I haven’t dwelt on my favourite subject matter for a while – bags! Actually I haven’t dwelt on the subject much since I stopped blogging on weekends. With so few blogging days a week, I found it hard to squeeze in everything I wanted, yet I was loathe to break the rhythm heh…

But hey, what’s life if not full of variety and lately, I’ve found my thoughts drifting rather dangerously to that of the adorable Hermes Picotin.

hermes picotin

Well, I say dangerously, because we all know what it means when the H-brand is mentioned right? Nope, pricey doesn’t quite begin to describe it 😀 But try ‘luxury’ as well :)

The Picotin comes in a few sizes, and its unstructured, rather casual design is inspired by the feed bags for horses. It’s shaped like a bucket and the smaller sizes are handheld totes. The larger versions can be slung on the shoulder.

It’s understated, quiet and yet looks casually chic and that must be the reason I’ve found myself drawn to it, time and time again.

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Last week, something happened to a friend that had me thinking afresh about the crab bucket that most of us find ourselves in.

What is a crab bucket you ask?

crab bucket

Well, quite literally a bucket of live crabs. Over here, where eating fresh seafood is a way of life, I’d grown up going to a seafood restaurant, and pressing my face against the aquariums or peering down at the box of live mud crabs, picking out my next meal. You can’t eat dead mud crabs, because you’d get food poisoning (at least that’s what I’ve been taught. Flower crabs (as pictured above) are ok dead but taste better when kept alive). So, good seafood restaurants display fresh, live produce or risk not having any customers. Funnily enough, I don’t recall being traumatized at seeing the fish/crab/prawns swimming in the aquarium one minute and served on my plate the next. Must be the Chinese in me you know – we eat anything LOL!

Anyway, I digress. What I was going to tell you about, was this bucket or box of fresh, live crabs. Quite often, there isn’t even a cover over the box or bucket. There is no need, because it is a very rare occasion indeed, when a crab will escape. The other crabs will make sure of that!

Logically, if the crabs were to co-operate, and stand on each others’ shells or ‘shoulders’ (for want of a better word), they could quite easily climb out of the bucket and to freedom. But it rarely happens. What you will see instead, are the crabs, piled at the bottom and grabbing at each other’s legs, ensuring that everyone festers along at the bottom till doomsday arrives.

That, my friends, is the crab bucket that many of us may find ourselves living in, at one point or another.

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A little while ago, I professed my love for this rather under-rated brand of eyeshadows, but showed you some colours that were a little hard to wear. Electric blue anyone?

While the individual eyeshadow pans allow you to mix and match to your fancy, if you are anything like me, you’d prefer a pre-made palette. Let someone else do all the thinking eh? I just want a combination of colours that work together!

make up for ever 9 artist shadow palette neutrals

Enter the Make Up For Ever 9 Artist Shadow Palette for Fall 2015, a sturdy compact of 9 eyeshadows that comes in 2 colour combinations – Artist Palette 1 (Nudes you Need) and Artist Palette 2 (Colours you Crave). As the names imply, Artist Palette 1 is a combination of neutral and nude shades and Artist Palette 2 has a combination of fun, bright colours.

So, you’re probably wondering which one ended up in my hands? The ‘oh so boring, not another’ neutral palette or the ‘oh what fun, let’s see what we can do with it’ bright palette? 😀

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Oh rejoice! Laneige has finally made things easy for us all by renaming their popular sleeping mask, the Water Sleeping Mask! Why I say so is because prior to this, they had always called it a sleeping pack. The last incarnation was called the Water Sleeping Pack EX.

It’s not unusual though. Most, if not all Korean brands call their masks a “pack”. I often wonder if there’s something lost in translation there.

laneige water sleeping mask

I have noticed that with Laneige expanding rapidly overseas in the Western world (I think you can easily buy their products in the USA now – let me know if I’m mistaken!) perhaps they felt it was time to be a little more precise in the naming of their products.

This here is the new packaging and an upgraded formula of their popular hydrating sleeping mask. The new packaging sports a matte, more angular tub. I noticed that on Target the same product with a similar name sports a different packaging that’s rounder and which is the older Asian packaging. I don’t know therefore if it’s the same product or an older version, or if it’s a different incarnation for a different market. What you see here is the newest version.

Does the new formula work for me? Well yeah, it does! 😀 So you could stop here, or if you persevere to the end, you might catch a little surprise 😉

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