One of the most hyped eye palettes to be released in the first quarter of 2014 has to be this one from NARS – the Narsissist Eye Palette. It’s gotten bouquets and brickbats and has such a wide, diverse range of views on it that I naturally had to check it out for myself icon biggrin Love it or hate it, the Narsissist Eye Palette will make you feel that bit more narcissistic

For those who are anticipating its arrival, we can expect it in store end-April, early-May (just a week or 2 to go!) but I managed to purchase a palette early during its preview, so you have the benefit of my thoughts, before you decide if this palette is for you icon smile Love it or hate it, the Narsissist Eye Palette will make you feel that bit more narcissistic

narsissist eye palette used Love it or hate it, the Narsissist Eye Palette will make you feel that bit more narcissistic

I picked mine up about 2 months ago and since then, I’ve been using it quite a lot. If you head over to my earlier preview post, that was the palette in its pristine glory. The picture above shows it used, after about 2 months. It’s interesting that other than some smudging, it doesn’t look too grubby right? The rubber cover is another matter though. This has always been the downside of NARS signature rubber packaging.

The rubber is a dust and product magnet and I can’t imagine why the people at NARS thought it was a great idea, especially if it’s to be used by makeup artists, who will be working a lot with their fingers.

Bitching about the packaging aside (people have been bitching about the packaging for years but it looks like it’s here to stay) what you really want to know is how well (or not) this eye palette performs. And to this I have to tell you to manage your expectations.

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I know there are many fans of Sigma Brushes out there, but I can’t say I number amongst them as I think they have their hits and misses as every brand does. I do however, have a couple I like and use often and because they’re pretty affordable, I thought I’d introduce you to them.

We kick off with this, the Sigma E25 Blending Brush.

sigma e25 blending brush Sigma E25 Blending Brush : Affordable, Multi functional and Does the job

Mine comes with a shorter silver travel sized handle as it was a free gift with an order I made quite many years ago. It is however sold as a full sized brush with the usual long black lacquered handle for an affordable $12.

As the name implies, this is a blending brush for eyeshadow but over the years, I’ve found that it does a lot more than just blend shadow.

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I don’t usually mess about with my nails but I recently came across a very interesting product (to me) that prompted me to dig out my long forgotten nail polishes again. They’d been so long forgotten I’d forgotten where I put them all LOL! Yes, I’m hopeless with nails.

But when I mess about with my nails, I want it to be quick. I don’t want to sit around for ages like a tai-tai waving my hands in the air or blowing on them to make them dry more quickly. Previously, I’d use Seche Vite but then I was introduced to this interesting product from Sephora.

sephora express drying nail oil Dont sit and watch (nail) paint dry, the Sephora Express Drying Oil dries polish in just 1 minute!

The product is the Sephora brand Express Drying Oil and it’s supposed to be a product for quickly drying your nail polish. In 1 minute, they claim. Yes, colour me intrigued!

I’ve never tried something like this before, other than Seche Vite, have you?

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save product skincare Your Say: Do you try to save on product when using your skincare?

I had a very interesting chat with a friend very recently about the lengths people go to, to save on product use when they’re using their skincare. This is especially so when using an expensive brand or product.

If a cream costs you RM400 or a lotion costs you RM300 you want to make sure that you make it last as long as possible, don’t you? Hopefully that way, your dollar/ringgit stretches further. I heard a strange story which I’ll narrate below of one method of saving, but I’d like to hear from you.

Do you try to save on using product when you’re using your skincare to make it last longer? What are the lengths you’d go to? Be honest now! icon wink Your Say: Do you try to save on product when using your skincare?

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