In my first Benefit Cosmetics online order, I picked up a Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Skinny Jeans because I was fascinated with the color. It did not help that my friend asked me to order it for her and thus made me look in that direction – bad you! heh…

8eab6c30 Review: Benefit Creaseless Cream eyeshadow   Skinny Jeans

The Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow comes in a heavy glass pot which to me looks classier and less tacky than the rest of Benefit’s colourful (and cardboard) packaging. The texture is very smooth to the touch and applies like a dream – like smoothing cream on the skin. My review here will be based on the colour I got, which is Skinny Jeans. Continue Reading ►


You know all those advertisements for men’s shavers promising a closer shave? Well in the interest of equality, women should be promised a closer shave too right? icon smile Even women need a closer shave too

Personally, I don’t use shavers nor any form of depilatory product because I have no need to being of the (relatively) hairless variety but its been brought to my notice, a women’s shaver that promises a closer shave and therefore smoother legs . This four bladed shaver is Quattro for Women by Wilkinson Sword and retails for £4.99 per razor. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen this brand here in Malaysia but it is available in Europe and the UK in teal and fuschia! Never get your shaver confused with your man’s again! lol…

Now watch this commercial about why you need a closer shave and why life’s smoother (with less bumps) with Wilkinson Sword. icon wink Even women need a closer shave too

Its summer in the Northern Hemisphere which means bikini and swimsuits and lots of skin exposure so better make sure those legs are smooth and kept smooth.


About 2 weeks after I ordered my jewellery from Anne Dundas, I received my package! Shipping was quick – under 2 weeks from Australia to Malaysia and it came in a bubble envelope to protect the precious cargo inside. These are the 2 items I ordered.

c5e06a2d Anne Dundas Jewellery Arrived!

The first is a lampwork bead pendant on a silver chain. The other is a long necklace set with matching earrings.

I was too impatient so I didn’t take pictures of the packaging. However, it is worth a mention because Anne packages each item in a clear ziplock bag, then wraps it individually in lovely lavender coloured paper and tied with a ribbon. The items are then further wrapped in another piece of paper to be more secure. I would have liked them wrapped up one more time in bubble wrap to be doubly sure, but I guess that will add to the cost. Since everything came in perfect condition, I have no gripes about the packaging. Continue Reading ►


I often get queries through email, asking me why I don’t write about certain popular skincare brands in the market. I thought I’d explain briefly why I don’t write about certain popular skincare brands. Other than the fact that my skincare regime now consists of quite low-end products, the simple reason is that I did not have a good experience with many of the major brands.

2ce3ab96 Why dont you write about...


SK-II (pronounced S-K-Two) is a luxury brand under the Max Factor and P&G umbrella. It is popularized in Asia through the use of Asian celebrities in advertisements who extol the virtues of the product, in particular “pitera” the wonder ingredient that keeps the skin smooth and young. The products come in the signature red/maroon packaging and are very expensive. Continue Reading ►


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