A while ago, I was contacted by Julea of Asiatic Beauty, a Malaysian cosmetics company, to help test a couple of her products. Being Malaysian, I am always supportive of local ventures, so I agreed and Julea sent me the Asiatic Beauty Antea Age anti-aging cream.

Antea Age antiaging cream

I was quite surprised to see the tube the cream came in. It was slim and only contained 20g of product so I was a little puzzled as to whether it was a treatment serum, in which case I’d use it sparingly; or cream for the face in which case I tend to be more liberal. There was no information on the box on how to use it, which I felt would be useful information to include in future.

Anti Oxidant rich White Tea Extract

According to the site, the Antea Age cream is specially formulated to help combat the effects of premature aging for all skin types. The cream contains anti oxidant rich White Tea extract that helps to neutralize the effect of free radicals & stress on your skin to minimize the look of lines & wrinkles. I ran into a slight snag at that point. I don’t have noticable lines and wrinkles on my face, so I wondered how I’d see if it was working. Some reviews on the site stated that they noticed firming up of their skin so I decided to be a mad scientist and try it anyway to see how I fared with it.

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Update: Pattybelle.com is no longer in business.

Remember when I wrote about Yuan Handmade soaps? It seemed to generate some interest from people who wanted to try these organic herbal soaps which I found and I still find very good for me. You might be pleased to know that the Yuan herbal soaps are now also available online at Patty Belle as well as in health food stores. As I don’t frequent health food stores ( 😛 ) online is the best way to go for me for now.

Patty Belle online

Patty Belle is an online store selling a variety of beauty and handmade products. I’m not too familiar with some of the products carried, except the Yuan organic soaps. I have seen brands like Tsuya-tsuya at some malls where I see promotions for mascara and feet treatment products. However, other brands like La Fontaine Collagen masks and B-fit slimming products have flown under my radar.

The selection of Yuan soaps at Patty Belle is quite extensive, where they carry most of the popular soaps, as well as the hair soap and laundry soap. I’m quite curious about the Liquorice Hair Soap so I’m going to buy that one of these days and try it and see how it fares, especially when it claims to reverse the balding process! Not that I’m balding… yet 😉 The soaps range between RM22.50 to RM29.50 which is a reasonable price.

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Do we need night creams?

Is night cream a necessity or is it just a marketing ploy to make us women buy more products than we really need? That, ladies is my point to ponder for the day :)

Could we not just use one cream for both day and night? After all if you look at the instructions on the labels or box your creams come in, you will notice that some creams or lotions say that you can use it day and night. So, why is there a market for night creams?

We have been bombarded in the media telling us that we need night creams which are richer to protect and nourish our skin as we sleep. In many cases, you will find that night creams do have an oilier and heavier feel to them. Most brands from drugstore or pharmacy brands to high end department store brands will have day and night versions of the same cream purportedly to address different concerns. In many cases day creams will (or should) contain SPF sunscreen while night creams don’t.

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When I was contacted by Dior about the launch of their Diorshow Iconic mascara I was quite surprised and puzzled. I had the impression all along that the Iconic mascara was already part of their regular line of cosmetics. But yes, it was a glitzy launch and the product in question was the Diorshow Iconic mascara.

Diorshow Iconic Mascara

The Dior Diorshow Iconic mascara comes in a lovely metal tube lightly embossed with the Dior logo all over it. Tacky but for some reason I like it tremendously. I like the shine and the heft that the case has which distinguishes it from all the other plastic mascara tubes I have in my present rotation.

What is so unique about the Diorshow Iconic mascara is the brush. Instead of having the bristles lined up in a row as most mascara brushes have, the bristles are laid out in an oblique pattern i.e. they are slanted. It apparently helps catch your lashes better to coat them with mascara.

Diorshow Iconic mascara brush

I like the bristles. Like the Guerlain le 2 Mascara, the bristles are the short rubbery variety. I’m getting used to these sort of bristles and I find they work better for me than the traditional brush bristle style mascara brushes. This might be because I have short lashes so short bristles work, even if the head is on the larger side. I’m not sure how those with long lashes like such kinds of bristles. If you have long lashes and have some thoughts on this, do let me know.

The Diorshow Iconic mascara promises to lengthen your lashes, separate your lashes and curl your lashes and keep them curled! Lofty promises indeed, but do they deliver?
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