crochet Adorable Crochet Ponchos and Shawls

I learnt how to crochet from my mom. I’m sure if I were to hold a hook and some yarn in my hands right now, I might be able to do a few chain stitches. But that is the extent of my abilities. I don’t know what I ever made – a scarf (in hot Malaysian weather?!) or maybe a hairband. My puny abilities aside, I found a store with an adorable name, that specialises in hand-crocheted products – Adorkable Crochet. Continue Reading ►

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I was rooting around my eyeshadows one day when I came across one I’d forgotten about – Bloop de Paris powder eyeshadow. It was supposed to be part of my Cheap and Good? series but somehow, this one slipped under the radar. But better late than never, so here we are – is the Bloop de Paris eyeshadow cheap and good?

bloop Cheap and Good? Bloop de Paris Powder Eyeshadow

Bloop de Paris is a Malaysian brand pretty much like Elianto and Beautilicious. This Bloop de Paris eyeshadow in Emerald Green came from Beetrice (read her review) and costs about RM20 per eyeshadow. Is it worth it? Continue Reading ►


annasui 2 Anna Sui Makeup Dresser   Fall 2008

I saw the Anna Sui Makeup Dresser for Fall 2008 in the Isetan brochure and also saw it in person recently. It really is darling! For Fall 2008 and in conjunction with Anna Sui cosmetics’ 10th Anniversary, Anna Sui has come out with a dresser set that sits on your dresser and is done in Anna Sui’s signature girly style. Continue Reading ►


If you go to Hong Kong, by just looking at the proliferation of cosmetics stores, you’d think every woman there is made up to the nines. Its not quite true. But the women in Hong Kong do take more trouble with their appearance or so I find. When I go to the business areas of Hong Kong, I see the women executives made up carefully in light colours and dressed well. Even on a weekend, the girls of Hong Kong are well dressed in their casual outfits and with casual light makeup on.

While we are seeing more of this in Malaysia, I do still think women in Malaysia don’t take as much trouble especially working women. All that said, beauty and cosmetics is a HUGE industry in Hong Kong and the stores are there to prove it, and not to mention even advertising the latest Autumn 2008 collection on a tram!

148db19b Where to shop for makeup in Hong Kong?

Here are the places I like to visit in Hong Kong for my beauty and cosmetics fix:- Continue Reading ►


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