2 weeks ago, I was in Bangkok. No one realised it, probably but that’s how I like it! I was there for just a short trip and this trip, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do something I’ve always wanted to do – go to a cooking school and learn some Thai […]


I go to Bangkok so often (every year) that I tend to forget to take any pictures of the sights of the city. Its one of those things you take for granted you know. So to make things more interesting, I have started to make my annual visits a themed one. This visit, my focus […]


When I go to Bangkok, I am usually a budget traveller. Many aspects of Bangkok aren’t expensive and hotel accommodation is one of them. You can quite easily get a fairly decent hotel in a fairly decent and convenient location for just about RM100/night and that’s where I usually stay. During this most recent trip […]


By way of explanation for my silence on the comment and email reply front, I just returned from a short trip to Bangkok so I’m catching up on everything now! It was a trip I was supposed to have made last year but got pushed forward to this year instead. I’ll have some Bangkok tales […]


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