Hand Cream

Ok those of you who travel, or rather, fly around a lot, do you have any inflight beauty essentials? You know those beauty items that you make sure you have with you in the cabin, no matter what? I usually carry my whole toiletries kit on board the plane actually. I just make sure that […]


Do you have one? A bedtime routine, that is. I’m sure you do, one way or another 😀 It may be beauty related, or it may not. Maybe it involves you catching up on the news of the day? I was thinking about it one evening, while getting ready for bed. I go to bed […]


Hand creams. Not my forte. That’s what I told The Love Jars when I was offered the Yes! Nurse Hand Cream to try. Next to eye creams, hand creams take second prize for products I should use but don’t. Please tell me I’m not alone! But I’ve been trying to be good to my hands […]


Just when I openly declare love for a hand cream, suddenly I get inundated with hand creams from different brands proclaiming that they will quite easily convince me to love them too LOL! Its funny isn’t it? Maybe I should start declaring my love for the Chanel Classic Flap. Wonder if anyone will start inundating […]


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