Christmas Giveaway

Wow, the entries are overwhelming! Thank you! Where on earth have all you silent readers been all along?! 😛

For now, the Rootote set and the Stage set are far and away getting the most entries but a couple of other sets are slightly lonely – Tiny Tapir set, the 2 L’oreal sets and the LovingMinerals set are 3 that you might strike gold at 😉

Anyway, some of you have started taking advantage of the bonus entry via your blogs. Just to let you know that due to a little confusion perhaps due to unclear instructions earlier, here is the updated set of instructions for blog bonus entries:-

  1. Write a post and link to my christmas giveaway post using the words “My Women Stuff Christmas Giveaway” in the body of your post. Please use the exact words as you see here and turn them into a link to the post. If you have a blog, you should be handy at this by now :) (You can access the post by clicking on the image on the sidebar)
  2. It need not be a dedicated post. So long as the words and links are there you qualify.
  3. Email me at mwsgiveaways (at) gmail (dot) com with your published blog post link and your chosen gift and your nick that you use to post the comment.

Comply with all these and I won’t harrass you further but will enter your bonus entry into the draw. As I’ll be busy in the coming days, I might miss your bonus entry if you don’t email me or if your entry doesn’t comply with the rules; and you don’t want that happening right? 😉

Good luck everyone and keep the entries coming in!


My sister recently had her wedding reception where yours truly was the bridesmaid and general dogsbody 😛 One of the most fun things I took part in was watching her transformation for the evening dinner reception. Her makeup was done by the wonderfully talented Zamri Zainol, Lancome’s Top National Makeup Artist who usually does magazine covergirls, models and actresses. I wonder if this is the first non-celebrity wedding makeup he has done! 😉 I want him for my wedding tooooooo!!!

Makeup by Zamri Zainol

Anyway, while he was making her up with a veritable portable Lancome counter, I sat and drooled and picked up some tips for evening makeup or evening makeup for brides. Here are 7 tips he shared that I will in turn share with you:-

  1. For more defined brows, pat in concealer to conceal your brows (if your brows are light and sparse) then, use a brow pencil or brow powder and brush to draw in a natural brow line. It gives a more defined look and you’ll need a defined look for photographs.
  2. For an evening reception you want to look as glamorous as you feel so concentrate your makeup on the eyes with dark shimmery eyeshadow and lots of liner and mascara to emphasize your eyes.
  3. Highlight your eye area and decolletage with fine shimmer. Under warm incandescent lighting, it will catch the light and you will look amazing.
  4. Use natural soft false eyelashes to enhance your eyes. Try to go with soft false eyelashes because they look more natural and in photos they will really enhance your eyes. Save the fancy falsies for fun times.
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Christmas Giveaway

Have you been good?

Have you been nice?

Santa is checking his list at least twice! This is the fun surprise I have been teasing all of you readers with the past 2 weeks. :)

Its coming up to the Christmas season and although I don’t celebrate it I love this time of year because its the end of year and always a more relaxing time at work! (This is in theory – this year I’ve been run off my feet at work!) However, I had the time to dream up and organize a CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY for all my readers!! I also love the winter but its broiling hot here in Malaysia – boo! :( Someone send me some snow?

So enough of the chatter – what is the My Women Stuff Christmas Giveaway?

The Christmas Giveaway

I wanted to give all you readers something nice for Christmas because everyone’s been so lovely and supportive all this time, but I can’t possibly give you ALL something (I’d be so broke!) so I thought I’d hold a little giveaway right here on My Women Stuff.

The Gifts

I contacted a few companies earlier to ask if they might be willing to sponsor a little gift for Christmas for my readers and to my surprise and absolute delight, most of them responded positively and very generously!! So there are a ton of wonderful gifts packaged and ready to go out to you! Gifts are sponsored by the lovely people at:-

Don’t you love them? I do *hugs*!!

On my part, my gift to you is

  • a Rootote filled with some Yuan and Soapy soaps and some other goodies! and
  • an Envirosax reusable grocery bag with Soapy soaps and some other surprise goodies :)

Due to time and weight factors (Some items are rather heavy) most items in this Christmas Giveaway are limited to those with a Malaysian mailing address only (as I’m the one doing the mailing and costs are coming out of my pocket!).

However, the gift sponsored by Anne Dundas Jewellery and the Envirosax Gift Set by me will be open to all readers worldwide (Malaysia included)! :) Feast your eyes on the gifts below!

Revlon Gift Set
Revlon Gift Set

Anne Dundas Earrings (open to international)
Anne Dundas Earrings

Stage Cosmetics Gift Set
Stage Cosmetics gift set

L’oreal Head to Toe Gift Set
Loreal gift 2

L’oreal Face and Hair Gift Set
Loreal gift 1

Tiny Tapir Nana Mays Gift Set
Tiny Tapir set

LovingMinerals Gift Set (will be sent by LovingMinerals)

LovingMinerals gift

Beautilicious Gift Set

Beautilicious Gift Set

Envirosax Gift Set (Open to International readers)
Envirosax set

Rootote Gift Set
Rootote Gift set

Each gift pack has a value of between RM80-200. Are you excited yet? :) Here’s how to enter. Please read carefully.

How to enter

To enter, leave a comment below in this post telling me where you are from and which gift set you will like to win and why. No need for an essay – even saying “Because I like it!” will do. I will then enter your name for drawing under the item you choose. Each person is entitled to just ONE entry so choose wisely! 😉 The winner will be drawn at random after the closing date. No purchase is necessary to take part! 😀

e.g. I’m from Antartica and I’d love to win the gift from Anne Dundas because even penguins love us a little bling.

To boost your chances of winning your chosen product, check the My Women Stuff feed you receive by email or in a feed reader. There will be a unique word/phrase in the feed that is NOT stated anywhere on this post. When you see it, email me the password at mwsgiveaways (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line “Christmas Giveaway” and the secret password and the gift you have chosen. I will then include your name under the item you have previously chosen. (You must use the same email address as you have used in the comment below or I will not be able to track your entry) (UPDATE: Unique word will start appearing Dec 2 onwards)

If you have not subscribed to my feed, you can still do so below or through the form on the right sidebar. If you subscribe for email updates you MUST verify your subscription or you won’t get updates. The unique password will be featured on the feed until the end of this contest and the word may change but you must only email me one time. (I told you subscribing to my feed has its advantages! 😉 )

Bonus Entry

EDIT: My earlier instructions don’t seem to have been very clear. Here’s the edited version.

If you have a blog, write about this giveaway and link to this post with the words “My Women Stuff Christmas Giveaway” using these exact words. The link and phrase must be in the body of your post and it need not be a dedicated post. Even a passing mention is fine. Then please email me at mwsgiveaways (at) gmail (dot) com with the link to your published post.

If you don’t email me, I might miss your post and you will lose out on the bonus entry. Please also use the words exactly as above in your link or I’ll not be able to grant you a bonus entry too.

More entries = more chances of winning your desired gift due to rules of probability and other hard mathematical statistical equations like that which tax my little brain. 😛

The Closing Date

The closing date for this giveaway is 6pm 15 December 2008 (Malaysian Time +8 GMT). I will close comments then and tabulate the entries and pick a random winner. I hope to get your gifts out as quickly as I can but I am just one person so do be patient if entries are many and I get bogged down.

Other Terms and Conditions (Please read)

  • This contest is open to all readers with a Malaysian mailing address only (except for the Anne Dundas Jewellery and Envirosax gift set which is open to the world including Malaysia).
  • Anyone can enter irrespective of whether you have won anything before.
  • If you win and have a blog, do write about it and let us know what you did with the prize. It’ll be fun for us to know.
  • You may only choose 1 item – leave one comment and/or email me the unique word one time only and/or write 1 blog post.
  • Please keep it clean and wholesome fun.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly via
  • Feel free to spread the word to your friends and family – the more the merrier! After all, Christmas is about sharing and caring!



… I got me one with a map of the city of Paris on it! 😀

Rootote Paris

See the Eiffel Tower! See the Arc de Triomphe! See just how cheesey it all is when I tell you I’m called Paris B! 😀

But no, my moniker was not the reason I got this – I do love Paris and I have been hankering so badly to go back its not funny. Maybe if I carry around a bag with a map of Paris on it and wish hard enough I might just find myself heading there soon? One can but hope…

This is my second Rootote after my first one I got the first time Tiny Tapir brought them in. These things are addictive! This one called “Capital” is in a 16oz sturdy cotton canvas which is different from my first Rootote which was polyester. Thus, this new one is more pliable and because its slightly more luxe, has a magnet closure which I find incredibly useful. The base and handles are smooth PVC. The handles feel a little shorter but it still slings comfortably. It was RM70.

Rootote Capital Paris Map

While I was in Tiny Tapir, I also saw another Rootote in Tuta which is even more lux. It is laminated so it is waterproof and I love the metallic silver/gold touches on the handles and trim. It is seriously cute and I was so torn when I had to walk off without getting it. I’m telling myself I can only have one so perhaps I’ll reserve that material for another time LOL… Now, will someone just go and buy it already so it doesn’t mock me every time I check out the site?! 😛


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