to cost more because of the quality of the product and the treatment and skill of the therapist. So I’m not above paying a little more for a facial treatment, but maybe not so for the products itself for which I could quite easily find a substitute ;)


Applegal December 14, 2013 at 9:00 pm

The facial sounds good, but the price, gasp! It better be worth the money!


Paris B December 15, 2013 at 3:27 pm

It was :) If you see a promo for this facial, give it a go. I have to agree that at full prices, it’s a bit too rich for the wallet.


Ishi December 15, 2013 at 12:32 pm

I am a regular at Sothys. I must say, their facials are pretty relaxing. I like it that they use hands mostly. I used to frequent another ‘big name’ for facial, whereas the effects always turns out nice, the use of machines feels a bit impersonal…to me, lah.
I tried the ginseng treatment last month and i must say, i like the effect. Though, I am not lucky enough to have the effect last me a week, two days at best. My therapist keep telling me ‘don’t be so stressed’. Quite difficult that, considering my job demands quite a lot, and without that job, i most probably would not (can’t afford) frequent Sothys for facials. So it is a catch 22 situation.
That said, i do enjoy Sothys facials, even the basic and cheapest one.


Paris B December 15, 2013 at 3:34 pm

Hey Ishi, which salon do you go to? I’m thinking of trying out a package with them because I’ve enjoyed most of my facials so far at Sothys :) I find them more relaxing than Clarins although Clarins too uses hands only but I find all the patting and everything just too much for me so I can never rest properly. Ooh so you too saw effects from the ginseng treatment! Not just me then :D As you said, we can’t help all the stress we have so we can keep ourselves in facials… so we can try to look good LOL ironical isn’t it :)


Ishi December 17, 2013 at 8:14 pm

I started out at BVII and then my therapist was transferred to their new store in BSC. I chose to follow her. The BSC outlet is MUCH smaller and do not have an adjoining WC, so it is a tad bit inconvenient if you have to ‘go’ after being trapped for 3 hours….yes, she takes her time, even if we are the last two left in the joint…that is why i chose to follow her.

That said, be forewarned before you decide to take the plunge. They do the hard sell…

I have been trying to schedule another round of ginseng treatment this December but it has proven to be quite a challenge.


Paris B December 17, 2013 at 10:49 pm

I’ll bear the hard sell in mind, thanks! I like it when facialists take the time to finish off a facial properly even if it may take a while longer than normal. It’s the difference between relaxation and feeling rushed. I’ll take a look at both salons. I believe there are some promos on now so it’s always worth trying during promo time!


Jennifer December 15, 2013 at 3:35 pm

Hefty price tag, but then it is luxurious facial using Siberian Ginseng. I get the impression that Sothys is a few notches above the regular facial joints, hence one will expect a class above treatment and Siberian Ginseng is indeed exotic too. Yes, when I read this, I was able to quickly relate to your previous post on skin losing its energy. And aptly so, ginseng is touted to energize the body and skin!


Paris B December 15, 2013 at 3:41 pm

Clever girl for paying attention in class. Full points and a gold star :D But yes when the therapist told me about recharging energy my brain went *ping!* Wasn’t that what I just learned recently? Amazing how information comes together like this when you least expect it. Sothys is a more luxurious facial outlet than most, that much I’d have to concur. I can’t seem to find a good deal to sign on with them yet. I prefer getting deals because otherwise, it just doesn’t make economic sense to pay for an ala carte facial as I go. Too pricey!


Victoria December 17, 2013 at 3:47 pm

The best facial I had this year was with Kanebo at Starhill Gallery. I got this on a Groupon promotion so it was a good deal. Credit has to go to the beautician because her techniques were relaxing and I fell asleep too. LOL. Sothys is a high-end store for facials but if you can afford it once or twice a year, may as well go for it.


Paris B December 17, 2013 at 3:53 pm

Kanebo is still my salon of choice. Just bought another package with them and at the rate I’m going I’m probably never leaving LOL They did change a beautician lately so I hope the new one is good. When it comes to services like this, it’s all in the skill of the person doing the facial, a lot of the time. I do plan to try a package at Sothys though. Not for the high end ones, maybe something more normal (read: Affordable) LOL


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