I haven’t been keeping up with my Scrumptious Weekend posts have I? It’s partly to do with a change in approach and time at my end, but also because I haven’t had very note-worthy scrumptious eats lately. I do share a lot of them on Instagram as some of you would have undoubtedly noticed However, […]


A week ago, I was invited by a friend to go sip some Cointreau (pronounced ‘kwan-trou’) and find out a little more about it. It was a purely social event but I had so much fun, I thought heck, let’s just blog it anyway. Partly because it’s fun to not have obligations to blog about […]


My timing was so “good” that when I got back last week, it was quite late at night and I fell headlong into work the next day and was pretty busy the whole week. So, unpacking has been slow and you know how that’s like right? Slack off for a bit to unpack and suddenly […]


Sigh. This was supposed to have gone up yesterday but you know how it is with technology. You never know when it’ll trip you up and leave you with egg on your face! That said, maybe it was providential because I actually didn’t have a post scheduled for today haha! Guess it all works out […]


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