Simple Blogging Tips (for beauty bloggers)

Simple Blogging Tips are some blogging tips I’ve picked up over my years of blogging. I’m no expert but I hope you will find them useful in growing your own blog. They are tailored primarily for beauty bloggers but bloggers in other niches may find them useful too. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have questions that you want answering. All the best!

I haven’t had a lot of reason (nor time) to get on my blogging soapbox recently but I’m a little burnt out talking about makeup and skincare so I thought I’d make a little detour today (I was even soaking up info on car tyres recently, for a change of scene! ). For those who […]


Hola bloggers! I’ve gotten a few emails recently about setting up a beauty blog or how to start one (I’ve given you the headstart here if you missed it) but I’ve also gotten some queries about what one must do, or mustn’t do when it comes to blogging or blogging about beauty. Really, there are no […]


There is a reason they call it the 7-year itch. It is just about long enough for a person to want to start exploring new things, but yet not long enough to decide if it’s time to up sticks and move on. My Women Stuff turns 7 in 2 days and believe you me, that […]


Here’s the great thing about being online, and having a blog – no rules. No one to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, and no one to cramp your style. Hurrah! Yet, there are some unwritten rules that I think is basic common courtesy and ethics that makes sense to be adopted or […]


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