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Hi there! *waves*

I’m Paris B – the beauty blogger behind MWS – and I bid you welcome to My Women Stuff (MWS), a beauty blog based in the sunny tropics of Malaysia. But this is not just another beauty blog, oh no! It is far more than that!

My Women Stuff was established (Ooh swank! 😉 ) on 9 March 2007 which means we’ve been around forever in internet years! We started out as pioneers in the field of beauty blogging, and I’d like to think that My Women Stuff has been and continues to be the premier independent beauty blog in Malaysia and globally, that appeals to a wide cross-section of the beauty loving public. I hold myself and my blog to a very high standard of quality and we will keep bettering ourselves!

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“My Women Stuff”, what is that?

My Women Stuff is primarily a beauty blog i.e. a blog that is focused on makeup and skincare reviews and beauty news. It is however, not just another beauty blog – too many of those around. So, I am expanding our horizons a little to include a side order of fashion, health, food, travel and lifestyle topics wherever I fancy, because it keeps things fun and fresh. I hesitate to call this a “lifestyle blog” because it isn’t. Beauty is still our primary focus but the “Women Stuff” allow us to be open to other fun ventures, particularly in the line of travel which is my other love.

Our focus on MWS is on everything about women and all things that make women beautiful, however we perceive it. We are not a website, not an online magazine, and not a portal, but a good old-fashioned blog helmed by a team of one. So yes the use of “we” is quite pretentious 😉

This blog is still a hobby blog so please don’t expect the slick interface and regular daily updates of pretty pictures, exciting and swank lifestyles of a professional blogger. I do work full time in a job that isn’t very exciting but which I find satisfying. I don’t work in the beauty or fashion industry and I’m a consumer, pretty much like all of you reading this. If anything in my blog helps you be a more well informed consumer, it would be a qualified success :)

MWS is also an “independent beauty blog”. We aren’t contracted to any blog or ad networks, nor are we represented by anyone other than me myself and I, Paris B. We work independently of any constraints and strictly in line with our personal principles and values. We are open to working with brands and PR and have been for many years, on strict terms of honesty and fairness with no sugar-coating. It doesn’t make everyone happy, but it makes us happy and from what we can tell, it makes readers happy and it boosts our credibility too :)

We are also very honoured to also have been noticed and featured in the Press in print and online throughout our existence! Very honoured and very thrilled :)

Can I trust your product reviews?

Yes you most assuredly can 😀

I operate on a strict policy of providing honest and candid feedback in all product reviews based on my own experience with the products. I know that’s what consumers really want because that’s what I want! Enough of the regurgitation of press releases and mindless fawning over brands and PR already! Just tell us if it works, and importantly, if it doesn’t! Not every product out there merits a rave like it’s the second coming.

If I don’t like a product, I will either not review them or I will review them, but tell you what I honestly think. All product reviews carry pros and cons so you can make your own decision as to how it might work for you. As for beauty services, my reviews are based on my experiences so if my experience and therapist sucked, then you can be sure my review will reflect that. Everything on MWS is written by me, Paris B, not a guest writer, nor a ghost writer, so rest assured that if you want something meaty to read, you’ve come to the right place 😉

What if the products are given to you?

Nothing changes. We are fortunate to receive products or previews from some brands or PR agencies to try, and for our consideration so we can tell you if we like it or if its something that doesn’t meet the mark. There are so many brands and products out there that it would be impossible to know of or purchase every beauty product out there. However, the quality of the review will never be compromised and products sent may not be guaranteed of a full nor positive review. Please read my disclosure and disclaimer policy for more information and for a better understanding of how we work here at MWS. Our commitment is to you, the reader, and to me to maintain my blogging integrity :) We also no longer do advertorials or paid posts in the guise of product reviews as that is not an honest representation of how we feel about the product. Every product has their pros and cons and we will not sell out our integrity and allow our voice to be stifled. If there are paid posts to come, they will be clearly marked as such.

If you are a brand owner or PR and would like to collaborate with MWS or send a product for consideration please go here for more information. However, I do not participate in requests for link exchanges or guest posts except in very exceptional cases and I usually do not respond to such enquiries.

What is the MWS Community and how can I be a part of it?

The readers of My Women Stuff are an active, vocal, fun and friendly lot and they make their presence felt in the comments on each post, in emails they send in private, in participating on Twitter and Facebook and just in reading and sharing the blog posts they read on the blog.

Here at MWS, they are not just readers, they are all part of the  ever growing MWS community, and I consider them all friends. In 2011, I had the opportunity to meet with the readers in a MWS Awards Party to celebrate the first ever (in Malaysia) online Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards – we have fun times here at MWS 😀

You too can be a part of the MWS community! Here’s how you can participate:-

  • Jump in and comment in the comment box at the end of each blog post. I love getting comments and I always try to reply unless the post is too old or if it’s irrelevant.
  • Interact with other commentators and readers. Each comment has a “Reply” button where you can reply to each other’s comments to help answer a question or ask a question. MWS Readers are a goldmine of information so mine it!
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I hope you enjoy your visit here on MWS and please email me if you have any questions. I love getting mail from readers!

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I hope you enjoy your visit and come back again soon!


Paris B

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