Shower Gel

Lush is a store that you either love to walk into, or take great pains to cross the road so you don’t have to walk past it. I am in the latter camp. Whenever I see (or rather, smell) a Lush store approaching, I take a deep breath, hold it and scurry past, gasping for […]


A couple of days ago, I shared a very affordable daily body wash. But as it goes with mass and affordable products, it doesn’t satisfy the needs of those who prefer something natural or organic. So here’s one that is. Natural and organic I mean. Introducing Marius Fabre, a brand I warrant few of us […]


You know what? Times are hard. As much as we want to enjoy our fancy schmancy shower gels, the fact is that fancy schmancy shower gels can cost a pretty penny. What I do now is reserve them for a special treat. For daily use, I’ve been using an affordable oldie but goodie – Dove […]


Have you ever eaten a blood orange? The first time I did, I did not know what it was. The orange pulp quite literally looks like a bloody pulpy mess. But it is SO. GOOD. Well I just learnt recently that what I know as the “blood orange” is also known as “Tarocco Orange” and […]


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