I realise I might have been writing quite a lot about higher end brands lately. Whilst I don’t consider myself a beauty snob, the higher end products are in many ways prettier and more attractive – so are their prices.

At the same time, I have wondered how do the lower end products fare? I embarked on an experiment with fellow beauty fan Beetrice of Beetrice Reviews to check out some eyeshadows in the lower price end of the spectrum.

First of all, let me define my idea of lower end. I was targetting eyeshadows in the RM25 and below range. This takes us into the realm of pretty dirt cheap, if you ask me! I wanted to see what I could find in this price bracket and how the products fare. We ended up with 3 – Elianto, Skin Food and Bloop. We considered Beautilicious but scrapped it due to bad experiences on both our parts and there were some other brands I spotted in Watsons (mostly) but I was not prepared to try them because I did not know a lot about them and they looked too much like knock offs of other brands. We basically played safe and stuck to more mainstream low end brands.

I’m starting off my review series with Elianto Shimmer Shadow in Forest Green.

elianto Cheap and Good? Elianto Shimmer Eyeshadow

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I haven’t had official word of NARS coming to Malaysia yet, so we are still waiting. The most popular blush colour form NARS has to be Orgasm. It is truly a cult classic. Many people I know love it but I also know of many who don’t like it because they find it too shimmery or too pink.

NARS Orgasm is in fact a shimmery pink-peach shade. I say pink-peach because I think it applies on me looking more pink than peach. The peach tones are just enough to temper it so it doesn’t look too pink going on. The shade is rather medium-light so if you have fair-medium skin, I’d say it’ll show up. However, if you are tanned or have darker skintone, all you might get is shimmer. That said, I have never noticed Orgasm going on highly shimmery. For me, its just nice so I suppose its to do with your own level of comfort.

If you are on a budget or have no access to NARS Orgasm, which brand or blush colour is a NARS Orgasm dupe or lookalike? Here are a few I have compiled from my own collection.

orgasm Lets find some Nars Orgasm Dupes!

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Quite a long time ago, I wrote about my experience with The Natural Source products. In a nutshell, I was underwhelmed so I never went back to the store. In my experience, it was not just one item that bugged me, but a few so after a while, I just reckoned that it was a line that did not work for me.

Anyway, I got an email just a few days ago from The Natural Source (TNS). Apparently, they had come across my old rants and decided to clear the air. So, here is the email I received from TNS.

email The Natural Source answers

I told them I’d put it up so you my dear readers can make your own judgments. If it helps clear the air for you, good. icon wink The Natural Source answers


There is only so much makeup shopping a girl can do before the wardrobe needs updating too! I’m quite lucky to work in an environment where I can omit power suits and blazers in our hot Malaysian weather. Instead, I can stroll into my office looking as pulled together or as casual as I like – lucky eh? icon wink Affordable fashion at Peoples ... Egg boutique, Bangsar

One place I’ve frequented time and time again for clothes is a boutique in Bangsar known as People’s… Egg. I have no idea why it is called that. I reckon its named after the 2 lines of clothes available in the store – People’s and Egg I spoke to the designer/owner, Angus, once and he told me that they only sell a few pieces of each design as the rest are exported. So, I’d say it is pretty unique stuff you can find there.

egg Affordable fashion at Peoples ... Egg boutique, Bangsar

People’s Egg is located in the Telawi area of Bangsar, on the same row as McDonalds and is next to the other fashion place, Blook. Continue Reading ►


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