I’ve noticed a proliferation of sheet masks in the market, mostly from Asian brands although some Western or European brands also now have sheet masks in their stable. It got me wondering how a sheet mask could possibly be better than usual cream masks or if there was any additional benefit other than the fact […]


I was recently contacted by The Orange Co. An online company based in Singapore to try a couple of samples of Ecobeau – a Korean natural skincare and cosmetic brand that say they have no preservatives, alcohol or parabens in their ingredient list. There was a cleanser, mask and 2 BB creams so read on […]


I tried the IDI Italy MultiAction Mask a while ago and was a little ambivalent towards it. So, I got my friend Rinnah who I know for a fact has sensitive skin, to try it because I figured that if it’d work for her, the claims that it is formulated for sensitive skin will hold […]


I was looking at all these Asian brand “sleeping packs” and “gel masks” where you apply a mask with gel texture on your skin and go to sleep for the mask to work – usually for moisturizing benefits. It then struck me that I could do the same with a gel moisturizer! So I did […]


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