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I was first enamoured by Roototes when I saw them on Karen Cheng. Then Tine wrote about how much she loved her Roototes and I knew I had to check them out.

rootote Grab a Rootote today!

Both Karen and Tine gave links to the Rootote store in Australia which ships to Malaysia for a flat rate of AU$12. Not too expensive if you can find a few friends to combine your order. I was doing just this, when I discovered that Roototes can be purchased right here in Malaysia too! Continue Reading ►


When I was last at a loose end, my itchy fingers picked up the Givenchy Prisme Again! blush quartet in Crazy Pink. Its my first ever Givenchy purchase and I was not quite sure what to expect. I only picked it up because it looked pretty icon razz Review: Makeup: Givenchy Prisme Again! Crazy Pink Blush Quartet

givenchy2 Review: Makeup: Givenchy Prisme Again! Crazy Pink Blush Quartet

I got it a couple of days later and quite eagerly delved into the package to see how it fared. Following a reader’s comment that the Prisme Again! blush quartet is too shimmery, I was a little apprehensive to try it on. What if I ended up a big disco shimmer ball!? Continue Reading ►


Together with the Cheek Bloom in Dune Pink, I also purchased the eyeshadow duo from the Deadly Desires collection at The Body Shop. There are 2 duo eyeshadows – Khaki and Grey and I went for the grey one because I found the Khaki duo looking a little “dirty” on my skin.

tbs2 Review: Makeup: The Body Shop Deadly Desires Duo Eyeshadow   Eucalyptus Grey

The Deadly Desires duo eyeshadow is a limited edition eyeshadow duo that comes in one single pan. The size is rather larger than normal eyeshadows and have that signature Deadly Desires shimmer embossed pattern on it. I got Eucalyptus Grey. How did I like it? Continue Reading ►


This morning, I was raring to hit a luxury sale in town that was supposed to feature brands like Coach (!!) and Jimmy Choo shoes (!!!!) at up to 70% off. However, when I got to the venue at 10am, the line was so long I estimated it would take me at least 1 hour waiting time just to get into the hotel ballroom where the sale was at. So, I ditched it. Yep, walked out of the line after wasting 10 minutes of my life time icon smile My first Paul & Joe Cosmetics!

Instead, I headed off to Isetan at Lot 10 where I knew a Paul & Joe Cosmetics sale was on. And boy! Was I rewarded! It was quiet and I had all the time and space to browse in and chat to the sales people without grabbing or pushing – bliss!! This is what I picked up. Continue Reading ►


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