A while ago, I shared a little discussive piece where I said that the idea that wearing makeup is bad for your skin is a fallacy. It is! It’s nothing to do with the makeup (unless of course, you use a product that is inherently bad or poisonous), but all to do with how you care for your skin after.

Well today, I’m going to propose the notion that wearing base makeup, at minimum, can be good for your skin. No really.

foundation good for skin

I’m going to tell you this. I never wore makeup or even foundation until I started my first job, in my 20’s. I started life in simpler times, not in the age of selfies and Instagram (thank goodness! LOL!) but even then, I was never very good about wearing base makeup. I just never found the right one as a lot of foundations back then were heavy or oily.

These days however, we are spoilt for choice. There are so many good quality base products out there, that it’s quite easy to find one that suits our skin and preference. And you know what? I’ve realised that wearing base makeup, be it BB creams or CC creams or foundations, can actually be good for our skin.

I know, you’re sitting there raising one brow at me and going “You have to be kidding!” Well, hear me out :)

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Gosh, I haven’t lined my eyes for so long, that I seem to have forgotten how! LOL! No, I’m serious!

I tightline my eyes daily, but I haven’t lined the top lid in ages for one very simple reason….. my old liquid liner dried out! LOL Yes, I’m dead serious. When I line the top lid, I prefer using a liquid liner, because it doesn’t mess up as quickly and the one I’d been using was the very affordable and easy to use, Maybelline Hypersharp liner.

When I first laid eyes on the new Maybelline Hypersharp Wing liner, I thought “Oh hey! I can line my lids again!” and this time, this new liner promises you a much easier way to get a winged eyeliner look. Winged liner “On fleek” as the young ‘uns will say LOL!

maybelline hypersharp wing eyeliner

Looks pretty unassuming, doesn’t it? Like its earlier Hypersharp sibling, the new Hypersharp Wing liner is a liquid liner in a felt tip pen form. But if you look further down, here’s what makes this particular one a doddle to use, if you want to create a winged tip, or just a thick liner.

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I spent the better part of last week and the weekend lying prone on the couch. While I’m generally to be found in a horizontal position on most weekends, this was a bit of an exception. I’m still trying to recover from a severe bout of food poisoning that had me staring into the depths of my toilet bowl 8 times in a night. Needless to say, I wasn’t bouncing back as quickly as I usually did before.

But the day after my insane bout of throwing up, I discovered that my body was rejecting plain water. What? I was trying to rehydrate and all plain water did was make me retch. It was a surreal moment for me, because I’d never experienced this before. I’d never had problem drinking just plain warm water before this.

coconut water benefits

Fortunately for me, I remembered that a local “cure” for diarrhea and vomiting or food poisoning in general, is fresh coconut water from a young coconut. I managed to get a few, and they’ve kept me hydrated all through the weekend. In fact, it was all I could stomach in terms of liquids!

But what I also discovered, is a new-found “addiction” to fresh coconut water. I know coconut water is going through a huge healthfood renaissance at the moment. If it is to be believed, it is the new superfood, prompting people to tout it for everything from losing weight to curing ailments. I’m a sceptic of course! LOL 😀

Are you buying into the whole superfood theory? Or are you a fan of fresh young coconut water anyway?

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Fans of luxury niche perfumes in Malaysia now have another brand to have a sniff at. Miller Harris, a perfume brand that is based in London (but with distinctly French leanings in the naming of their collections) has wafted onto our shores, and they bring with them a pretty unique collection of scents that are at once, fresh yet innovative.

Miller Harris, founded by Lyn Harris in year 2000, prides themselves on using natural components of scents, extracted from botanicals, and not conjured up in a lab. So they smell more natural and, if I might say so, a little more complex.

But dabbling with luxury niche perfumes is a bit of a gamble, because scents are such personal things that work differently with different people, and luxury means that it can sometimes be a pricey mistake if you’re not careful. I’m never a fan of picking a scent off a fragrance blotter. You never get it right, let me assure you 😛

miller harris collection decouverte

For me, to know if a scent works for me, I must have it sampled on my skin. Not my clothes, not my hair, not on a blotter, but directly on skin the way I wear my scents.

So, I think the La Collection Découverte or Discovery Collection by Miller Harris is a great idea! You get a set of 8 spray vials of some classic Miller Harris perfume choices in one handy box for you to discover at your leisure. Niche perfumes take some getting used to, if you’re currently used to the less complex scents carried in most department store by most major brands, and this is a nice way to figure out the scents you like, or don’t like, without breaking the bank :)

I’ll take you on a quick run through, because I don’t like “reviewing” perfumes. I don’t believe in it, to be honest. Perfumes are very very personal things that I feel should be personally experienced to be truly appreciated.

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