I’ve been mentioning my recent holiday long enough, with talk on Twitter early in the year about an adventure I was going to take. It turned out to be quite an adventure indeed, for which I’m very pleased about. There’s much to be said for going on little adventures in your life.

No, I did not really go to Afghanistan, as I’ve teased you. I value my life a little too much for that sort of adventure! But I did go into Central Asia.

My adventure holiday this year was right up to what is known as the ‘Roof of the World’ – Tibet!

tibet potala palace by night

View of the Potala Palace by night as viewed from the hotel room

I wasn’t sure where to start my travel tale this time, as unlike previous adventures, I’d opted for the easy way out and gone on a group tour for this trip. The last time I went on a group tour was over 10 years ago, and I think I was ready to kill people by the 2nd day LOL But this time, I survived (and so did everyone else – whew!) so I’ll be able to share some tips on surviving group tours if anyone’s interested LOL! 😀

Today however, I’ll just share some highlights of my recent trip, since I know that Tibet isn’t a place many people plan to visit, nor intend to visit in their lifetime. But it was for me. You could say that it was something I had to do (it wasn’t a religious pilgrimage) because I love the mystical, and Tibet has always been so shrouded in mystery and mystic that I just had to go and touch the clouds, as it were.

I have shared quite a lot of pictures, so do be warned that this is quite picture and word heavy. But it’s allowed me to re-live my holiday and the wonder of nature and I hope you’ll enjoy it and perhaps, it might just spark your wanderlust :)

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I don’t use lip balm. Does that shock you?

It shouldn’t. It’s the reason why I hardly ever talk about lip balm here on my blog. I don’t believe in it, but then I don’t believe in a lot of things, like delusional people, romance novels and organic food.

But I don’t deny that there are times when you need a lip balm. When your lips feel chapped, the worst thing you can do is pick at the dry flaky skin, and lick your lips. In those (rare) situations, I turn to a product I’ve kept on hand for this purpose.

fresh sugar rose lipbalm

It’s the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF15 which I own in Rose. I’ve had this one for a while to be honest, and I picked it up at Sephora one day, a long while ago, because I was curious. The retail price was RM65 which puts a huge ding in your wallet for something as inconsequential as a lip balm, but I just had to try it la… you know how it is right? Scratch that itch and it’ll go away.

Except in my case, I think it’s been worth it. Sure, I could get maybe 10 lip balms for that price if I were to hop over to a pharmacy, but where’s the fun in that eh? 😉

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Ok those of you who travel, or rather, fly around a lot, do you have any inflight beauty essentials? You know those beauty items that you make sure you have with you in the cabin, no matter what?

I usually carry my whole toiletries kit on board the plane actually. I just make sure that everything in there is 100ml or under and I’m good. Never been stopped yet for lugging a cosmetics kit heavier than my luggage! Ok… not that dramatic, but close.

inflight essentials

While most of the time, my cosmetics kit ends up in the overhead compartment (weight and bulk y’know), there are some things I usually ensure I have with me in my seat so I can use them throughout my flight, long or short.

I’m sure you have your essential items too, that you don’t like to fly without so do share what yours are 😀

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Hello Hello peeps! 😀

We haven’t had a good ol’ chat in a while have we? I just checked my archives and the last time I ran a MWS Cafe chat was back in 2013. What the….?!

Well, let’s remedy that :)

mws cafe

If you are wondering what this Cafe business is, no, I’m not opening a cafe and most certainly am not opening a cafe at the foot of snowy mountains! 😀 Goodness, I’d drink all my profits, I’m sure! Instead, it’s a little break in routine, for you to pull up a chair and join us around the figurative table for some good ol’ chit chat. New to the cafe? You’re in for a treat!

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