concealer Tips: The magic of Concealer and How to apply concealer

I discovered concealer by accident.

Someone had sent me a pan of Benefit Boi-ing Concealer Tips: The magic of Concealer and How to apply concealer but at the time, I was not so familiar with makeup, and had no idea what a Boi-ing was. So, I tossed it in my drawer and forgot about it, until one day when I came across it again. A quick Google search told me it was a concealer by Benefit Cosmetics and another quick Google search taught me how to apply concealer.

Voila! With concealer, my eye circles from late nights had magically disappeared! I looked fresh, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to tackle yet another daunting work day! icon smile Tips: The magic of Concealer and How to apply concealer Next, a dab on concealer on any blemishes or uneven pigmentation and suddenly, flawless skin!

Now, concealer is indispensable for me. Let me show you the difference having concealer on makes to the under eye area. Be warned, scary untouched up pictures ahead! Continue Reading ►


lavender Review: The Body Shop Relaxing Lavender shower gelI don’t shop much at The Body Shop. There are only a few things I like from there – the Tea Tree Oil face wash is fast becoming a necessity – and this shower gel is one of them.

The Lavender Body Wash by The Body Shop is one of the nicer lavender based body washes or shower gels I’ve tried.

I like the smell of lavender. It relaxes me especially if I’ve had a long day at work. So, having a nice lavender infused shower gel is really useful. The smell of lavender in this body wash from The Body Shop is strong and smells pure not powdery. I realised that pure lavender oil has a sharp but soothing smell, after purchasing a bottle of pure lavender essential oil from Australia once. It told me that those powdery smells I’d been smelling before weren’t quite 100% essential oil as claimed. Continue Reading ►


A while ago, I wrote about 5 beauty must not haves that I could happily live without, following on a tag from Tine at Beautyholics Anonymous. I said I’d break it up into 2 posts so it wasn’t so long. I didn’t forget.

stop Tips: 5 Skincare and Beauty Donts

So, here are my 5 Skincare and Beauty Don’ts – Things you should never do skincare or beauty wise.

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I am truly sorry if you have been coming by and getting some server error. I assure you its getting looked into so there should be no future problems.

To compensate, here’s some Guerlain Summer 2008 eye candy. Guerlain is giving skin a pearlescent sheen by having pearl illuminating products.

guerlain summer Guerlain Summer 2008   Illumination galore!

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