I’m back from my short little break (too short if you ask me!) and it’ll take me a while to get back into the swing of things, work included! Can you say backlog?! 😛

Anyway, where was I? HONG KONG! 😀

Shopping in HK

Land of the food and the shopping! I ate a LOT (I’m very sure I’ve put on a kilo or two) and I walked a LOT (my legs are still hurting) but surprisingly enough, I did not shop as much as I hoped to. Lots of sales were on but nothing caught my eye. I will write more about the shopping to be found in Hong Kong soon in the weeks to come, including a treatise on the makeup to be found in HK (based on memory). In the meantime, here’s my not very large haul:- Continue Reading ►


I’d never heard of this phrase “tightlining” until about a year ago. Before this, lining your eyelids or lashes to me, meant lining above your lashes. This was the method I used when using gel eyeliner, as I have shown in a previous post on how to use a gel eyeliner.

However, I’d read a lot of raves about a method of lining your lashes called “tightlining” which was supposed to give the illusion of bigger more natural looking eyes. Anything that can make my eyes look bigger is great! So, I decided to try it out.

The theory is simple. Get your eyeliner as close to your lashes as humanly possible to fill in the gaps (if you don’t already have thick lashes). This technique works better I feel, for ladies with lashes that are more sparse or who have light coloured lashes. The most popular way of tightlining is from UNDER the lashes. Be warned of huge scary eye pictures after the jump! 😉 Continue Reading ►


This is a Guest Post by the gorgeous Nikki of Askmewhats

PB says: I don’t write enough about hair because I have shortish hair and I keep it that way because I’m unimaginative and a klutz and lazy. But if you have long hair, Nikki has a great tip for easy sexy curls and I can imagine someone with medium length hair might give this one a whirl too! I know might some day! Enjoy!

(Nikki Says: Different hair types and textures react differently, I suggest to give this a test drive first before and understand how your hair reacts before doing this before a big event/party)

I have been creating my own waves/curls for special occasions and I never use a curling iron or rollers. What do I use? My lovely fingers and clips and of course, practice and patience! Here’s how:

Steps for creasing easy sexy curls

Steps for creasing easy sexy curls

Step 1: Use any curling booster that works for you. (especially for hair who’s got it’s own mind)

Step 2: Apply curling booster all over your hair making sure all areas are covered

Step 3: Grab a section of your hair and wrap it around your fingers. (2 fingers, 3 fingers, depending how big the curls you want to create)

Step 4: Remove your finger from the “rolled” hair holding it tight Continue Reading ►


Just a quick update from the airport.

The Body Shop Deadly Desire Fall 2008 collection is retailing as follows:-

Eyeshadow Duo: RM55

Blush: RM79

Just got Dune Pink and the Grey eyeshadow duo. Gorgeous! I was told they are due to launch only on 29 August 2008 and that they do not qualify for the tiered discounts. Check with the store. I got them to sell it to me from their stock despite it not being launched! :)

Happy weekend!


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