Last night, I was feeling out of sorts (got into a quarrel and had to work late) so by the time it came to bedtime, I needed some serious relaxation and unwinding time. Rooting through my stash I came across a Guardian Green Tea Face Mask I’d forgotten I had. To sum it up, I […]


Here’s a little known fact about me. Or rather its something my very close friends know. I don’t like chocolate. I could go for months without ever eating chocolate and I don’t ever crave chocolate. I avoid chocolate based desserts and I just don’t eat it. I’m not allergic or anything – its just a […]


I’ve been using these My Beauty Diary sheet masks for a couple of weeks now so its time to share my thoughts on them. Picture shows the Skin79 BB Cream. That will come in a later post. Patience grasshopper! 😛 Overall view on My Beauty Diary Masks The masks are a very good fit on […]


About a month plus ago, Nicole of AiShop sent me the Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse which came with a trial pack of the OxyMask and OxyAqua. I was actually more interested in the OxyMask – I’d read about the foaming effects and I was curious. So what did I think about the products? Let’s start […]


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