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I’m not that huge a fan of Coach but I do like some of their older leather collections. They were more affordable and the leather was super soft and supple and the designs were useable. I bought mine off ebay (don’t try it unless you are 100% confident of the seller) way before Coach came into Malaysia.

coach 1 Coach New Op Art Collection

However, I’ve realised that the recent Coach collections have stopped grabbing my interest and the newest Coach Op Art collection is grabbing my attention but in a whole different way.

In the new Coach Op Art collection, the iconic Coach C logo has lost its serifs and now look like broken circles all over the bag. Personally I’ve never been one for the Coach logo bags, but this looks odd for some reason. It looks like something went wrong.

And when I saw other related items in the Graphic Op Art design, I was even more amazed that they even thought to put it on anything other than a bag!

coach3 Coach New Op Art Collection

I’m afraid the new Op Art design and colours do nothing for me. It somehow reminds me of a sombre LeSportsac collection which is not what I associate with Coach at all.

However, I do rather like the shape of the new Coach Julianne bag (US$428). The shape looks roomy and practical although I’m not sure how practical the sateen body is. Still, the bag itself its a nice shape – pity about the print!

coach2 Coach New Op Art Collection

The Op Art Collection is already available at the Coach stores here in Malaysia. I stopped by to take a look at the Julianne and was happy to see that it came in a very practical all black sateen style (RM2025). The logo is less obvious and actually adds some character to the bag. The body of the bag is not structured but holds its shape well, and the fabric does feel and look nice. It is shiny but not over the top. I liked the fact the inside of the bag was a lovely lilac purple shade and it was not heavy. The handles and leather trim are shiny but understated patent leather. There is also an all leather version retailing at RM2,100. I really liked the Julianne in person, but for 2 things:- Continue Reading ►


I first read about the Chanel Tissages de Chanel blushes or commonly known as the Chanel Tweed Blush on Karen’s blog. It fired up my imagination. If I can never own an iconic Chanel tweed suit, I’d own the blush by golly!

chanelblush Chanel Les Tissages de Chanel Tweed Blush

The Chanel Les Tissages de Chanel Tweed blush is inspired by the Chanel Tweed suit of course. The blush is made with a matte base colour, then interlaced with silver and gold shimmer towards the surface. That, at least is the theory.

The practical side is totally different!

I finally had a chance to check out the Chanel Tweed Blush in person yesterday after reading and hearing about it for a while. I know Jojoba did not like it, and we chatted about it for a bit last weekend but I still had to see it. Its one of those things. icon smile Chanel Les Tissages de Chanel Tweed Blush

When I saw the Chanel Tweed blush in person, I was rather taken aback. It firstly was larger than I imagined (same size as the Irrelle Blush), and secondly, the bumpy surface threw me off a tad. Somehow, I thought it looked unfinished. This is because we are trained to think that a new makeup product always comes with a lovely smooth unmarked surface, not a surface that is bumpy with colours all mixed together any old how.

Testing the colour on the back of my hand, I found that it went on the skin sheer but with noticable shimmer and bits of glitter. What I like about Chanel Joues Constrate blushes is the present but understated shimmer. In the Tweed blush, the shimmer is obvious. Compared to the Joues Contraste blush, the Tweed Blush is much sheerer and requires you to build up the colour. Perfect if you have a light complexion, but not good if you are tanned. (Tweed Rose and Ambre do try to address those with more tanned skin)
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I did not know if I should categorize BB Creams (Blemish Balm Creams) under skincare or makeup so I left the category out from the title. Some people say that BB Creams are like skincare and so good for their skin. Others treat BB Creams as makeup. I would categorize it as makeup actually because it acts like a foundation and makeup base. And because its makeup, I don’t need a 1 month test period before I review! icon smile Review: Etude House BB Magic Cream

etude 1 Review: Etude House BB Magic Cream

Here’s my review on the Etude House BB Magic Cream which is the first BB Cream I’ve ever tried and the first Etude House product I’ve tried. So do bear in mind that I cannot compare this with any other brand of BB Cream in the market.

I found the packaging very cute and very strange. It comes in a soft plastic tube like a moisturizer or facial wash, but instead of being capped, it is capped off with a pump. In most cases, tubes don’t come with pumps and this is the first time I’ve seen anything like this.

etude2 1 Review: Etude House BB Magic Cream

To be honest, I detest the pump. The idea behind the pump is probably to make it easy to dispense the lotion. However, I had a problem with it because after a few times of working properly, it will get “stuck” and not pump anything out. And then when it does, it sprays the BB Cream all over the place, even spattering on my clothes and marking/staining it sometimes. I’ve had to change 3 times so far before leaving the house and I’m NOT amused! So, get rid of the pump and I’ll be a happy camper. I have however, worked out by now thatif you hold and store the tube standing up i.e. tube at the bottom, pump at the top, it doesn’t spatter as badly. Still, I detest the pump icon razz Review: Etude House BB Magic Cream

The BB Cream I got was in Refreshing which is a light lotion that is recommended for normal-oily skins. The sales assistant told me it worked as a makeup base and foundation so you just have to apply it after moisturizer. Take note that this is NOT an all in one moisturiser, foundation product. I checked the ingredient list and it listed Titanium Dioxide as one of the ingredients but it does not say that this product has SPF (There is a separate BB Cream with SPF). I’m not sure why.
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beauti Beautilicious Chit Chat

A while ago, when Malaysian cosmetics brand Beautilicious was first launched, I wrote some scathing remarks about my experience with it. So, when Julie Wong, Beautilicious’ principal and creative director contacted me recently for a little chit chat over coffee, I was rather apprehensive.

However, I need not have been because Julie was an absolute delight! Not only was she friendly, we both had a nice time discussing various cosmetics and brands available including hers of course, and the brands which ought to be made available. Julie did tell me she’s just a normal woman who’s into makeup, but hey, I’m sure that’s what Jeanine Lobell said when she created Stila icon smile Beautilicious Chit Chat

Beautilicious, as I previously wrote, is a new brand of makeup created, owned and marketed right here in Malaysia (look for their pink stand at selected Watsons and Jusco stores). So, without having to deal with all those hefty import duties, Beautilicious has managed to keep its prices relatively affordable and competitive. Price is not kept low at the expense of the product however, as they ensure that the ingredients are sourced from reputable sources, mostly from Italy. You will notice it stated on their packaging.

The packaging of Beautilicious’ products are also predominantly paper based and recyclable so although it might not be super cute plastic slider drawers like Majolica Majorca, they are keeping the environment in mind. I do have some comments about some of the packaging:- Continue Reading ►


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