If eyes are the windows to the soul then the eyebrows must be the frames. Whilst I am happy to be blessed with relatively tame yet dark enough brows, not many others share the same fate. Hence the need for eyebrow grooming kits.

Beautilicious arch it right eyebrow kit

Local drugstore brand Beautilicious has one in the Arch it Right eyebrow kit. What you get in a slim compact kit is a set of 4 eyebrow stencils, a tweezer, a brow brush and 2 brow colours to fill in your brows after taming and shaping them.

The kit comes with 4 eyebrow stencils. Now, I’m not an advocate of stencils of any sort but when it comes to brows, I must say these are a great idea. What it does is give you an idea of the approximate shape your brow should take so you can tweeze away the extra hairs. What you should NOT do is follow the stencil religiously to the extent that you end up looking perpetually surprised. Remember, we are all different and no kit can make us all the same.

The stencils in the Beautilicious Arch it Right eyebrow kit are of very soft silicone. This helps it conform to the contour of your face which makes it easier for you to see how best to shape your brow. There are 4 included – Natural, Fine, Super Fine and Full depending on how you like your brows to look. I prefer the Natural or Full look. The shape of the stencil is quite natural with a gradual arch so you don’t look like Bozo the clown.
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Flower bouquet

Well, not bride but bridesmaid. :)

I’ll be playing bridesmaid over a couple of weekends and I have been wondering how to do my makeup so I look good but not better than the bride. After all, its her big day and I don’t want to steal her thunder though I seriously doubt I’d be able to produce that happy bridal glow even with my beloved Guerlain Meteorites highlighter!

That said, I may be leaning towards a neutral look with more dramatic eyes for the night. My makeup skills are such that I cannot produce the smokey eye look effectively bar a look that approximates the smokey eye look. That might be good. I can’t be looking smokier than her ;)

I’d most likely use the Guerlain Illuminating Perfecting Primer which works as a good base for me and then use some powder foundation over it. I know liquid foundation works better so I’m still toying with the idea of using a liquid foundation if I can find one in my collection worth using without botching up. I’d definitely set it all with my Make Up For Ever Loose Powder which I swear by for oil control and for budge-proof makeup.
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Yes yes I know its only mid-November, but already I’m feeling the Christmas spirit in the air. *jingle jingle*

I have something HUGE planned for Christmas this year so do stay tuned to this site (subscribing to my feed will bring bonus extras! ;) ).

I wish I could tell you what its all about, but I promised myself I wouldn’t leak it out early and spoil the surprise. But to keep you in suspense, here’s a sneak peek at what is in store.


And the sponsors are still coming in!

Mark off 1 December on your calendar folks, because that’s when I’ll unveil all.

Excited yet? I am! :D


In my last post on the Coffret D’or Party Palettes for Christmas, reader Cynthia asked in a comment:-

rm98 each is really a good price,
still deciding wanna buy this or the RMK holiday palette
what do u think?

Well, I withheld comment until I’d actually seen the RMK Christmas palette in person instead of online and yesterday evening, while I was at Isetan The Gardens, I popped by the RMK counter to check out the palette. The testers are hidden away so you have to ask. They don’t expect it to go on sale until next week when stocks come in.

RMK Christmas Palette 2008

Now, I’m a stranger to RMK products I’d freely admit. Not many things have attracted my attention much even if I know that the foundation gets raves all over the world and I should really be thankful that we have a counter here when other people elsewhere are dying to see the products in person before buying. Unfortunately however, nothing much grabs me and says “BUY ME!!”

Unfortunately, the RMK Christmas Palette falls into the same category.
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