This year, due to various circumstances, which includes the lack of good food near work, and the rising prices of food, especially at the hawkers, I decided to make it a point to bring my lunches to work. I used to a while ago, but as with a lot of things, it didn’t last as […]


Ok, who doesn’t enjoy eating fried chicken? You don’t? Oh dear, I don’t think we can be friends anymore I enjoy a good, old school fried chicken that is basically no-frills and easy to marinade and when tossed into hot oil, emerges as golden brown, fragrant comfort food goodness. Ah! 😀 I made this just a few […]


When I was a kid, I remember being force-fed a foul smelling white emulsion that I came to fear and run away from the minute I see the bottle appear. Hands up if you too were averse to Scott’s Cod Liver Oil Emulsion 😛 The minute I could assert my rights, I refused to take […]


I haven’t been keeping up with my Scrumptious Weekend posts have I? It’s partly to do with a change in approach and time at my end, but also because I haven’t had very note-worthy scrumptious eats lately. I do share a lot of them on Instagram as some of you would have undoubtedly noticed 😀 […]


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