When I recently went away on vacation, it was to a country in the Northern Hemisphere which had just broken through a particularly long winter, and Spring was just in the air. That wasn’t quite what the weather report for Prague told me when I checked before I left. I had reports of weather in […]


A while ago, I told you about the Eve Lom Cleanser and how its supposed to be the best cleanser in the world. Its not a bad product, but a bit fiddly. I love to carry it with me when I travel though because it works as an all in one makeup remover and cleanser […]


Some time last year, I told you about a new range of skincare from French brand, L’Occitane who we tend to associate more with bath and body products. (And don’t those smell delicious and feel so lovely? ) The range was Angelica and it is a range of skincare products targeted at hydration. I’d tried […]


Cheekiness aside, I’ve had this tub of cream mask since April when I told you that I was hoping to discover a new favourite skincare item after rediscovering the One Essential serum. Well, I did! I’d totally forgotten to blog about this mask but I was reminded of it after I spotted it in the […]


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