Make Up For Ever

Liquid foundation was something I came into late in my makeup life. I came into makeup late in life as it was, but that’s a story for another day. When I discovered liquid foundations that were actually comfortable on my skin without looking like I was headed to the Beijing Opera, I couldn’t stop. I […]


When I was down in Melbourne visiting Tine last year, we spent most of the cool afternoons at home, chatting about various topics from blogging to makeup and we got to reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Thing is, I’ve known Tine quite a while from early blogging and beauty days so we had a […]


The assignment for a vamp lip had me quaking in my flipflops. I like deep lipsticks but I don’t wear many of them. I prefer going for something bright, which might be something to do with our tropical weather. Its not as fun (and sometimes, not as flattering) to wear something deep, dark and mysterious […]


Ladies, I’m not one to advocate joining gangs – makes me want to don a baseball cap back to front and wear massive bling. But I have recently been invited to join one and like many gangs, its hard to say no especially when they are persistent They call themselves the Lipstick Bandits but the […]


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