Christmas Giveaway

JANUARY 2009: I am still getting emails asking when gift sets are being sent out. Please note that there is only ONE GIFT SET and ONLY THE FIRST NAME on the list wins. This has been spelt out below. If your name is not the first name, please try again next time. Thank you.

FINALLY! I’ve gotten some of the results tabulated! It was a daunting task I tell you!

I emailed the tables to a friend to run through and I’ve just received the results for 5 gifts. So, here’s part 1 of the Christmas Giveaway Results. The first name on each list is the lucky recipient of the gifts mentioned. Duplicate names with (f) and (b) behind them are the additional entries from secret passwords in the feed and blog entries.

Loving Minerals results

Revlon Gift Set

L'oreal set

Beautilicious gift results

Anne Dundas Earrings


I will be in touch soon for your mailing addresses and you will have 48 hours to respond failing which the next name in line receives the gift. Watch your mailbox!

I’m just about done tabulating the rest of the gifts which will then be emailed off to another friend to randomize for me, and I should have the results up tomorrow or Friday latest. So, don’t stop hoping just yet! :)

As for those who participated but did not win, I hope you continue to remain subscribed to my feed because there will be more giveaways planned for next year and one really exciting one I’m working on even as we speak.

Watch out for Part 2 of the results coming soon.


If you have read through my site, you will notice a marked lack of posts relating to nail polish. A simple reason is that I like to keep my nails short and I always imagine that my nails are suffocating with polish on. However, that’s not to say that when I do apply nail polish on my nails, I don’t enjoy looking at my pretty nails. Lately however, I got the urge to colour my nails – its one of those things 😛

I know OPI nail polishes are among the best, but they are very pricey here in Malaysia. And as a polish novice, I wanted some fun colours I could play with without breaking the bank. Enter Elianto Nail Colors!

Elianto Nail Polish

Here are some fun nail polish colours I picked up from Elianto. They retail for a mere RM5 (US$1.40) a bottle and to my surprise, had some pretty colours and applied quite smoothly. I’m not a nail polish connoisseur so I can’t tell you much about them, save that the colours are pretty and pearly and shiny. 😛  I will however attest to the fact that they apply smoothly because I bought a Silkygirl nail polish recently on a whim for RM9.90 and the polish was awful. It applied very thick and goopy, the brush was awkward and I couldn’t get it smooth at all. I’m not sure if its the texture of the polish or the brush but either way I hated it.
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Shape your nose without plastic surgery!

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I was at Daiso at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara last weekend. I’d been to the Daiso in Singapore so I was very excited when I found out it was opening here in the Klang Valley (its been available in East Malaysia for a while).

After collecting armfuls of bento accessories, I came upon the cosmetics aisle in Daiso and the very first thing that caught my eye was this:-

Daiso Nose Shadow

A nose shadow!

No plastic surgery needed. Just dust this magic powder on your nose and watch it transform itself to your desired shape! Woot! 😀 After all, if eyes have eyeshadow, why can’t a nose have nose shadow?

Just kidding. It is basically a contouring powder where you can use the darker powder to shade and lighter powder to highlight to give the impression of a higher, sharper more shapely nose. Nothing I’d try since I’m quite happy with my little button of a nose, but something Michael Jackson might have wanted to look at before he underwent all that plastic surgery eh? 😉

At just RM5 it would have been a cute novelty item, but I was more interested in my bento and household stuff for which I just know I’m going to be such a regular at Daiso!


I love writing about beauty products on my site here, but there are some other things that affect us women, that I think we should all be aware of, and one of it is cervical cancer. I wrote about the HPV test before, and although cervical cancer isn’t as IT as breast cancer in terms of public awareness, we are seeing more and more information about it, both internationally and in Malaysia, which makes me happy because we do need to be aware of what can harm us and its not just our boobies.

Pap Smear Test

With this firmly in mind, I went for my first Pap Smear test recently. I won’t provide you the gory details but you might want to keep reading if you have not gone for one and have been wondering what goes on during a Pap Smear.

What is the Pap Smear test?

The Pap Smear test is where a swab is taken of a woman’s cervical walls to test for changes in the cells or conditions that might be an indication of or lead to cervical cancer. (source) It is not 100% accurate but it does give an idea of whether all is well with your body. The doctor will also do a visual check of the cervix to see if there are any abnormalities.

At what age should you do a Pap Smear?

This test is recommended for women 21 years and above or those who are sexually active and should be done once a year. In Malaysia, under my previous health plan, the pap smear test was offered as an option for those 30 years and above only unless you are sexually active.

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