If you didn’t realise, the brand new year is exactly 7 days after Christmas Day and the anticipation and momentum of the festive period just keeps rolling on to that last stretch to the year. With many people usually taking time off work and just slowing down in general, it is a good time to […]


A while ago, I told you about a new range of skincare from Japanese cosmetics giant, Shiseido called Ibuki. You can read more about it in the previous post. In a nutshell, Ibuki works to build and repair skin’s resistence to external stresses – pollution, uv etc and strengthen it. I had the opportunity to […]


If there’s one thing I’ve learned since discovering beauty, it’s that even though I’ve found my Holy Grail product, I am always looking out for something that might topple the HG product from it’s pedestal. It’s almost as if I challenge the product everyday. And you know, there are so many new things popping up […]


I’ve realised that there is always a general “fear” of wearing lipstick. Being afraid that the colour is too heavy, or that it is waxy (not anymore, unless you are using one from the 80′s) or that it is ageing. It doesn’t have to be. With the many different brands and textures available, you can […]


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