Ok not everyone will appreciate the water woes I’m currently experiencing, but after I put you on the spot early this week and asked if you’d collect enough water for a shower or to wash your face if you could only choose one, the dreaded event happened – I came home after a long day […]


Last month, I was given an unexpected privilege by Olay to join a few other Asian bloggers in Sydney, Australia. I didn’t quite share any travel tales from there because I actually didn’t have many! It was a very busy 2 days there working and despite it being Summer, Sydney was hit by a cold […]


A week ago, I was invited by a friend to go sip some Cointreau (pronounced ‘kwan-trou’) and find out a little more about it. It was a purely social event but I had so much fun, I thought heck, let’s just blog it anyway. Partly because it’s fun to not have obligations to blog about […]


Goodness me! Beauty and fashionistas in Malaysia have been so spoilt recently with the introduction of so many new and popular beauty and fashion brands, I’m so afraid to wake up and find out it’s a dream LOL Pinch me! On second thoughts, don’t pinch me. I bruise easily. The newest brand I’m aware of […]


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