About a month plus ago, Nicole of AiShop sent me the Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse which came with a trial pack of the OxyMask and OxyAqua. I was actually more interested in the OxyMask – I’d read about the foaming effects and I was curious. So what did I think about the products? Let’s start […]


Reader Li Szu emailed me recently with a question as to whether masks and scrubs are necessary and what I’d recommend. I have included an excerpt of her email here:- I was wondering if you could recommend an extra care/ treatment ie. scrub and masks – how often do you need to do this on […]


The Power of Four – that’s Laneige’s tagline. Made me think of this old eco-cartoon called Captain Planet but there it was the Power of Five. As is Voltron I guess. I was a geeky kid Anyway cartoons aside, Korean cosmetics brand Laneige tells you that there are 4 items which are “essential” to keep […]


When I picked up my Fruit Bowl Hand Cream from The Face Shop, I also picked up 2 sheet masks to try. One was the Herbal Therapy Geranium & Everlasting Mask Sheet. It was meant to awaken dull skin and get a youthful glow back. Promising. The scent of geranium is very strong. Fortunately, its […]


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