A few months ago, when RMK launched their new eye shadow brushes, I picked one out of the bunch to try, because it was interesting and because I don’t see brushes like this very often.

It is the RMK Eye Shadow Brush C, which doesn’t tell us very much does it? icon biggrin Exploring the multiple versatile uses of the RMK Eyeshadow Brush C

rmk eyeshadow brush c Exploring the multiple versatile uses of the RMK Eyeshadow Brush C

The Brush C is fairly short in length, but a comfortable length for most of us because when you try to get close to the mirror for detailed work, it’s useful not having the long handle bumping against the mirror. The bristles are natural hair and are 100% goat hair.

What made this brush interesting is because is angled to fit the contours of the eye and face better, but it is a round brush, with an angled flat top that reminds me of a slightly looser foundation brush like this. I asked the visiting RMK Makeup Artist how it was to be used, and he showed me that it was useful for applying strong or pigmented colours because it blends it out so it doesn’t look too strong on skin and picks up product well.

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Last week, we were discussing whether we washed our faces after going for a facial and I was quite gratified that so many of us do the same thing i.e. wash our faces when we get home. Among the most interesting discussions however, I noticed how many of us take an evening shower, which necessitates us washing our faces. And as usual, the curious cat in me perked up.

shower ampm Your Say: Do you shower in the morning or evening or both?

I started wondering if most of you showered in the mornings or in the evenings, or perhaps even both?

Here where it’s so hot and humid all the time, it’s tempting to shower not only twice, but maybe even three times a day! I know of people who do. So, how about you? Are you a morning showerer, evening showerer or perhaps twice a day? icon biggrin Your Say: Do you shower in the morning or evening or both?

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What happens when you’re living under a rock (as I’ve been doing, figuratively speaking) for the past few months, is that the minute you are let loose in the beauty hall, you go nuts. And you are more susceptible to impulse buying, AND you are liable to make mistakes.

That’s what happened to me not too long ago. Let loose in the beauty hall of Isetan KLCC, I found myself stealing a look at the sole Burberry Beauty counter here in Malaysia, wondering what was new and my eye fell on an interesting looking product – the Burberry Fresh Glow BB Cream – Luminous Skin Correcting Beauty Balm.

burberry fresh glow bb cream For a Fresh Glow, Burberry offers their version of Luminous Skin Correcting BB Cream

I was quite surprised to see it, because I didn’t expect to see a BB Cream come out of the Burberry Beauty stable already. Locally, the line has been quite quiet in terms of marketing and PR so I honestly had no idea what has been going on with the brand. I’m told it’s a a worldwide thing too, as there’s some shake-ups going on internationally.

Long story short, the Burberry Fresh Glow BB Cream is a limited edition product launched under the Burberry Beauty Summer 2014 collection (of which I paid no attention to as the rest of the items didn’t grab my attention) Locally, there are 2 shades available – 01 Nude Rose and 02 Nude Honey.

I later found out after looking up information online, that 01 Nude Rose (cool toned) and 02 Nude Honey (warm toned) are meant for Asian skins and elsewhere in the world, there are 3 more shades – Fair, Medium and Dark. All this is very confusing, so suffice to say that all we get here are the “Asian” shades, 01 being a little lighter and a touch cooler in tone and 02 being warmer and a touch darker.

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Alrighty folks, I had a nice piece about the Diptyque Hourglass Diffuser that was all set to publish today when poof! my blog disappeared. Thank you to those of you on Twitter and Facebook who helped me check! It was gone for almost a day, and here’s a tip for all bloggers amongst you – BACK UP! Quick, go do your backups now. I’ll wait.

Back? Ok, so I was going to tell you about this product that I’d had my eye on for the longest time. There was something about the hourglass aesthetic, the heavy glass containers and just the whole idea of a non-exposed home fragrance diffuser that captured my imagination.

diptyque sablier 34 The Diptyque Hourglass Diffuser in 34 makes no scents at all

I first saw this during the launch of the L’Eau du Trente-Quarte (which is a more musical, more romantic way of saying Water 34) and it had stuck in my mind ever since. It was so bad that at the end of last year, I sucked it up and bought me the Sablier (Hourglass) Home Diffuser in 34.

I love my home fragrances and I usually do scented candles, as many amongst you will know, but I’m always open to alternatives. The only alternatives I knew of was reed diffusers and you know what? I hate them. Hate! They look flimsy and are liable to fall over if you so much as look at them and the reeds gather dust like nothing I’ve ever known. So when I’m introduced to an enclosed, aesthetically pleasing diffuser, I fell.

The problem is that when you fall so hard for something this expensive, you want it to work. And you won’t stand for any truck if it doesn’t. Oh boy, Diptyque. You are in trouble icon razz The Diptyque Hourglass Diffuser in 34 makes no scents at all

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