Poire mobile phone pouch

While surfing online, I stumbled upon these adorable looking mobile phone pouches from Poire (pronounced p-wah-r – its French for pear) and I absolutely fell in love with them for cute factor. They hang onto the inside of your bag from the handle and make it easy for you to access your mobile phone.

From what I see, its suitable mostly for tote bags without zips only because any other bag with a zip just wouldn’t cut it since it hangs from the handle. The plump little shape is modelled after a pear (hence its name) and it comes in lots of adorable designs.

Poire is carried by Superplanning, the same company that does the Rootote. There are a couple of designs but these 2 caught my eye the most – the first for bling factor (Yen 1260) and the second (Yen 1050) for the makeup maven in us all :)

Poire mobile phone pouch

Based on the pictures, it looks to fit most smaller phones only or flip top phones which are popular in Japan. I guess that rules out users of Nokia N Series and E Series of which I hope soon to be family :) Don’t you agree they look adorable?

Aside: I survived preparing a slap up dinner for 8! We had roast chicken (I found turkey way too expensive) and the works even down to Christmas plum pudding. Slaved away the whole day yesterday but it was worth it! 😀


I’m supposed to be back at work but I’m still lazing away. Jingle bells are still in the air and I’m ambitiously cooking a slap up post-Christmas meal this weekend when my family visits! Fun? Definitely! 😛 So, lots of planning and grocery shopping to be done.

So, what did you get for Christmas? I got a whole bunch of useful things from various friends. I had great fun opening up presents which I’d never expected to get and thinking “Aww… its so cute!” and “Oh, its so me!” at every gift I unwrapped. 😀

I didn’t quite plan on a big purchase, but I did get myself something for Christmas as a personal reward – A Celine Boogie bag! Woohoo! 😀

Celine Denim Boogie

The design is from 2007and I got it for a very good price at a recent sale. I’ve always lusted after the Celine Boogie bag but the leather versions are about RM5xxx and up and at that sort of prices, I’d be gunning for a Chanel 2.55. So, denim it had to be. I’m still in the honeymoon phase, where everything’s rosy and perfect but I’m sure I’ll have my grouses soon enough – the main one being how vulnerable it must be toting around a bag that is open to prying hands. Still, its looking good for now. :)

Hope you had a good Christmas and a good holiday break!


Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas

Wishing all readers of My Women Stuff a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! 😀

To everyone from whom I received gifts from (you all know who you are! 😉 ) it has been very unexpected and I thank you all so much. I have been very good and restrained myself from opening all of them until Christmas Eve – I don’t know how I did it but I did! I am very gratified at all your thoughtfulness and generosity so, thank you all! *HUGS*

Hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays! I’m just lazing about at home, catching up on sleep and domestic chores – ah! I love holidays, don’t you? :)


On my last trip to Singapore, I picked up a Sana Ho Jun Ki Royal Jelly Cleansing Oil from Sasa. I have a penchant for trying out new cleansing oils of the low end variety even if I know full well that my holy grail is the Kanebo Blanchir Make Off Conditioner, which is the cleansing oil from the Kanebo Blanchir line. Still, I can’t stop myself experimenting.

Sana Ho Jun Ki Cleansing Oil

Anyway, I picked up the Sana Ho Jun Ki oil cleanser because I was intrigued by the fact that it is supposed to contain royal jelly. Also, the packaging looked pretty, even if I later found out that it was just the printing on the label.

There is no fragrance in the Sana oil cleanser so that’s good. However, a quick perusal of the label on the back of the bottle stopped me in my tracks a little. The label clearly stated that the Sana cleansing oil contains mineral oil. Now, we know that mineral oil can irritate many people’s skin so I was quite wary.

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