The weekly reads from Sass Style & Substance will be making an appearance here some weekends. It is a good time to take a break and check out what others are saying in the beauty and fashion blog scene. Perhaps even pick up a new tip or two. Here’s the inaugural feature.

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    A Touch of Blusher looks at YSL’s spring 2009 makeup collection.
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    Love jewels and makeup? Check out this post on Estee Lauder’s holiday collection!
  • eye4style
    eye4style spotlights the best in Holiday Gift Sets from luxe Brit brand Molton Brown.
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    Packing it light when travelling with cosmetics
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    Jewelry designer Mickey Lynn has been catching the eye of celebrities with her unique style.
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    Is there such a thing as the Desperate Housewives diet or the Desperate Housewives weight-loss disease?
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    Are you looking for Michelle Obama’s shoes?
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    Bullitt the cat, special correspondent for deals and steals, shares two new websites that specialize in trendy and affordable.
  • Steeping Beauty
    Getting giddy with a BeautyFIX.

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I’d never heard of lampwork beads until I came across Anne Dundas Jewellery. I was so intrigued that I bought some necklaces off her site and I have been very happy with them – so much so, I wear them nearly everywhere! So, when I saw Anne was running a 50% sale on her jewellery site, I had to stop by and take a look at some items I’d been coveting.

These are 2 necklaces I ended up getting. The blood red of the first one appealed to me, as did the largish labradorite stone of the second. In fact, I can’t wait till they get here because I’m really curious about the second piece! It looks perfect for a dress-up dinner I’ll be attending soon. You can’t see them on her site any more because once you purchase the item, the item disappears from the site – its truly unique.

If you like one of a kind hand crafted jewellery make sure you stop by Anne Dundas Jewellery and check out her 50% sale (ends 15 November 2008). With Christmas round the corner, its a good time to pick out a gift or two for yourself or maybe to put it on your wishlist so somone can get it for you 😉

Anne has been very supportive of a project I’ll be unveiling in a month for which I am very appreciative and I think its going to make someone very happy! Details coming up soon! 😉


Coffret D’or goes sweet and noble with the release of the upcoming party palettes. I reckon its for the holiday season. There are 2 palettes – Sweet Dressy and Noble Dressy.

Coffret D'or Party Palette

Sweet Dressy is, as the name implies, to impart a sweet look. The slim palette contains 6 colours – 3 powder eyeshadows and 3 lipstick and lipgloss combinations. The eyeshadows are in the pink-purple family which is favoured by the Japanese for a sweet look. The lipsticks are quite a deep shade with a sparkly lipgloss to round off the look. Knowing the Japanese style of lipsticks, they would be sheer – just how I like it. I’m quite taken in with the middle colour of the Sweet Dressy eyeshadow palette – it looks like a nice silvery tone.

Sweet Dressy Noble Dressy Coffret D'or palette

Noble Dressy has a more neutral look with neutral shadows and more muted lipstick with gold toned lip gloss. The deepest colour of the Noble Dressy eyeshadow palette has my attention but the lipsticks don’t grab me. I prefer a rosier tone to an orangy tone of lipstick.

The eyeshadows come in a slim case – reminds me of the Lavshuca Summer Gradually palette. I wonder if its the same small size. I don’t know how much it’ll cost but I estimate it at approx RM120 or thereabouts.

I don’t know if I’ll get it. I don’t play well with pink/purple tones on the eyes but the lip colour appeals to me. On the other hand, the neutral palette looks nice for the eyes but the lip colours don’t appeal. Wish there was a way I could mix and match.

The models look lovely in both though and if I’m to base it on the model, I’d pick Sweet Dressy because the model looks so fresh and lovely! :)


I always go a little nuts when I see shower stuff. I have a soft spot for nice shower gels and since they finish up quickly enough with regular use, I always tend to stock (rather, overstock) my shower stuff. So, when I finished up my current shower gel, instead of hopping out to buy another (as I’m wont to do) and in the spirit of shopping in my stash, I looked in my shower gel collection to pick out one bought over 5 months ago.

Clinique Happy Shower Gel

My eyes fell on the Clinique Happy to be shower gel. I’d forgotten I had it!

I’m not one for the Clinique Happy perfume, but I rather like the scent in the shower gel. It does make me feel happy to use it and it smells citrusy and nice too, leaving the bathroom smelling lovely after my shower.

The shower gel itself is quite thick and lathers up well, so you only use quite little and the fragrance lingers on the skin – light enough to be noticed but not strong enough to be cloying. This is part of the reason I prefer to use perfumed shower gels rather than spritz some perfumes on me. Sometimes, the perfumes may be too strong in the eau de toilette or parfum, but is nice and light in the shower gel.

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