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Other than Silkygirl’s new offerings, I spotted another new item in L’oreal’s display case – the L’oreal Star Secrets Makeup Kit. This is essentially a cardboard palette containing an eyeshadow trio, blush and lipstick and comes with an applicator.

I dug around for hours online but an online search yielded no information or pictures except this one I found on a Thai website/blog on Bloggang. I cannot read nor communicate in Thai and I don’t know if there’s a name, so I hope she doesn’t mind that I borrowed her photos.

In real life, the palettes are very slim and handy and are about the size of a little notepad. The colours aren’t very spectacular though, and there are 3 colours available here in Malaysia – the 2 above and another that I cannot recall. The Doutzen Kroes one is to me, the prettiest of the lot even if it might suit those with fairer skins better as the colours are quite light. I am in a grey eyeshadow phase so the grey shadow combination appeals to me. I think many agree with me because it was also the kit that was sold out consistently at the counters I visited!

In my online searches, I came across another manifestation of this L’oreal Star Secrets Makeup Kit.

This one appeals to be a slightly narrower version of the makeup kit we get here in Malaysia and has the eyeshadows, blush and lipsticks lined up vertically. There does not appear to be an applicator included for this.

This Star Secrets Makeup Kit is from the UK and even the colour tones looks a little different from the ones we get here. Its quite puzzling how L’oreal releases so many different versions of the same item the world over, and at the same time, never has any information on any of them online at all!

It really bugs me how I have to trawl around the web in foreign languages, trying to find out information on a product which should be easily found online either on the main website or on its off shoot. On a point of interest, the Asian sites for L’oreal only cater for Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong (coming) and Russia (???). Not a single Asian site is in English and their Europe/USA sites which are, don’t have the same things we have here in Asia.

Please L’oreal, do keep your sites updated and please do something about your Asian customers who would prefer to read your sites in English!! (/end of lecture)

In a pinch, and if I forgot my makeup or needed makeup in a hurry, I’d purchase one of these makeup kits because its got everything in it and only retails for RM49.90. However, I don’t so I didn’t get it. They are limited edition, I believe… because I can’t read the Asian language websites! 😛

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Connie July 7, 2008 at 8:38 pm

I stumbled upon this at the pharmacy too the other day. It looked tempting, in a way, but I’ve never really fancied palettes with lip gloss or lip stick combined because they tend to get very messy. Personally, I find the price to be quite unattractive probably because I’ve never thought much on paying for Loreal. But it is still quite affordable as compared to palettes from other brands and this would definitely be good for women on the go.


Monstro July 7, 2008 at 9:44 pm

Wow, who’s the Dozen Crows chick? LOL! Oklah I think the grey kit is the nicest too–but I’m not sure if I identify with a Dozen Crows (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!). I’m thinking Loreal needs to invest in some decent graphic designers. I’m not sure I want to look like that illustration in the skinnier kit either. :-S
Ok, I’m going to stop complaining now–Sorry PB!!


Maria July 8, 2008 at 9:00 am

um.. if compare between the UK version and the Asia version.. in terms of packaging, Asian version is sucky.. hehe. really.. UK version is more like ‘stila-ish’.. which i like..
if needed, i might buy the darker shades rather than the lighter shades as i did buy the star secret e/s (michelle who who who.. *forget*) before and the colours are tooo sheer..


ParisB July 8, 2008 at 11:17 am

Connie: Yeah palettes with cream products bug me too. I didn’t think it too expensive since an eyeshadow palette is already RM49 by my recollection.

Monstro: LOL!! You crack me up!

Maria: Yes, in terms of packaging the UK version looks better. However in terms of layout, I’d prefer the Asian version. I don’t like how the inside of the UK palette looks. The eye palette is definitely sheer. I have one too. Works in a pinch but nothing super special.


Nikki July 8, 2008 at 12:03 pm

I have seen Prestige having that type of packaging, I find it ok but not the best, ok because it fits anywhere! but the bad part would be…I felt it’s not too protective for the well it’s just the OCness in me.

That’s a great looking collection though..I love sets, you get best of both worlds! Hey, i forgot to tell you, do you know that I’m starting to love blushes now since I saw all your blush posts? Lol..hubby was telling me I’m looking more into blushes now compared to before!!! PB!!!! GRRR!!! hahahha


jojoba July 10, 2008 at 8:55 pm

er, nothing looks very “star quality” to me. lol


Adeline July 14, 2008 at 11:19 am

Hi. the third colour is the one that suits most for asian skin. Its featured by Michelle Reis. The colours are light and more suitable for office use. The packaging is so convenient that i like it a lot too. and the price is cheap…not bad


jojoba July 16, 2008 at 9:55 am

i need to make a correction on these palettes after i tested them in the store. they are of great quality for the price. all items are well pigmented. i only have problems with the colour combinations they adopted. the lipsticks are not drying, to my greatest surprise. Waston’s has offer now for less than 59MYR a set. great buy if you don’t mind cream product with powder in one. something to use on the go. I’d follow up with a review on my blog later.


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