The poll is over and we have the winners of the Maybelline Contest!

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Congratulations RINNAH for winning the grand prize of a Maybelline Water Shine 3D Collagen lipstick, mascara and a mystery gift (which will be from me)!

NKP, Eliz, Wearenogorillas and Natallie will receive a Water Shine 3D Collagen lipstick each.

But I tell you what, I’m feeling generous and you girls were all such sports, I’m going to give the other 3 finalists a lipstick anyway! icon smile Maybelline Contest Winner! How about that eh? No losers, all winners!!


Now, contact me at mwsgiveaways(at) with your name and mailing address and I will get your prizes out to you when I get some time off.


stilapromo 14 years of Stila Cosmetics   and you get the freebies!

I cannot believe that Stila Cosmetics is 14! Was it only yesterday that I found out that Jeanine Lobell (Founder of Stila) was the wife of Anthony Edwards (of ER fame)? Well apparently not, because they have now been around for 14 years – first as an independant company, then as part of the Estee Lauder family and after they were sold by Estee Lauder in 2006, they are now under a company called Sun Capital Partners Inc.

I’m just happy that someone is keeping Stila going because it would be a pity to have this brand die out on us. For me, Stila has always embodied everything that’s girly and pretty. Interestingly it doesn’t show in their packaging (to me) which is quite staid but who can resist falling in love with the “Stila Girls” artwork? I do wish they’d bring them back. They were adorable! Continue Reading ►


94237889 Does your skin look better when you are ill?

I hope I’m not the only one thinking that my skin actually looks better when I’m ill as opposed to when I’m well! Whatever blemishes seem to have lightened and its looking pretty smooth.

I reckon its all those white cells doing their job fighting the bacteria and viruses attacking the body. The side effect of the internal war raging in the body is that all those wonderful white cells are also fighting the bacteria on my skin! icon smile Does your skin look better when you are ill? So I’m enjoying the nice smooth skin of the moment sans healthy glow unfortunately. Continue Reading ►


681402f7 Would you wear a colour that doesnt quite suit you?

L-R: La Femme Fuschia, Stila, Stila Jezebel, La Femme Copper

In the course of experimenting with makeup, I’ve picked up some colours which I have now realised aren’t quite suitable for me.

Examples of such colours are orange, bronze, brown, warm golds, purples and any colour with a red base. Such colours make me look tired and drawn, no matter how well blended or how expertly applied. This is one of the reasons why I couldn’t wear the Estee Lauder Fall 2008 palettes. I actually had a makeover once where I specifically requested that purple eyeshadow be used on me. The makeup artist was good, but I still looked drawn and bruised.

Yet, I have such colours in my eyeshadow collection and now and then, I still wear them. Why? Continue Reading ►


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