I finally saw the new Kanebo Coffret D’or collection. Having seen pictures and read the review by PJ of A Touch of Blusher on the Trance Deep Eye palettes, I was intrigued.

coffretdor2 1 New Kanebo Coffret Dor Trance Deep Eyes palette

I finally hauled myself down to take a look at the new stuff yesterday which includes the Trance Deep Eyes Palette. Continue Reading ►


Lancome has for me, always been a boring brand when it comes to makeup. The only thing I used to like from them was their Flextencils mascara which I loved and which is unfortunately discontinued. I never really looked at anything else from this brand.

Until recently that is, when I received a gift of the Lancome Exceptional Wear Color Focus Eyeshadow palettes. It was 308 – Sensuel Raffinement which had 3 light pastel shades and 1 intense gunmetal grey shade that quite simply blew me away. From there, I quickly acquired 2 others – 311 (Parure d’Etoiles – Blue) and 104 (Escapade Champetre – Green).

2470d198 Review: Makeup: Lancome Exceptional Wear Color Focus Eyeshadow palette

Needless to say, I have been impressed by these eyeshadow palettes from Lancome. They are, in a word, Exceptional! Continue Reading ►


13770dad Use Eyeshadows Wet for more colour and intensity

Bourjois, Bobbi Brown, MAC Pigment

Have you ever rubbed and scrubbed away at an eyeshadow that yields little colour or pigment? Or maybe sometimes you just feel like tossing out an eyeshadow that doesn’t show up much on your skin.

Before you toss it into the bin, try this:-

  • Wet your eyeshadow brush, then squeeze out the water so its just damp.
  • Use your damp brush to pick up colour from one corner of the eyeshadow.
  • Apply it to your eyelid like normal.

Continue Reading ►


Last weekend, saw me browsing through the sunglasses rack trying to replace my current pair. I don’t wear prescription glasses anymore but sunglasses in our hot glaring tropical sun is more of a health necessity than a fashion statement for me. I did not quite end up buying one, but after playing around with many, I realised that the huge sunglasses ala Victoria Beckham do nothing for me but give me bug eyes. Pity, because other than being “in” it is also big enough to protect my eyes and part of my face.

I’ve seen many nice looking sunnies online but without the ability to try them on, I am a little wary about it. So, it was quite refreshing to come across EyeBuyDirect.com that has a nifty little gadget that allows you to virtually try on your spectacles or sunglasses. You upload your photograph and then test whichever pair of spectacles catch your fancy. It does need a full frontal picture though. I didn’t have one so all my photos look skewed but it was great fun playing with it anyway. Continue Reading ►


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