I picked this piece of information about the upcoming MAC Cosmetics Hello Kitty collection from Temptalia.

Mac Cosmetics Hello Kitty collection

So, MAC and Hello Kitty fans in the USA might want to bookmark 10 and 12 February 2009 for the launch of this limited edition collection in the USA and MAC and Hello Kitty fans elsewhere in the world will have to wait till March 2009 to see this.

I thought the Mac Barbie collection was quite surreal then, and when I first heard about the proposed collaboration between MAC Cosmetics and Hello Kitty I admit I thought it was a joke. It appears however, that it is NOT a joke and this collection is imminent. I can just hear the squeals of delight from Hello Kitty collectors. One more for the collection!

There is even a Hello Kitty-MAC plush doll that will retail for US$42 *faints*

While I’m curious about it, I can’t help feeling that all this is a little… surreal… wake me up someone…

UPDATE: Here’s another picture of the collection

Mac Hello Kitty collection

You can read full details at Temptalia then come back here and take my little poll :)

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I decided to take a walk around some of the more popular brands yesterday to see how the Christmas collections were faring. Most brands’ holiday collections are already available, but I felt a pull in my gut to check out brush sets for some reason. I knew that 2 brands were doing brush sets for the Holidays this year – MAC and Shu Uemura. MAC’s collection is an annual affair but if I’m not mistaken, this is the first time I’ve seen Shu Uemura come out with a brush set for the holiday season.

MAC Cosmetics Adoring Carmine Brush Sets

First off, I dropped by MAC Cosmetics at MidValley Megamall. I am usually quite loathe to step into the store having had bad experiences before, but I got a surprise this time because the sales assistant who came over was not only polite and helpful, she did not have scary fantasy makeup on! I was very impressed and if I had service like this before, I might even be a MAC convert now 😛

I was so stunned I failed to ask if I could take a picture of the Adoring Carmine brush sets so you have to make do with stock photos LOL…

MAC Adoring Carmine Brush Set

There are 3 brush sets available this year that come packaged in a barrel shaped pouch. I thought the pouch was nice and practical because you can throw in some eyeshadow or lipsticks and you are good to go. This is unlike previous years where it was clearly just a pouch for brushes.

The Adoring Carmine brush sets come with a gorgeous red handle and red ferrule. I love the shade of red used – Carmine I believe. Very eye catching. The 3 brush sets available are the Eye Brush Set, Basic Brush Set and Face Brush Set.

The Eye brush set contains 5 brushes for eye makeup. The Face Brush Set has 4 brushes for foundation and powder and the Basic brush set has brushes for eyes, face and lip.

Each set retails for RM220 which I thought was a bit of a bargain considering one brush usually costs about RM180 and up. That said, it must be borne in mind that the brushes in the limited edition brush sets are not quite up to the quality of the individual brushes.

When the sales assistant opened up brand new sets to show me the brushes, I noticed that one or two were already shedding. Also, I felt that the bristles of the limited edition brushes were not as soft. This might however, be remedied after washing the brushes, I can’t quite tell. Thanks to the helpful sales assistant, I found out that the brushes in the set are full sized versions – we did side by side comparisons with the individual ones. The shorter handles are useful for traveling and for daily usage. I always like the short handled brushes – it makes it easier to use.
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When I last wrote about Stage Cosmetics, I ran a little giveaway for a RM10 discount voucher off purchases of RM50 at Stage.

The answer to the question “Where is Stage Cosmetics from?” is of course, Malaysia!

And the winner of this voucher is YZ.

Please email me at mwsgiveaways (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing address and the voucher will be in the mail soon. :)


If eyes are the windows to the soul then the eyebrows must be the frames. Whilst I am happy to be blessed with relatively tame yet dark enough brows, not many others share the same fate. Hence the need for eyebrow grooming kits.

Beautilicious arch it right eyebrow kit

Local drugstore brand Beautilicious has one in the Arch it Right eyebrow kit. What you get in a slim compact kit is a set of 4 eyebrow stencils, a tweezer, a brow brush and 2 brow colours to fill in your brows after taming and shaping them.

The kit comes with 4 eyebrow stencils. Now, I’m not an advocate of stencils of any sort but when it comes to brows, I must say these are a great idea. What it does is give you an idea of the approximate shape your brow should take so you can tweeze away the extra hairs. What you should NOT do is follow the stencil religiously to the extent that you end up looking perpetually surprised. Remember, we are all different and no kit can make us all the same.

The stencils in the Beautilicious Arch it Right eyebrow kit are of very soft silicone. This helps it conform to the contour of your face which makes it easier for you to see how best to shape your brow. There are 4 included – Natural, Fine, Super Fine and Full depending on how you like your brows to look. I prefer the Natural or Full look. The shape of the stencil is quite natural with a gradual arch so you don’t look like Bozo the clown.
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