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Smashbox Cosmetics coming to Malaysia

A little birdie hopped on my shoulder and whispered in my ear that Smashbox Cosmetics will be coming into Malaysia soon!

I’ll bring more news as and when I hear of it. Ooh… exciting! :)

The only product I’ve tried from Smashbox thus far is their Fusion Softlights blush. I got them in Dimension and Gossamer.

Smashbox Fusion Softlights Gossamer Dimension

Dimension turned out too warm for my colouring – its a lovely warm peach with shimmer – and is now residing with someone who will love it more than I ever can.

Gossamer is a slightly cooler toned blush with pink tones. The stripes look lilac and purple but swirled together, it applies a lovely cool-warm pink. You have to be careful not to over do it though. I found the pigment light and sheer so it isn’t too hard to control. Also, the shimmer wasn’t overboard – just enough to highlight your cheekbones.

I’d be keen to try more from Smashbox in future, especially their celebrated primer. Have you tried anything from Smashbox Cosmetics? Is there anything you are looking forward to trying?

Update: Smashbox Cosmetics is now in Malaysia!

Stay beautiful,

Paris B


When I received the new I Nuovi Metallogy Metallic Liquid Liner, I was quite hesitant to try it. I’ve NEVER had a good experience with liquid liner which explains why you never read about it here. I just have no idea how on earth to use it!

I Nuovi Metallogy Liquid Eyeliner

Anyway, to challenge myself, I took it with me on my Chinese New Year holiday and it was the only eye liner I took. Imagine if I botched up – I’d have to redo my eyes every single time! (I did too 😛 )

The I Nuovi metallic liquid liner comes in a little tube with a long pointed handle. I used to wonder why liquid liners came with such long covers – now I know. Its so you have a better grip while lining your eyes. I’d prop my hand on my cheek and angle the brush on its side to draw a quick line and it worked for me.

The applicator is a thin firm pointed brush and when you pull it out of the tube, it tends to “stick” a little, rather like mascara does. So if you aren’t careful, you can spatter some liquid on your hand but its not all that drastic as I make it out to be.
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My first encounter with the brand Yes to Carrots was on a trip to Singapore about 6 months ago. I was intrigued by the name and I scored some samples to test and one of it was the C Today or C You in the Morning day cream. I decided then that I did not quite like it as a day cream and I said so too.

Yes to Carrots C Today or C You in the Morning

Recently, I received a tub of the Yes to Carrots C Today or C You in the Morning day cream and remembered my earlier experience with the cream – its too thick for day use for me – and decided to change my strategy a little.

I did my research this time and found that the Yes to Carrots line is mostly tailored towards those with dry skin. So that explained why I found the cream too thick for use in the day. I don’t have dry skin and living in a humid weather I don’t have winter skin to deal with.

Instead, as I had been finding the Mukti Balancing cream too light for night use, I replaced it instead with the C Today or C You in the Morning day cream. I figured that since there was no SPF in the cream, it would work for night use.

And I’m happy to report that I was right. Incidentally there is a National Carrot Day (Feb 3) in the USA – kid you not! So there are some carrot trivia below you can regale your friends with hehe…
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