Cleansing Gel

I remember Jurlique as the lovely smelling store, in the top floor of a local mall (MidValley Megamall). Whenever I walked past, I’d be sure to pause, take a huge sniff of the lovely smell of essential oils wafting out the front door, and then go on my way feeling that little bit more relaxed. […]


Everytime I see the name “Juliet” my brain immediately tags on “Romeo and…” in front of it. I can’t help it. Its like when someone says “Jerry” and I think “Ben and…” Can’t help it! Please tell me I’m not alone. This Juliet however, isn’t part of a tragic love story. In fact, I have […]


I’ve been battling breakouts (I know! At my age! ) which are thankfully subsiding, and I’m starting to look normal again. But when I mentioned it in my previous post, some readers suggested using witch hazel. A lightbulb went off in my head and I went home to dig around my cupboard of goodies. I […]


Do you like using foaming cleansers? I love them. I derive great satisfaction from squeezing the nozzle and seeing a big dollop of foam in the palm of my hand Please tell me I’m not alone LOL! The latest one I’ve been using (and almost finishing up) is this Clarifying Foam from French Organic brand […]


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