04591080801 Review: Skincare: Kanebo Blanchir Whitening Smoothing Conditioner

 Review: Skincare: Kanebo Blanchir Whitening Smoothing Conditioner

I was told about the Kanebo Blanchir Whitening Smoothing Conditioner ( Medicated ) Review: Skincare: Kanebo Blanchir Whitening Smoothing Conditioner when I visited my regular Kanebo salon for my facial. Its not a new product but its new to me and is recommended for oily skin.

The Blanchir Smoothing Conditioner is actually a treatment. It absorbs oil and mattifies the skin and helps to smooth and skin and reduce pore sizes. Its recommended for night use only and is supposed to help the skin control oil production too. It is only to be applied where needed – usually on the forehead and nose or the T-zone.

Does it mattify? Yes it does. It also makes your skin feel super smooth where you apply it. However, I don’t quite know about the pore reduction and I stopped using it after a while.

However, I’ve since discovered a new use for this cream – pimple cream! Seriously, its one of the best pimple creams I’ve ever come across! One tiny dab of this cream on an inflamed pimple and the next day, its either gone or reduced and the redness is gone. I think its to do with how it dries up the skin around it. You don’t end up with flaky skin like what you get with regular pimple creams like clearasil or oxy – just normal smooth skin with no pimples. Awesome!

Used as a pimple cream, it would take forever to finish so price wise its pretty good. However, it’d be too expensive to buy it just to cure pimples.

Pros: Wonderful for curing pimples, mattifies and smoothens skin

Cons: Expensive


Stay beautiful,

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I picked up a brochure for the L’oreal True Match Mineral Foundation at the pharmacy just a few days ago. This new commercial mineral powder foundation has just launched here in Malaysia with a promotional price of RM60+ or so. That’s pretty expensive when I know of some really nice mineral foundations from etailers that retail for much less.

However, the brochure was great because there were nice pictures showing how to apply mineral powder foundation. The product is the L’oreal mineral powder foundation but just ignore that and follow the procedure with any mineral foundation and a kabuki brush.

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I do use a method similar to this to apply my Lumiere mineral foundation.

I’m not getting the L’oreal mineral foundation though. I tested it in Singapore at the end of last year when they launched and I did not like it. The brush felt stiff and poked my face and the powder was cakey and thick no matter how much I tapped off. I’m no stranger to using mineral powder foundation and I just did not like the texture of L’oreal’s. I’ve read people’s comments saying that it isn’t a true mineral foundation because of its ingredients but I’m no expert on that so I’ll refrain from comment.

Does this help you?

Stay beautiful,

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item base014 Review: Makeup: Canmake Loose Cheek blush powderI saw these tubs of Canmake Loose Cheek blush powder in Sasa and I immediately fell in love with them. Which girl can pass up the adorable clear lucite tubs with the cute little puff nestled within? They are like mini tubs of Kanebo T’estimo’s layer loose powder blush.

This is a loose powder blush. From experience, loose powder blushes can be tricky to handle if they are pigmented. This is because just a little dab can leave you with clown cheeks. So, the fact that the Canmake powder blush is sheer has its benefits.

I tested Baby Pink, Rose Pink and Orange. Baby Pink is a very light pink colour with slight shimmer. It hardly shows up on my skin and would only suit the very fair in my view.

Rose Pink is a medium pink shade with gold toned shimmer. This one appeals to me because it is a slightly shimmery peachy shade on my skin. It reminds me of T’estimo’s PK20 loose powder blush which I missed buying and I’m happy to have a cheap option at my disposal. Orange was just orange. It would probably suit those with tanned skin but only made me look bruised and strange.

The loose powder blush comes in a little tub with the softest cutest powder puff you will find in a beauty store. There is a sifter so all you need to do is hold the puff against the sifter and turn the tub over a few times so the colour gets onto the puff. Then tap it against your hand to disperse the colour and only then pat it on your face. It is sheer so it makes for less mistakes and you can layer it on for more intensity. A tub of Canmake loose cheek powder costs RM36.90.

Now who said that cheap was not good?

Pros: Cheap, sheer, cute packaging

Cons: Wears off faster


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Fashion goes round and round like a merry go round. Its not unusual to have fashion looks from bygone years making a reappearance in the present. Flip through the fashion mags, and one thing is clear – vintage is cool because vintage is about being unique.

Rachel of Xtralicious contacted me recently. Xtralicious is a boutique owned by Rachel, that specialises in vintage inspired fashion. I really like that gold kimono top and black pants look above. I would wear the top (Betty – S$28) with a slimmer set of pants so I don’t look so flowy; and I’d wear the flowy pants (culottes! – S$39) with a more fitting top. Being short has its disadvantages but I think this would create a bit of a modern twist to a vintage outfit. They sell vintage inspired jewelry and accessories too to complete your look.

Xtralicious is based in Singapore (Hi neighbour!) and prices quoted are in Singapore dollars. They do ship internationally and accept paypal, so that’s a bonus for international shoppers looking for an inexpensive vintage-inspired deal. It might be helpful to give an approximate idea of shipping costs for international shipping so buyers have an idea what to expect.

You know, that pant suit has really fired my imagination now! icon razz Xtralicious vintage inspired fashion store

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