Body oil

If you know anything about me by now, it’s that I love using oils; be they for the face or for the body. They help my dry skin stay more supple and moist, and for my body, absorb better without ever feeling sticky or greasy, unlike lotions (I don’t use body lotions in general) I […]

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I’m not crazy about almonds if I’m to be perfectly honest. I don’t like that Asian favourite of Almond Jelly desserts (I’m not alone am I? ) and I don’t like the scent of almonds. But there’s one almond product I like and that’s the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil. Mmm… Pity I’ve run out for […]


Hello beauty buffs! Well, you must be a beauty buff, since you’re reading this blog that’s mostly about beauty, right? I am a self-confessed beauty buff and I love all these little pampering things we have and use for our skins – makeup, skincare, shower gels… Yet, there are some products I don’t really care […]


Regular readers will know how attached I am to using body oils. So attached, I even made my case out for them. They are the only body moisturisers I use. Not lotions, butters or creams. I hate those. But I love a good body oil. I also know my tastes in body oils run to […]


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