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Hello Lovelies!

If you have a question relating to anything I have blogged about, or if you have a burning beauty question or perhaps you just want to say “Hello!”, please feel free to drop me a line. If you aren’t sure what this website is all about, try reading this :)

I love getting mail – just not spam ones. I eat spam :) I also do not sell anything on my blog so if you write in asking to buy anything from me, you may not get a reply. If you want to know where to buy anything I’ve featured on my blog, I’ll tell you if I know but I am unable to help anyone purchase anything. If you have a question about stock availability please check directly with the stores in question.

You may drop me an email at parisb(at)mywomenstuff.com and I’ll be with you in 2 ticks. Maybe more if I’m busy but I’ll get back to you, fret not! If you don’t hear from me after a while, your mail might have gone missing in cyberspace or I might have missed it. If so, do drop me another email reminder!

If you are enquiring about guest posting or exchanging links, please be informed that I am not presently accepting any guest posts nor participating in link exchanges and will not respond to these requests.

PR and Brands : If you’d like to get in touch, please go here. Please note that I’m based in Malaysia.


Paris B

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