Beauty Roundup: July 2007

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This is the first installment of my Beauty Roundup series. If you wish to be featured, please read about my Beauty Roundup project and drop me a line. As this is my first installment, I would like to highlight some articles written in the recent weeks that I think would be interesting. It is no secret that these sites/blogs are ones I visit often and some of the authors are, I’m happy to say, friends.

  • I go through periods of suffering from chapped or dry lips, so Tine’s review of the Kanebo Sensai Total Lip Treatment piqued my interest. You might find it useful too.
  • I haven’t tried L’Occitane skincare, only their shea butter cream, but Sesame loves L’Occitane facial skincare like the L’Occitane Honey Comfort Mask. Her raves on this line makes me want to try it out!
  • I used to frequent Tous – a Spanish jewellery line and I’m happy that Doris featured the cute little Tous Heart Pendant. The little bear never fails to make me go “Awww…”
  • Lilian wrote a thought provoking post on whether Vitamin C was useless. I think this will appeal to all those who find themselves having problems when taking Vitamin C.
  • The Geekchic wrote of a possible replacement for her beloved BeneFit Dandelion blush. I haven’t seen the pan of any of my blushes for a long long time, so its great to know that people actually do finish blushes! hehe…

That’s all for my July 2007 installment of Beauty Roundup. I hope you discover a new site to read from here and that you enjoyed the highlighted articles. The next installment of Beauty Roundup on My Women Stuff will come to you on 1 August 2007. So, if you have written an article that you feel is worth mentioning, do drop me a line.

Till then, this is Paris Beaverbanks signing off! :)

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doris July 19, 2007 at 5:45 pm

Hi PB, thanks for the mention. Tous is nice, isn’t it. I’m still thinking of getting one of those Murano crystal pendant… so nice!

PB says: Yep! Tous is really cute but I find their prices a tad steep for silver…


July 19, 2007 at 6:55 pm

Aww thanks for the mention, luv 😀

PB says: You’re welcome. It won’t be the last time I’m sure!


S-Kay July 19, 2007 at 9:55 pm

I finished my Estee Lauder blusher until the leftover broke into pieces. Haha.

Now I have two blushers. One to use with Benetint and the other without.

Tempted to buy more blushers coz they all look so pretty even tho the colors are almost similar. LOL. (Note to self, must not be a blush-addict)

PB says: Good gal! Don’t get addicted like me… hehe…


S-Kay July 23, 2007 at 11:04 pm

Too late dah…dat day I went for retail therapy..terbeli another bobbi blusher *pengsan*


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