Lookee! The presents have been packed by me into environmentally friendly cloth bags all ready to send out to you.


You get to reuse the bags and I feel good saving some trees by not using wrapping paper which would most likely be discarded at the end of the day. Aww… I now feel all fuzzy inside… :)

So, have you joined the My Women Stuff Christmas Giveaway yet? If you have, have you made use of your bonus entries? Remember, the more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning something! :)

Here’s a sneak peek bit of information for you to gauge your winning chances – the Rootote, Envirosax, Stage and Beautilicious sets are far and away the most popular so far with a million entries for each (close anyway…) but the L’oreal and LovingMinerals sets are quite underpopulated!If you have been watching and waiting, those might be your best bets.

If you haven’t joined in the fun, what are you waiting for?

Grab a seat on one of the reindeer below and away we go! 😀

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Reader Dian left me a comment saying:-

I was hoping you could do Laura Mercier holiday 2008 edition and Cherries Noir as well… the lip velvet sounds enticing!

I can’t usually entertain all requests but it so happened I was in Isetan KLCC so I went to check out Laura Mercier’s Christmas 2008 collection and the Cherries Noir and new Lip Velvet liquid lipstick. Actually I did not have much time to look at the Laura Mercier collection because I was in a bit of a hurry. However, for some reason, Laura Mercier does nothing for me and so, I found the Christmas collection a little blah. Some day, I might pay a little more attention to the brand and check it out properly.

As for Cherries Noir, I found the whole collection very dark. Deep plum for lips, dark plummy eyes and cheeks do nothing for me. Personally, I think that deep shades look lovely on girls with darker toned skin but on light skin, it lends a gothic look that I personally don’t quite like, because in our tropical weather, it just looks too heavy. That said, I took a little trouble to check out the new Laura Mercier Lip Velvet which is the new liquid lipstick because I was wondering what Lip Velvet was.

Laura Mercier Lip Velvet

Laura Mercier’s Lip Velvet is a creamy pigmented liquid lipstick that slicks on opaque. It looks like a lip gloss and comes with a doe foot sponge applicator and you can see from the swatches I made that it is super duper pigmented. One swipe produced that colour intensity which is pretty awesome. Continue Reading ►


I was reading Kahani’s thoughts on how she successfully used a peach coloured concealer to conceal her undereye circles and it got me thinking. Peach concealer? Then I remembered myself saying that a peachy-orange eyeshadow colour made me look more awake though I couldn’t quite put my finger on why.

So, looking online for inspiration as to why this could be so, I came across articles that said that basically, it comes down to the colour wheel. If you have ever been in art class, you should be able to relate to this wheel. Colours opposite each other on the colour wheel complement each other and even help to neutralize each other. (source)

Colour Wheel for complementary colours

So, when choosing concealers to hide dark undereye circles (not bags – you can’t ever totally hide bags) first, take a good long look at the shade of the circles on your undereye area then use this little guide:-

  • Purple tones – use a yellow toned concealer
  • Blue tones – use a peach or salmon toned concealer
  • Gray tones – use a pink toned concealer

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Whew! I’m done with weddings for a while and normal transmission will resume here soon. Thanks for your patience with the lack of updates :)

There was a stage of my life when I was very into taupe coloured eyeshadows. Taupe is a grey-brown colour that can be very flattering or very unflattering, depending on its tone. After much experimentation, I worked out that taupe colours with red tones made me look like a tired panda, while cooler tones with silver mixed in were much more flattering on my skin. Such a shade however, is hard to find.

A first look at the Dior Fall 2007 eyeshadow duos did nothing for my excitement level. I’m averse to matte eyeshadows because there are so many mistakes one can make with matte colours while shimmer colours are more forgiving. One of the duos was Silver Look – a flat looking grey-brown on one side and a shimmery silver on the other.

Dior Silver Look Duo eyeshadow

I had the Silver Look eyeshadow duo from Dior, but it did not look exciting enough to wear. The colour just looked too blah to me. But one day, feeling tired of my usual eyeshadow colours, I took Silver Look out of its box and tried it on.

As I have said, matte colours are scary and these swatches will explain why.See the brown on the lower left? That’s just swiped once on the shadow and then on my hand. Matte eyeshadow shades tend to be very pigmented. Once they go on, and if you don’t blend them in properly, you get a mess. However, Silver Look is quite forgiving because it comes with a shimmery silver colour.

Dior Silver Look Duo Eyeshadow Swatches

Swiped by itself, the brown is a blah flat matte brown. Overlaid with the silver shimmer, it immediately took on a gorgeous shimmery taupe tone that I couldn’t take my eyes away from. The shimmery silver brought out the grey tones in the brown and I have since worked out that grey is my no-brainer eye colour. Needless to say, worn on my eyes, it was quite impressive too! The powders in these eyeshadows are lovely and smooth and very fine so they go on your skin like butter.
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