Welcome to another edition of Scrumptious Saturday inspired by a short trip out of town for work. Last week saw me headed out to the neighbouring town of Seremban, just about 45 minutes away by car. Once we were done with whatever that we had to do, naturally, the next thing on the agenda was […]


Sometimes I wonder why in our hot weather here, we eat equally hot and heat inducing foods like steamboats and barbeques. Often, its a bunch of people sitting or standing around a hot soup pot, or around a grill, wiping away sweat and popping morsels of scalding hot food into our mouths. Yet we do, […]


Ok it seems like ages since I’ve posted about food 😀 Love it or hate it, here it is, the next instalment of Scrumptious Saturday. This time, its a selection of food photos I took on a short overnighter up north for work to the lovely Pearl of the Orient – Penang, popularly known as […]


I was scrolling on Twitter to see what people liked about being Malaysian in view of our National Day yesterday, and the two items that popped up were “good food” and “public holidays”. Ah, you can’t deny there’s a lot of truth there LOL! But speaking of Malaysian food, here’s something quite quintessentially Malaysian and […]


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