Other than Silkygirl’s new offerings, I spotted another new item in L’oreal’s display case – the L’oreal Star Secrets Makeup Kit. This is essentially a cardboard palette containing an eyeshadow trio, blush and lipstick and comes with an applicator.

I dug around for hours online but an online search yielded no information or pictures except this one I found on a Thai website/blog on Bloggang. I cannot read nor communicate in Thai and I don’t know if there’s a name, so I hope she doesn’t mind that I borrowed her photos.

loreal secrets New Loreal Star Secrets Makeup Kit Palette

In real life, the palettes are very slim and handy and are about the size of a little notepad. The colours aren’t very spectacular though, and there are 3 colours available here in Malaysia – the 2 above and another that I cannot recall. Continue Reading ►


I was out trawling the malls over the weekend which is something I haven’t had the time to do for a long while. I also wanted to check out something from the pharmacies when my eye was caught by some new stuff at the Silkygirl counter.

Silkygirl Perfect Cover Concealer

3b0ddb41 New from Silkygirl : Liquid Foundation, Shimmer Blush and Stick Concealer

A new creamy stick concealer from Silkygirl. The Perfect Cover concealer comes in 2 shades – Light 01 and Medium 02. I found that Light 01 was light, but a little yellow. It was very creamy though – so creamy that it felt like it was melting! It was slightly thick and I reckon it might conceal marks and discolouration better than dark eye circles. At RM14.90 I might try it one day especially since there’s a promotional price of RM12.90 now.

Skin Perfect Liquid Foundation Continue Reading ►


A while ago, I itched to get something from Benefit Cosmetics, but I balked at paying the high prices we pay here in Malaysia. Yet, I did not have enough in my shopping cart to warrant the free international shipping with purchases of $100 and above. So, I contacted a few friends to share in a bulk order, and 2 weeks ago, our order was placed.

benefit Shopping at Benefit Cosmetics Online

Here are my goodies from Benefit Cosmetics which I received a couple of days ago. Shipping from the USA took just about 2 weeks to Malaysia from the date of the order which I found speedy enough. Also, I was entitled to free shipping since the total purchase exceeded $100. I was glad because the shipping would have cost me $27+ otherwise! Continue Reading ►


Not many skincare products from The Body Shop thrill me. I used to use their Vitamin E cream but it did not work out for me after a while. So, when I first read about how effective The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost was, I was quite sceptical. So sceptical in fact that I only checked it out in the store and put it back because I wasn’t sure the silicone feel would work for me.

skinboost Review: Skincare: The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost

A couple of years later, I came across this glowing review on the Vitamin C Skin Boost on Beetrice’s Reviews and something in me snapped. I had to try it!

What this Vitamin C Skin Boost does is to give a boost to the skin of your face. It promises to brighten the face, improve elasticity, neutralise free radicals and soften skin and restore suppleness and strengthens the skin’s natural defence system. All very lofty claims indeed. But what is it really? Continue Reading ►


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