Hello hello peeps! :D

What’s this PB doing, you may be wondering. Just blogging once a MONTH now instead of almost daily? Well it almost seems that way doesn’t it? There’ll be changes aplenty going on but I’m slowly trying to make that comeback so bear with me :)

What with 2014 coming to an end, and having gone through a lot of ups and downs myself this year, physically and emotionally, towards the end of the year, I found I’d let myself go. My skincare routine was shot to pieces, I was a slob and all I was doing was keeping to the basic cleanse, tone, moisturise and while my skin didn’t go crazy (I do believe I’d left a good enough base that it managed to withstand my neglect) it wasn’t looking at its best.

One day, when things were starting to look up (as they always will because when you’re at your lowest ebb, the only way left to go is up!) I realised that I was just being really shitty to myself and I didn’t see why I should be. So I picked myself up, dusted off the ol’ skincare and got stuck in and within a week, I reaped the benefits.

skincare routine 2014

Dull skin I didn’t quite notice before took a backseat and turned into a clear skinned glow, minor clogged pores especially around my chin unclogged and smoothed out and I just didn’t need very much foundation. The best compliment was being told that my foundation was looking great and I only had the most minimum of base on! When you look good, you feel good, clichéd as it sounds, and putting makeup on was a cinch because everything looks good! :)

Incidentally I also got a few requests to share my skincare products that I’m using now. So I thought it would be nice to share not my skincare products because those change a lot from time to time, but my latest skincare ROUTINE which doesn’t. This way, you get to use the products that suit your skin because you and I may not have the same skintype would we? :)

So, as the year closes I’d like for you to think about not chasing after that new and latest makeup obsession or product for a while, or looking for the highest coverage foundation in the market to mask your skin. Instead, remember that good makeup starts with good skin and as we close the year and step forth into a new one, make it your resolution to better your skin above all else. Here’s my routine and I hope it will help you get started.

Remember, it’s all about the base! ;)

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Hi everyone

My apologies for dropping off the face of the earth or what seems like it for the past month. I’ve been told I don’t have to explain myself and I won’t because this break’s just something I’ve had to do. But I’ve received many heartwarming messages and emails (Thank you!) that’s made me feel pretty awful about not updating, or at least not delurking for a bit to say Hi and that I’m still alive and kicking and for the most part alright albeit feeling a little battered.

The thing is, I’m not ready to come back to blogging for various reasons, so this doesn’t mean we’re business as usual here at MWS, but I just wanted to stick my head out of the sand to say thank  you for your concern and well wishes and continued support. It means more to me than you realise :)

things i've been using

Since I have a post up anyway, I thought I’d quickly share some of the beauty stuff I’ve been using during this period. I’ve been maintaining a very simple routine while on a break and I like it! So here are the 5 things I like that I’ve been using a lot of and if you are the lazy sort (ok, not lazy, but minimalist perhaps? ;) ) then you may like these too.

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There have been these “Random things about me” posts and tags going around for a while and I’ve been tagged on Instagram to share random facts about me but I mostly chose not to do them. I’m not a very interesting person and I’m not all that random, so I figured there isn’t anything very interesting to say.

40 random things

But I was told by someone recently that just because I didn’t find myself interesting didn’t mean that others would as well. So I thought “Alright, let’s do this” So here are 40 Random Things About Me and if you didn’t find it very interesting, don’t say I didn’t warn you! :D

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Hold your horses! The Collection Plumes Précieuses de Chanel won’t be at counters till 1 November at latest (end Oct at earliest) so this post serves as a preview and teaser so you can save your pennies if you have to, for Chanel’s offering for the Christmas and festive season :D And I know many of you have already turned your hawk eye onto the highlighting powder, haven’t you?

chanel plumes precieuses de chanel christmas

I have a few key items from the collection that I thought I’d share with you along with some swatches (oh yes, I swatched that powder! I did!) and I’ll also quickly share my thoughts on them.

Chanel this year, has drawn their inspiration for their Christmas offering from feathers and this is reflected in the delicate and intricate print on the Camélia de Plumes powder and in the names of the products on offer. I found it interesting that Chanel went with an untraditional icy silver theme for their Christmas collection. We are used to seeing gold and red on offer but silver? Rarely and that was something interesting. It’ll be a picture heavy post, so sit back and enjoy :)

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