When I saw pictures of the upcoming Stila Precious Pearl palette, I found my interest in Stila rekindled. Then, I got wind of the Barbie loves Stila collection and my first thought was “WHY STILA WHY?!”

Barbie loves Stila

I don’t think much of the colour combinations for the eye and face palettes although Pony Tail Girl Barbie’s palette looks like a workable combo; and I guess I don’t like dolls or cartoons on my makeup.

First MAC partnered with Barbie and now Stila! Right when MAC is launching the MAC-Hello Kitty collection too. Is there like some cuteness overload competition going on, or is the target market for MAC and Stila getting younger and younger… way into the Barbie set??

You know those tin cans? Stila used to make them for their counters with the old Stila girl drawings on them, and they were never for sale. It was a feather in your cap if you managed to score one or if you spent enough at a Stila counter to persuade the sales person to give you one 😛 They were going on ebay for hundreds at one point! Those however were whimsical and sweet. I don’t like these nor the new ones – the Stila girl is just not the same anymore.

Stila is selling each combination as a set for US$40 commencing February 2009. The sets specially sold on Sephora are already sold out so yes, there are people loving this a whole lot more than I am! There is also a Barbie talking palette ($40) in this collection. I don’t know if we are getting these (we probably would) but expect it to cost RM200 and up. Oh and did I mention they are limited edition?

Now, tell me – what do you think of this Stila-Barbie collection? You already know my thoughts 😛

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Stay beautiful,

Paris B


I must admit I’m a lazy sort of person. I’m even too lazy to use an eye cream most of the time. In fact, a while ago, I actually pondered upon whether one really needs an eye cream. At that time, and until recently, I wasn’t using any specific cream for the eye area. I just never felt the need to.

Mukti Rosehip Eye Gel

However, due to some bad nights I noticed that my eye area was slightly puffy and had dark circles which made me look like a close cousin of a panda. So, I picked up the Mukti Organics Rosehip eye gel to try, pretty much on a whim.

What I found was that the Mukti  eye gel was working well for me. The texture of the eye gel is light and it absorbs quickly. You only need very very little and so a bottle goes a long long way. I would however hesitate to call it a “gel” because it looks and feels like a light cream.

As Mukti Organics prides themselves on being fully certified organic, their product comes in an air-tight pump bottle. Good and bad. Good because it keeps the product untainted by air; bad because you can’t tell how much product is left in the bottle. Also, the nozzle sometimes gets a little stuck when an air bubble hits, but Mukti has anticipated that so there are instructions in the box telling you what to do when you encounter this. I just keep pumping till something gives 😛 Sometimes also, the nozzle is blocked by the dried residue of the gel. It bothers me because I’m wondering just how much gel I will waste in time!

According to the Mukti site, the “Vitamins and gel based formula will assist to sooth puffy, tired eyes. Firms and tones the skin around the delicate eye area.” and after 1 month, it was time to check the results.

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Compared? Compared with what? You might ask.

With the full size versions of course! When I last wrote about the Shu Uemura limited edition Mika brush set for Christmas 2008, I mentioned that I wasn’t too enamoured with the face brush and pouch of the premium brush set and that if they would sell me the brushes sans ugly pouch I’d leap at it. Well, they didn’t – what did you think? 😛

But a lovely reader did. She bought the premium brush set (touted to me as the “full size brush set” which doesn’t seem to be sold overseas) and only wanted the face brush so offered me the rest of the brushes at a very reasonable price and off I was like a shot 😛 She was also kind enough to toss in the case because she too did not like it – haha! – to protect the brushes in transit.

Shu Uemura Mika Brush set

So, here they are – the brushes from the Shu Uemura Mika Premium brush set and what d’ya know? I own 2 full size brushes out of 3! Let’s then do a quick comparison. For reference, the brushes available in the Shu Uemura Mika brush set is the Natural 27 Goat brush for the face, Natural 17 Pony & Squirrel brush for cheeks, Natural 10 Sable & Kolinsky brush for eyes, and Natural 6M Sable brush for lips.
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Work has been piling up and since I’m starting to find my work shovel hitting the bottom (that means I’ve worked hard and paved wide inroads in backlog of paperwork – yay me!) I felt it was time for some personal rewards! 😀

First off, this is what came in the mail yesterday! Yet another brush I know, but not just any brush.

Everyday Minerals Flat Top brush

This is the by now infamous Flat Top brush from Everyday Minerals – touted as THE PERFECT BRUSH for mineral foundation or any foundation for that matter. So of course, I had to see what all the hype is about. 😛

The Everyday Minerals flat top brush has soft synthetic bristles yet the brush head is packed densely so what you have is a soft yet dense brush. I can see why girls are loving this little darling – not only is it cute (it barely fits into the palm of my hand!) it looks serviceable and feels lovely on the skin – not scratchy at all.
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