Something new from Revlon comes.

And if you caught the blatant paraphrasing of MacBeth kudos to you! 😛 If not nevermind, there is something new from Revlon that is at once gimmicky yet alluring. A foundation that self-adjusts to match your skin tone? How is that so?

Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching foundation

This is the new Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching foundation which I received in 210 Light and which you might have seen around in stores for about a month or so. It was just launched in December 2008.

The Revlon Beyond Natural skin matching foundation is quite an innovative product. Coming in a small 30ml tube, it looks rather like a tinted moisturizer.

When you squeeze it, out comes a white cream with little black beads in it. Is that foundation? You might wonder. How can it be foundation when it is so WHITE?! Ah, that’s when the magic happens.
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I browse around online a LOT (the proof is in the purchases! LOL) and every now and again, I find my eye drawn to something cute but not so functional for my lifestyle. However, when I came across Jimmy Pickles I knew I’d found something not only cute, but functional too! Enter the Wristlet Keychain!

Wristlet Keychain

What the wristlet keychain is is a key fob where you can hang your keys and a tough strap that you slip over your wrist so your keys don’t get away from you. I use mine for my car keys. I always find my hands full of things when I get out of the car or into the car and its so hard to look for keys and hang onto everything at the same time. The wristlet keychain makes it easier to locate keys and to ensure the keys don’t disappear after you have loaded the car – yes I’ve had that happen to me before too. I don’t keep it strapped on my hand though – that’s asking for trouble 😛
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First MAC had Barbie, then Hello Kitty. Stila, not to be outdone, roped in the doll of every girls’ dreams and made Barbie love Stila.

Too Faced cosmetics, running out of cartoon icons (probably), has roped in the blue wonder girl that was created to cause friction in the company of 99 little blue men – Smurfette! She is one female living in a village of 99 males – go figure 😉

I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw the Too Faced So Smurfy collection. They had to be kidding right? Right?! I mean Smurfette is BLUE! She’s a SMURF! If you don’t remember the Smurfs, you are way too young LOL…

This is the Too Faced So Smurfy Illumination Face Powder ($26) with a pretty good likeness of Smurfette on it.

Too Faced So Smurfy

And there’s even an eyeshadow quad too ($32.50). Barbie, Hello Kitty, Smurfs… can someone tell me if makeup is just for kids now?

Happy weekend and stay beautiful everyone!
Paris B


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