Coconut Milk for your hair

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I learnt this from a friend and I’m happy to say that it works a treat!

What you need:

1 small box of coconut milk – any cheap brand will do
1 old towel
1 disposable shower cap

What you do

  1. Drizzle the coconut milk all over your hair, making sure that you really soak it.
  2. Cover your hair with the shower cap.
  3. Wrap your head up with the old towel
  4. Leave on at least half an hour to an hour
  5. Wash off, shampoo and condition as per normal

I prefer using coconut milk (thinner consistency) although you can also use coconut cream (santan – thicker consistency). If you are using coconut cream then you will end up using less and its less messy, but I find its oilier and harder to wash off. I usually have to shampoo twice or 3 times to ensure my hair is clean.

This tip can get rather messy so make sure you hang your head over a sink when drizzling coconut milk over your hair, or do it in the bathroom. I usually tie another towel around my neck to catch whatever coconut milk drips from my head. If you want to speed it up, you can use your hair dryer and blast your wrapped up head for about 5-10 minutes then wash off. Oh and also be careful about the floor too.

You will sometimes see Low-Fat coconut milk being sold in the supermarkets. Whilst low-fat is great for your body, its not so great for your hair. What you want is the full-fat non diluted stuff. Thats where all the lovely coconut oil is that will work magic on your hair.

The oil in the coconut milk leaves my hair looking shiny and feeling soft. It doesn’t smell bad – just coconuty and sweet. My friend uses this very regularly and says that she can use any old brand of shampoo without destroying her hair. I’m less diligent so I only do it when I remember. But the effect on your hair is quite instantaneous! Best of all, its cheap!



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Hannah April 15, 2010 at 8:27 am

do u take the shower cap of when u put the towel on?


Christine June 7, 2010 at 9:57 am

this is great! thanks! :)


Anna September 5, 2010 at 10:29 pm

This is a great tip. Just googling how to use coconut milk for my hair. I’ve got the organic coconut milk from my health food store. Is that good to use?


Brenda October 13, 2010 at 8:47 pm

If I may contribute to this column… growing up, my parents never really explained fully the benefits of using coconut on hair other than it makes it strong, shiny, no dandruff, lice, etc… I always cried a bucket whenever my dad starts the hair regimen routine because I didn’t like the smell of coconut!

He’d use the fresh desiccated coconut, added with a little water and placed it on a cloth to extract the milk. Next, he’d massaged the squeezed desiccated coconut unto my hair and leave it on for an hour or so and then I’d rinse the coconut off followed by shampoo (once only) to take the grease off. Yes, you get as much oil from the desiccated coconut. I’d even trust it compared to the processed over-the-counter coconut oil.

You might ask what becomes of the extracted coconut milk… my mom used it for cooking so I have no idea about the effects of using the real coconut milk on hair.

Take it from me, I’m now in my 30s and it has become a habit–a weekend treat for my hair and scalp.. end results? thick, black, shiny and healthy hair. I’m very particular with what I use on my hair that’s why there’s always the coconut. I air dry my hair and NEVER uses hairdryer for obvious reason– that it is harmful. You are supposed to condition your head and not damaged it with the heat.

If you cannot find fresh coconut, another alternative is the virgin olive oil.



Savannah October 12, 2013 at 11:31 am

Coconut Oil Works Really Good Tooc:


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