I haven’t written much about Stila cosmetics here, but I’m actually a fan of Stila eyeshadows. I don’t have all that many, but I love what I have and some day I’ll get around to reviewing them! icon razz Stila Summer 2008   Kitten Eyeshadow Palette

I used to like Stila eyeshadow palettes that came in a long slim case with 6 colours, rather like the one you see in my Nude Eyeshadows picture. Stila hasn’t come out with these for a few years now, focusing on round palettes instead with 3 or 4 colours only.

I’m happy to note that the Stila Summer 2008 collection features my favourite form of Stila eyeshadow palette with some really pretty looking colours!

stilakitten Stila Summer 2008   Kitten Eyeshadow Palette

According to the Stila website, the Kitten eyeshadow palette features the following colours (from right to left of the picture):-

ray (a shimmering golden copper) – a perfect shadow to accent a healthy summer glow
mystic (a shimmering aqua blue) – a bold shade for summer soirees
kitten (shimmering nude pink) – a stila top-seller that works wonders as a base or a fresh highlight
wheat (pearlescent beige) – a perfect base for a bronzed eye
prize (soft gold shimmer) – can be paired with any shade in the palette; adds that golden sheen
sun (shimmering golden peach) – a sunny sparkle for day or night

I love Kitten although many find it too frosty or shimmery. I’d love to check this palette out once it gets to Malaysia. I’ll update when I do see it.
They used to retail for RM125 but I’m expecting it to cost something like RM135 or RM140 now? This Kitten palette is US$40 on Stila Cosmetics website if you are in the USA.


The New Straits Times (NST) Tech & U ran a feature on beauty bloggers and they featured My Women Stuff! icon smile Beauty Is In the Eyes of the Bloggers! Here is the link to the online version of the article Beauty in the Eyes.

 Beauty Is In the Eyes of the Bloggers!

Above is a thumbnail of the screen capture of the article. Its too tiny to read so you may want to click on it to enlarge and read if you don’t want to surf over to NST online.

My infinite thanks goes out to Beetrice (http://reviews-galore.blogspot.com – Go read her blog; it’ll be worth it!) for the recommendation and Chandra Devi for writing up such a superb article. *mwaks*

If you have come here from the NST article, welcome and I hope you enjoy your visit!

Stay beautiful,

620fca352b8b66c4a124b71f96c44c0c Beauty Is In the Eyes of the Bloggers!


fiberwig Review: Makeup: Imju Dejavu Fiberwig MascaraI’m sure many would have seen or read about or heard about the Imju Dejavu Fiberwig mascara. It is touted as Japan’s best selling mascara and I first saw it in Malaysia in the last year or two. It was about that time that I was learning to use mascara and was looking for a good one.

A friend from Hong Kong told me to try the Dejavu Fiberwig mascara. According to her, its nothing short of awesome. However, being a little bit of a skinflint, I balked at paying RM49.90 at Sasa for it. On my last trip to Bangkok, I happened to see it at a Watsons for only about RM25! (have I mentioned how I love to shop in Bangkok?!) So I picked up a tube of Fiberwig in Pure Black to see what the hype was about. Continue Reading ►


If I can’t look like Gisele Bundchen or make it to Ipanema, Brazil, at least I’ll have her sandals!

Photo 0561 About Ipanema sandals again!

Joining the ranks of Kimberly, Tine  and a whole host of women worldwide, I present my latest acquisition – Gisele Bundchen Ipanema sandals. Yes, I capitulated to the hype.

Why not, when I picked them up for RM56.90? icon smile About Ipanema sandals again!

Spotted these at a store called Novo in Bangsar Village II and decided I’d get them because they are cheaper than RM69.90 which is the going price at Studio R and Royal Sporting House stores.  Yes my mind works in strange wonderful ways. I reckon this is an older designs but I like the colour because it won’t show up dirt so easily!

Thus far, they are comfy on the feet but pinch a little between the toes. What I like is that they are noiseless, so I can creep around without making a sound. I don’t like flip flops because of erm… the flip flopping sound it makes so I prefer to wear sandals to slippers.

For the price I paid, they’d better last me longer than a year!


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