Women are a vain lot aren’t we? We love making ourselves look beautiful and why not? :) One of the most ego-boosting beauty things a woman can do is to go to a hair salon. Don’t tell me you never step out of a hair salon with a little spring in your step and a toss of your newly coiffured hair as you admire yourself in every plate glass window you come across? Or maybe its just me lol… :)

I managed to work out how to look like I just stepped out a salon right in the comfort of my own home. The secret for me – blow drying my hair.

I’m blessed with straight hair that has lots of volume and holds it shape well. However, when I air-dry my hair, I find that it loses some of the volume and has a horrible tendency to stick out in any old direction, especially at the ends. This isn’t a very professional look at work. I’m all for air-drying your hair naturally. Its good for your hair and doesn’t dry it out and damage it. However, I find that a little blast of hot air can do wonders.

Blow dry your hair into shape before air drying

To combat the messy hair look, I do this:-

  • Towel dry the hair to remove excess water.
  • Comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles
  • Tilt your head down and blow dry the hair starting at the roots and along the hair shaft until semi dry (I use my fingers to roughly separate the hair)
  • Blow dry the hair back into shape using a barrel brush (round brush) at the ends
  • Air dry naturally until fully dry.

When I do this, I can go to bed and wake up with hair that retains its shape and style. I can then comb or style and go without further touch ups in the morning. If I don’t do this, I look like I just got into a cat fight, with hair sticking in every direction. I also find it harder to get hair back into control once its dried into a strange shape and believe me, I’ve had my share of strangely shaped hair. You can read more tips here.

Why does blow drying make hair look better?

I reckon its the introduction of air which provides “lift” at the roots. I was inspired by this thought one day as I was baking an apple tart and watching the pastry rise. Just as heat causes puff pastry to rise and puff out, so too does heat cause our hair to “lift” itself up and hold its shape. Think of a souffle and I think its the same idea. Can you tell I love my food too? 😉 Anyway, I hope my theory is right. Continue Reading ►


I’ve mentioned the Make Up For Ever Eye Seal numerous times throughout my site but have never really reviewed this product. Like many other Make Up For Ever products, this is one product that works well for me. It is also one of the easiest ways to learn how to tightline your eyes.

Make Up For Ever Eye Seal

Eye Seal is a product by Make Up For Ever that seals your eye makeup colour and help keeps it waterproof. It miraculously transforms any and all powder eyeshadows into budge-proof eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Eye Seal comes in a little translucent bottle that looks rather like a bottle of eye drops. For this, although its practical and useful, I would dock some points because it looks too much like a bottle of eye drops. I dare not think of what might happen if someone accidentally drops this solution into their eyes!

The liquid is clear and watery. One little drop is all you really need for its magic to work. I use the back of my hand as my palette (because I’m lazy to wash up after every use). Drop a drop of eye seal on the back of the hand, saturate your eyeshadow or eye liner brush with it, dip into the loose powder eyeshadow or brush onto pressed powder eyeshadow and apply on lids.

The colour of the eyeshadow takes on a brighter more intense hue and the shimmer becomes more pronounced. This is especially so with loose powder eyeshadows like the Star Powder. The Eye Seal seals the eyeshadow, making it waterproof, budgeproof and intense. It is easily removed with your usual makeup remover.

I don’t use Eye Seal for eyeshadows however. I use it instead for creating colourful eye liners and for tightlining my eyes. Instead of buying glitter or coloured eyeliners, I just create my own using Make Up For Ever Eye Seal and my eyeshadow colour of choice. I prefer using the more shimmery shades like Star Powders. This allows me to play with colours and experiment to my hearts content using products I already have instead of cluttering my up drawers with coloured eyeliners I might only ever use once or twice.

On a tip off from reader Monstro, I applied Eye Seal with a brush over the liner from Stila Convertible Eye Color that I complained smudged on me, and voila! No more smudgies! At least its now usable instead of just sitting away in my stash. Continue Reading ►


I only picked up one item from the new Rimmel counter in Kuala Lumpur and many concerned readers wondered what was wrong with me. Ah the wonders of a reputation eh? 😉 Joking aside, the reason why I bought only one lipstick was because I’d spent the rest of my money buying the Majolica Majorca stuff for the giveaway. So, watch out when I get back to the Rimmel counter!

Rimmel Gloss Maxx lipstick

The one lipstick I got was the Rimmel London Gloss Maxx lipstick which I found on the Japan website for Rimmel. It doesn’t seem to be available on the other Rimmel sites in the world and part of the label is in Chinese/Japanese so I’d safely say this is a Rimmel Asia Exclusive! And boy! Do I like this one!

The Rimmel Gloss Maxx lipstick is, as the name suggests, a gloss-lipstick. The texture is sheer and shiny like a gloss but wears like a lipstick. I took a couple of swatches of a few colours at the counter before deciding on 001.

Rimmel Gloss Maxx lipstick

Most of the colours are on the sheer and light side with 001 being one of the darkest shades. Of course, I had to pick the one in the reddest tone. I love red lipstick! #4 was nice too being of a more coral tone. I might need that some day. You can see in the picture on the right what I mean about the lipstick being sheer.

Swiped on once, its quite light. Swipe on a second time and you get a darker variation of colour which is nice. Its like having 2 lipsticks for the price of just one! Continue Reading ►


I received a whopping 61 entries for this contest and I am truly gratified! Malaysian entries totally outstripped the ones from the rest of the world but I’m thrilled that there at least 20 entries from all over the world! :)

Majolica Majorca eyeshadow and gloss

Anyway without further ado, here are the winners for the Majolica Majorca Giveaway from Malaysia and The World as picked by random.org. Continue Reading ►


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