Tipped off by Beetrice I toddled off to investigate the new Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadows. The picture looked so pretty especially Mica described as Deep Heather Grey Glitter. Glitter didn’t sound so good, but deep grey did.

Here are the swatches I got:-

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadows

The pictures in the boxes are taken off the Bobbi Brown site. There are 4 limited edition sparkle eyeshadows:-

Mica – Dark Heather Grey Glitter
Ballet – Light Pink Glitter
Silver Moon – Light Silver Glitter
Sunlight – Warm Gold Glitter

On the back of my hand it was just glitter, glitter, glitter and glitter!
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While I never paid much attention to Givenchy, I used to look at lot at Estee Lauder – the skincare. The makeup bored me because I felt they looked too “old”. Ah! But then I age and Estee Lauder doesn’t 😛 And suddenly, with the new Fuschia Now Spring 2009 collection, Estee Lauder looks interesting again!

Estee Lauder Fuschia Now Spring 2009

I blame Karen (in a nice way of course) for making me look twice at Estee Lauder’s Spring 2009 collection. I don’t usually wear pinks and purples on the eyes for fear of looking abused, but the new Estee Lauder eyeshadows are really quite something and now, I suddenly want to check them out.

Today, I stopped by the Estee Lauder counter to take a look and hurrah! The Fuschia Now collection is available! So of course I had to play with them and pick up some swatches for your viewing pleasure 😉

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Givenchy is one of those big brands that I always overlook. I find their stuff pretty but never really pretty enough to like. Not this time! For Spring 2009, Givenchy is going for sensual dusky pink and orange for eyes, lips and cheeks with an Indian Sari inspired collection. I like the look on the model.

Givenchy Sari Collection Spring 2009

I’m more used to seeing  hot fuschia pink when an Indian inspired collection appears, but the Givenchy Iridescent Maharani Pink blush described as luminous rosy pink, is bright and light and looks so pretty! There is also Maharani Orange which is described as luminous golden peach that I suppose would look good on someone tanned. I’ve since learnt that anything too peach makes me look like a pumpkin! 😛
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My few forays into organic skincare has been a bit of a touch and go. Many were not easily available in Malaysia and I only found so-so results from using them. It must be because I don’t have very very sensitive skin. In fact my skin can be pretty hardy considering the torture I put it through sometimes, in my mad scientist experiments and product testing. Not tested on animals but on me! That should be my tagline eh? haha…

Anyway, I purchased a travel set of Mukti’s skincare from Bodybar Natural Skincare to test to see if I liked them enough to switch over. The set consisted of a gentle facial cleanser, mist toner and a balancing cream. Having been using the Mukti skincare range exclusively at night for a month or so, I think I’m ready with my view on the products.

Mukti Balancing Skincare

Mukti Botanicals Organic Skincare

Mukti Botanicals is a line of organic skincare from Australia that uses ingredients that are certified organic by the Australian Government. According to the pledge at Mukti’s website, they state that they “only utilise the purest & highest grade certified organic and natural ingredients, therefore, a little of our product goes a long way.”

I cannot vouch for their organic certification, but I can vouch for a little going a long way. I really like the Mukti Rosehip Eye gel (product not packaging) and I can safely say that a little goes a long way.
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