I took the day off on my birthday last week but did not have much planned for the day. I intended to mainly laze the day away before meeting my sister for dinner and what better way to laze your day away than at a spa? I however am “bored” of the many spas in town that offer the usual sauna, jacuzzi thing so when a friend suggested the Hammam Turkish Bath Spa at Bangsar Village II, I perked up. Now, this would be interesting!

Hammam Turkish Spa

Interesting it was indeed! I just wasn’t aware of how interesting it got!

Hammam is located at Bangsar Village 2 on the topmost floor – 3rd Floor. You might miss it if you walk by too fast as its quite unobtrusive. All you see in a wide expanse of ochre coloured wall and a door. It could be anything – a restaurant, a spa, an apothecary… but that is Hammam.

Hammam Turkish Spa

I was not quite sure what to expect but the therapist behind the simple reception counter nicely explained the various treatments on offer at Hammam. After I’d gotten over the initial shock at the prices (yes its expensive but I was there to indulge so I grit my teeth, felt a pang of pity for my bank account and got on with it) I was ready to choose my treatment package and start. I had the Imilchil Bridal Radiance Recipe (RM335) - no bride to be I am, but the idea of bringing a healthy glow to the skin attracted me. Continue Reading ►


About 2 weekends ago, I jetted off to Bangkok for 36 hours. It was impetous and it was a “pilgrimage” thing so it was something that needed to be done. Once the pilgrimage was out of the way, what else is there to do in Bangkok but eat and shop myself silly?! It did not help that most of the stores were on sale and the sales were ending just that week so there were lots of extra discounts! What is a girl to do but go a little nuts? :)

I did not quite though. I managed to show great restraint and only ended up with a couple of things.

Enough shower gels to keep me clean until my next trip to Bangkok!

Boots shower gel

Yes to Carrots was 50% off everything at Central World so I snagged the shower gel that would normally cost THB446 for THB223 (about RM23) for 500ml. I love the Boots Natural Collection line and although Wild Strawberry shower cream smelt rather sweet, I picked it up anyway. The Tea Tree Oil + With Hazel Foaming Face Wash was picked up from the bargain bin. Continue Reading ►


So I seem to have gained a bit of a reputation as a Blush Queen *adjusts my little tiara* ;) so, I thought it might be nice to share with you the story of my first blush.

My very first blush was a L’oreal Blush Delice blush in Rosy Cheeks. This was back in the days when I was young, foolish and had less choices than we do now. I had only one blush then and I used it every single day that I applied makeup. But I’m happy to say that the L’oreal Blush Delice blushes have to this day, remained one of my favourite blushes! (So I must have done something right!)

The texture of the L’oreal Blush Delice is par exellance and the shimmer is lovely but not over the top. I used to use the brush that was included in the package which served its purpose well, although it was a little hard to control some times. Incidentally, Rosy Cheeks is still my favourite colour of all the colours that have been released by L’oreal. It is the PERFECT rose pink and imparts the PERFECT colour to simulate blushing cheeks.

Yes, it was love then and it still is love now. And look, here’s a picture of the very first blush I have ever owned (and the very first blush I’ve ever nearly finished)!

L'oreal Blush Delice

The cover is broken but I keep it anyway and I use it from time to time. Its a reminder to me of what things used to be and how they should be i.e. I really should try to enjoy and finish up some of the stuff I have :)

Would you like to share your first blush story? Leave me a comment below. I’m sure we’ll all enjoy reading it. :)


I picked up the Etude House Eye Secret eyeshadow on a whim to make up a purchase of RM50. Its one of those things :P I was surprised however when I actually rather like it!

Etude House Eye Secret Eyeshadow

The Etude House Eye Secret eyeshadow is the one with the faceted surface and the metallic shimmery colours. As I previously said when I saw the Etude House collection, I preferred the look and feel of the Eye Secret to the Petit Darling eyeshadows. They felt nicer and looked better.

The colour I got was OR201 (Secret Orange). Now, don’t be turned off at the thought of orange eyeshadow. I used to be too. “Orange?! Who wears Orange Eyeshadow?!” I’d exclaim in horror. Ah, but now I do, because Secret Orange is NOT orange, but a lovely peach!

Here’s how to wear a light orange or peach eyeshadow - use it all over your lids to perk up tired looking eyes with a black shadow smudged near your lashline. Don’t ask me how, it just works. I wore it to work one day after staying up all night reading and I had people saying how fresh I looked even when I felt half dead.

Immediately, I felt Secret Orange endearing itself to me! Continue Reading ►


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