Cleansing Oil

I’d had a hectic event-filled last weekend, with a good friend’s wedding on one day and my little nephew’s first birthday party on the other. I think I need a weekend after that weekend! It was the first time in a long time that I’d worn makeup every single day of a week, late into […]


I have a thing for cleansing oil and face oils. For the former, I have been using a cleansing oil for years to remove makeup and daily grime, and for the latter, I find that some face oils are much better for me than using a face cream. Contrary to popular belief, cleansing oils and […]


When I last reviewed a cleansing oil I mentioned that it wasn’t much good at removing my waterproof eye makeup, but that I was not terribly fussed about it, because I no longer use cleansing oils around my eye area. Instead, these days, I use a separate eye makeup remover before using a cleansing oil […]


The number of cleansing oils I’ve dabbled in is mind boggling (read about all the cleansing oils I’ve tried here if you have the time  ). The number grows day after day because I’m always a little curious about the cleansing oils out there. But how did I fall into this trap then? Let’s start at […]


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