Here’s an update on the Maybelline Contest I ran last week.

My judges have gotten back to me with the Top 8 Entries and here they are in no particular order!

  • Eliz – He stole her heart by cleaning an oily server for her
  • NKP – He sent her to buy lunch so he could check her out
  • Zeren Veren – Keeping it simple to impress
  • Sher Reen – Instant chemistry with a boy from school
  • Rinnah – Distracted by his looks but not in a good way
  • Natallie – Her tips for getting ready for a bind date
  • Jacqueline Ambrose – She went to England to meet her blind date but got stood up
  • Wearenogorillas – He only had eyes for her

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Now its over to you, readers.

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What’s in my makeup pouch? Well, for someone who enjoys her makeup, I don’t carry them around with me everyday. The main reason is because I don’t do much touching up on the go, except for lipsticks or lipglosses. So, my answer to what’s in my makeup pouch is lipsticks and the odd lipgloss!

pouch Whats in my makeup pouch?

It does look quite pathetic doesn’t it? Continue Reading ►


cleansingoil 1 Using Cleansing Oils Effectively

To remove makeup at the end of a long day, my makeup remover of choice is the cleansing oil. Ever since I was introduced to it, I have never looked back as it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft every time.

I was discussing the use of the cleansing oil with my regular facialist and she gave me some pointers on how to use cleansing oils effectively to remove makeup. These tips coupled with some I discovered through trial and error have helped in making my skin feel cleaner and make more effective use of the cleansing oils as well. Continue Reading ►


katie Return of the Pixie Haircut?Remember when Demi Moore elevated short hair to cult statusin the movie Ghost? I was in school then and I remember a friend who went out the next day and had her hair cut short in the “Demi Moore style”.

I like having short hair, so I was keen to try it too. However, it did not suit me face shape so I opted out of it after much persasion.

Then, it was the Winona Ryder elfin look with short hair and big eyes. Again, everyone went a little nuts chopping off their locks but I think the Winona Ryder look did not catch on as much.

Now, Katie Holmes (Mrs. Tom Cruise) has chopped off HER locks and somehow, I want to do it too! I love having short hair but I don’t have the facial structure to carry it off.

I wonder though if its just a hot summer or if its the beginning of another short hair trend? What say you? Would you sport the pixie haircut?


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