katie Return of the Pixie Haircut?Remember when Demi Moore elevated short hair to cult statusin the movie Ghost? I was in school then and I remember a friend who went out the next day and had her hair cut short in the “Demi Moore style”.

I like having short hair, so I was keen to try it too. However, it did not suit me face shape so I opted out of it after much persasion.

Then, it was the Winona Ryder elfin look with short hair and big eyes. Again, everyone went a little nuts chopping off their locks but I think the Winona Ryder look did not catch on as much.

Now, Katie Holmes (Mrs. Tom Cruise) has chopped off HER locks and somehow, I want to do it too! I love having short hair but I don’t have the facial structure to carry it off.

I wonder though if its just a hot summer or if its the beginning of another short hair trend? What say you? Would you sport the pixie haircut?


A while ago, I mentioned that Stila had a new eyeshadow palette for summer – the Kitten Palette. Well, last weekend I finally remembered it and got a chance to check it out!

The first thing I noticed is that the Stila palettes have gone up in price. They are now retailing for RM190 each (6 colours) instead of the RM128 it was previously. Boo! So, even if I have good things to say about the Stila palette, I will balk at paying the terribly high price for what is a tiny little palette. Maybe I’ll try to source it from eleswhere.

The colours are lovely though. Continue Reading ►


I do yoga once a week. Not as often as I’d like mainly because I’m lazy icon razz Go Green! Lotuspad Eco friendly yoga mats After about a year plus I’m finding that my yoga mat is too thin. That was when I came upon eco friendly yoga mats at Lotuspad. They just celebrated their first birthday and were offering free shipping within the USA last weekend. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to write about it then.

58637aa1 Go Green! Lotuspad Eco friendly yoga mats

What I like about the Lotuspad yoga mats are the lovely colours they come in. This is so unlike the boring blue mats I see all the time. On an hygiene point of view, the mats are made to resist sweat bacteria and fungal growth. Important, when you are rolling away on the mat during yoga practice! You can read about the specifications and products on Lotuspad.

Each yoga mat retails for US$49 and they even do kids sizes, which I thought was very thoughtful! The other point about Lotuspad is that their yoga mats are made of environment friendly materials. Lotuspad ships anywhere in the world which is excellent and they take Paypal which is convenient. I enquired about shipping to Malaysia for 1 mat, and was informed that it would cost approximately US$27. Considering the weight of the mat, I wasn’t too surprised at the cost. Even shipping a leather bag from the USA to me costs US$30 and a yoga mat is a healthier investment. Maybe the pretty colours will make me less lazy to practice during the week…


I had a blind date sprung on me recently and I found myself in an unenviable position of going “Uh oh… what do I wear? How do I look?” Since it was dinner on a weekend, I found myself with time to work out my look and I thought I’d share my thoughts based on this and other previous experiences. Keep reading because there’s also a Giveaway at the end of this post! icon smile Getting ready for a Blind Date or First Date + A Giveaway!

1aadf21f Getting ready for a Blind Date or First Date + A Giveaway!

Where to go?

If its dinner that’s planned, try to arrange for a restaurant that you have been to. There is nothing more stressful than wondering what to eat at a new restaurant with someone you barely know! Try to aim also for a restaurant with slightly dimmer lighting (but not so dim you can barely see) and one that’s popular but not overcrowded so you don’t feel rushed, yet if the date isn’t up to par, you aren’t caught in an awkward situation with only 2 of you present. Dimmer lighting is also more flattering icon razz Getting ready for a Blind Date or First Date + A Giveaway! Continue Reading ►


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