Body oil

Hello beauty buffs! Well, you must be a beauty buff, since you’re reading this blog that’s mostly about beauty, right? I am a self-confessed beauty buff and I love all these little pampering things we have and use for our skins – makeup, skincare, shower gels… Yet, there are some products I don’t really care […]


Regular readers will know how attached I am to using body oils. So attached, I even made my case out for them. They are the only body moisturisers I use. Not lotions, butters or creams. I hate those. But I love a good body oil. I also know my tastes in body oils run to […]


Now who hasn’t heard that I love body oils? None of you regular ‘uns I’d warrant For the uninitiated, I am a huge huge fan of body oils and any body oil that even remotely looks interesting ends up in my ever growing collection, one way or another. I do use them daily so they don’t […]


Body oils. I am a huge huge fan! I can’t bear using body lotions, but am happy to slather on oils because my skin just feels so darned good (and I smell so darned good) thereafter. I presently have 4 bottles by my bedside – a delicious buffet of oils to choose from every night before […]


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