Most of us have heard of cleansing oils which are sold commercially under various skincare and makeup brands. These cleansing oils are oils combined with emulsifying chemicals to clean the skin of dirt and impurities. I myself am a loyal user of cleansing oils to remove my makeup at the end of the day.

Olive oil cleansing method

However, I’ve recently been made aware of something called the “Oil Cleansing Method” that has no bearing on the products I’ve been using. Many people who use the “Oil Cleansing Method” say that it helps their skin improve in texture and clarity keeps them blemish free.

I was intrigued – what is this “Oil Cleansing Method”?

Oil Cleansing Method

The “Oil Cleansing Method” uses oil to cleanse the skin. Not those commercial oils you find at the store, but actual oil which you can use to cook with or edible oils e.g. olive oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, castor oil etc. The principle is thus: Oil is only broken down by oil. Sort of like fighting fire with fire. You use oil to breakdown the oils and dirt on the face and remove impurities from the pores.

The basic principle is thus as extracted from here:

  • Mix Olive Oil with Castor oil – mix olive oil into castor oil to make it easier to spread and castor oil has anti-inflammatory and healing properties while olive oil is touted to have anti-oxidant properties.
  • Pour the oil mix into the palm of your hand and spread on your face, massaging lightly to remove makeup and impurities from the skin. You can’t rush this because these oils take a longer time to work compared with commercial cleansing oils.
  • Once you have fully massaged in the oils into the skin, wet a facial washcloth with warm (not boiling hot but steaming) water and place it over your face, allowing the heat and steam to soften the oils. When it cools, gently wipe your face with the wash cloth and repeat twice.
  • You will find that the heat from the water will remove the traces of oil from the skin and the skin ends up feeling very soft and smooth.

I tested this method myself recently after reading about it. Initially, I was sceptical. I had a bad experience with using Olive Oil as a home made oil cleanser before and I did not want to have to repeat that experience. However, after reading the many articles online about the Oil Cleansing Method or OCM, I realised that I had been doing it wrongly all along, which possibly explains why it did not work for me.

I’d missed out the crucial hot water cleansing step which is the step that actually helps with the deep cleansing and oil removal from the skin. Be careful when using hot water as water that is too hot can cause broken blood vessels on the skin which can be unsightly.

Using Olive Oil to cleanse skin

I don’t have other oils on hand as I tend to cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil or an oil blend and I did not relish going out to get a bottle of sunflower seed or almond oil or even jojoba oil which is lighter than Olive Oil just for the purposes of this experiment. So, I took the plunge with Extra Virgin Olive Oil used by itself without castor oil. Here’s my experience:- Continue Reading ►


When I made my first ever Benefit Cosmetics order online, I picked up a Silky Finish lipstick in Nice Knickers. This was purely due to its name, I will safely say. How often can I tell someone that I am wearing Nice Knickers and not have them say “Too much information?!” LOL… ;)

Benefit Silky Finish lipstick nice knickers

I had no idea how the colour looked in real life as I had no time to get to a Benefit Cosmetics counter, but when I received it, I was very happy because just one sight of it told me it was just the right colour for me.


Benefit Silky Finish lipsticks are packaged in a metal case with a glossy black finish. There is a stylised loop design on it in white, which is the only embellishment on this otherwise serious looking product.
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Kate Spade Malaysia

I walked past the Kate Spade store at The Gardens MidValley one day and had to double back to make sure I saw correctly. Yes, I did and yes, Kate Spade has finally opened a store here in Malaysia.

Kate Spade was famous for her colourful nylon bags which was all the rage during the 90’s, especially for the Kate Spade diaper bags. Till today, I associate Kate Spade with diaper bags and expensive ones at that! Being really into bags, I used to look at them online and in Singapore. The nylon ones don’t attract me much I have to say. Be it Kate Spade or Prada nylon bags don’t feel longlasting to me and so I steer clear of them. Besides, I always feel that paying over a thousand Ringgit for nylon or hundreds of dollars for nylon is mind boggling.

However, I rather like the leather bags from Kate Spade. The leather feels nice and the bags aren’t super heavy. I bought a Kate Spade leather bag from Singapore a couple of years ago.

Kate Spade

It was at a heavy discount so I’d say it was a decent mid 3 digit price (RM) and it looked classic which is what matters to me. I liked how the inside of the bag had these surprisingly cheery polka dot fabric and the rope strap really called my name.  I still carry it from time to time. :)

Here are some other bag designs from Kate Spade.

That green is signature Kate Spade green and I really like it! However, prices in store are upwards of RM1000 a leather bag so my wallet will thank me NOT to look for now. In Malaysia, Kate Spade is presently at The Gardens at MidValley.


At the requests of MisSmall, Akiki and Synical, I popped by Bobbi Brown yesterday to view their limited edition brush sets.

Bobbi Brown brush sets

The RM300 set is a Short Handle brush set that comes in a faux leather case. Packaging wise, I feel they beat Shu Uemura Mika brush sets to kingdom come! Brushes are a serious matter, make no mistake about it so a nice sleek black pouch is nice. Imagine whipping it out – how professional you will look! :)

In terms of number of brushes they again trump Shu Uemura because in the Bobbi Brown set you get 6 brushes instead of 4. That said, the brushes are tiny. I did a quick comparison because the sales assistant was busy with another (paying) customer and I found that the brushes were smaller than the full sized. Handles are short which again is nice but on an overall basis, I found the brushes were a little small. The brushes in the Bobbi Brown Short Handle brush set are – Eye Shader, Face Blender (perfect for applying Shimmer Brick or blush lightly), Eye Shadow, Concealer, Eye Brow, and Ultra Fine Eyeliner (for precise application of Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner). The Bobbi Brown site says a foundation brush is included but I did not see it in the one here – they may have replaced it with a powder brush but I can’t remember exactly sorry!
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