Cheekiness aside, I’ve had this tub of cream mask since April when I told you that I was hoping to discover a new favourite skincare item after rediscovering the One Essential serum. Well, I did! I’d totally forgotten to blog about this mask but I was reminded of it after I spotted it in the […]


When I do my weekly mask routine on a Sunday evening while vegeing out in front of the TV, I usually go for a sheet mask. Its quick and hydrating and cools down my skin. On days when I have more time, I go for a hydrating face mask to plump up the ol’ saggy […]


Mist = Miss = Me trying to be funny when I’m really not. When the weather is hot or drying, like Summer time or when we encounter a heat wave here, I like to keep a little bottle of facial mist in my bag. It freshens me up and helps my skin not dry out. […]


Ladies! I’m just back from a relaxing holiday by the beach and am only just starting to get back into the swing of things. You know, holidays are both a bane and a boon. I’m thankful for them for recharging and yet, you know that post-holiday slump we all fall into? Yeah I’m in that […]


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