Toners or Lotions

Although this category is labelled Toners I prefer to use Lotions which are widely used as the first step of moisturising in Japanese skincare.

Kiehl’s, to give it its full honorific is Kiehl’s Since 1851 and when you do your math, that makes them 160 years old this year. Before it became a worldwide phenomenon, Kiehl’s started out as a little apothecary (pharmacy) in the East Village of New York, giving personalized service to their customers. To celebrate 160 […]


Morning! Rise and shine! Or if you’re reading this at any other time, rise and shine anyway I’ve had a request from reader Shay most recently in the comments, and from an uncountable number of emails, to share my skincare routine. I’ve been meaning to do a post about it for the longest time, so […]


I first spotted the Hada Labo red line in one of my regular online shopping jaunts. At the time, I wasn’t too sure what it was so I didn’t pick up anything. By the time it was launched here, I’d learnt that the red Hada Labo line is a line targeted at the skin firming […]


The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial skincare has been taken to the Arctic to protect the chapped skin of the Arctic explorers, which it did. In the super cold dry air of the Arctic, it is no wonder that the popular Ultra Facial Cream is moisturizing, but very thick. I tried a sample of the Ultra Facial […]


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