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My Women Stuff was established in March 2007 and we are a pioneer in the beauty blogging scene both internationally and locally within Malaysia. We will have been serving beauty news and product reviews for 8 years in 2015! Some brief info about me and my blog is available here.

If you are a PR company or a beauty or fashion brand and you’d like to get in touch or send a product for consideration, my suggestion is to first read through my blog to ensure its a good fit for you and your brand. You may also find this post on understanding the blog and blogger helpful, and a good idea on how things work around here.

I strive to be honest in all product reviews and features and this ensures credibility which readers appreciate and come back for and in turn builds credibility for your brand. Please be comfortable with this. From experience, sometimes the truth is hard hitting and hard to swallow, but here at MWS, the truth matters so if a product or service does not fulfil its promises, we say so.

We are also open to collaborations, sponsorships or advertising and our Rate Card is available upon request.

If you would like to contact me for collaborations, sponsorships or discussions, or if you’d like a copy of our Media Kit and/or Rate Card, please drop me a line at parisb[at]

Brief facts about the blog

My Women Stuff has been listed as one of the best beauty blogs by Konector and among the top 10 beauty blogs worldwide. We have an international audience with the bulk of our visitors coming from Malaysia (25%), USA (23%) and Singapore (13%) with the rest of our visitors coming in from Canada, Australia, Philippines and other parts of Europe, Asia and North America. We are also among the most popular beauty focused blogs in the Malaysia-Singapore region.

Readership is very wide and the target audience is women of all ages (with focus on the 20-40 somethings), and at least 80% of the site’s visitors are women from all over the world. There is a wide reach and a wide audience of regular readers who are product and brand savvy and vocal in the comments, who might be interested in your product or service.

My Women Stuff has evolved from a blog to a community of like minded women who aren’t afraid to share their views, good or bad, and who are keen on beauty inside and out, travel, lifestyle and other fun and intellectual pursuits. The blog is similarly evolving to include different categories of personal interests in these matters and taking on a more well-rounded, more intellectual and professional tone.

I use Statcounter and Google Analytics to collect and analyze my statistics and my Media Kit is available upon request.

In the Press

My Women Stuff has been featured in the Press in print and online. You can view them on my Press page.


Feel free to contact me at my contact details below for any PR or Advertising requests, PR events/product launches, our Media Kit and/or our Rate Card.


You may contact me through email for any enquiries. Please mark your email as PRESS:-

  • email – parisb [at]

Please do not contact me for link exchanges or guests posts because you will likely not get a response. Thank you for understanding.

If you’re into social media, you can also find me here:-

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