If you like peachy-coral-pink toned blushes, look no further than Benefit Coralista – the new blush from Benefit Cosmetics. Mine just arrived today all the way from the US of A and I couldn’t wait to tear right into it – ooh! Animal! 😛

Absolutely befitting the jungle cat look that Benefit has given to the Coralista box. I’m not quite sure why they went with a jungle theme. The name “Coralista” brings to my mind swaying palm trees on a deserted island beach and margarita in hand, definitely not a wild jungle cat.

Benefit Coralista

So, here’s Benefit’s Coralista – a lovely peachy-coral-pink blush in a box that is really pigmented. If you found Dandelion and Georgia too sheer, be careful with Coralista. One swipe produced this swatch on the back of my hand.

Benefit Coralista blush

Yes, its very pigmented so I’m going to have to be careful with this one. The packaging is the same as other Benefit box blushes – I’m not too crazy about the cardboard packaging nor the fact that the blush is embedded so deep. But I’ll live 😛

There is a sweetish scent accompanying the blush. I’ve read many reviews that liked it. I’m not too crazy about it. My office now smells of the sweet scent of Coralista – slightly peachy and sweet. I’m going to leave the box open for a while and see if the scent dissipates some.

There are also reviews that have compared Coralista with NARS Orgasm. I’ll update when I go home and swatch the two, and see what other blushes it comes close to.

I bought mine from Benefit Cosmetics online for US$28 and I’m not sure when we will have them at the Benefit counters in Malaysia (or if its out already – I haven’t been around). It should retail for RM129 here, similar to the other blushes in a box.

I can’t wait to try this one on. I love peachy-coral-pink blushes and they bring out the best in me!

Stay beautiful,

Paris B


Most of the new MAC collections have not excited me. I’m just not a MAC girl, sorry to say. This explains the lack of posts about MAC on this blog. However, when I saw the Dame Edna collection, I had to laugh. I remember watching Dame Edna on comedy skits on British tv on cold winter nights and he/she was hilarious!

I love that MAC put the trademark Dame Edna spectacles on the case of the Dame Edna collection – It is just fitting. Since I’m not a MAC girl, I can’t bring myself to buy anything from there. However, having seen pictures of the collection, the Wisteria eyeshadow trio seems to call my name. Over the weekend, while I was passing a MAC store, my eye was drawn to the bright red words “DAME EDNA” over the store front, and I knew I had to walk in to take a look.

MAC Dame Edna collection

To my surprise, I actually had a good shopping experience at MAC Cosmetics! I enjoyed chatting to the makeup artist/sales person at MAC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and I enjoyed playing with the Dame Edna collection and talking about the upcoming MAC collections with him. He was friendly and helpful and showed me various items without once being rude or dismissive – it made me rethink my earlier impression of MAC – seriously. If you are thinking of buying MAC, I recommend Stephan from MAC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Tell him the lady who was discussing Hello Kitty with him sent you 😉 That is, if he remembers LOL…

Anyway, after seeing the Dame Edna collection and the Wisteria eyeshadow trio (RM125) in person, I knew there was no chance of me buying it. I have owned MAC Lustre eyeshadows before and after playing with the trio, I was reminded that MAC eyeshadows are just not my style. So, I thought to myself, “Hey, why not dupe it since you won’t be buying it anyway?” And you know what? I agreed with myself in a split personality sort of way, and went off to trawl through my stash.
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Should you drink coffee?

I read Vivawoman’s post on how green tea may help with slimming and then I thought – Wait a minute here, I don’t drink tea in any colour or form. I just don’t like tea. But I like my coffee. So, are there any benefits of coffee at all?

I undertook some research on this and found that although coffee gets a lot of flack because of the caffeine it contains, there are also benefits to coffee and caffeine in regular small doses.

Coffee Berries contain high antioxidants

Like tea, research has shown that coffee too contains antioxidants and may be instrumental in reducing the risk of certain diseases like diabetes and parkinson’s. BeyondJane has an interesting article on the anti-aging benefits of coffee that is worth reading. Apparently, it is shown that coffee berries actually have a higher amount of antioxidants than even tea!

However, the most common known benefit of coffee or caffeine is as a stimulant. If you have ever wondered why only a cup of strong coffee in the mornings can get you going when nothing else can, it is attributable to caffeine and its stimulating properties. Too much however can lead to headaches, migranes, heart palpitations, anxiety and leech calcium from your bones. Ooh that all sounds horrid! In fact, for some, just one cup might just be too much caffeine which might explain why some people get headaches after drinking coffee.

On the other hand, there is a report about using caffeine to help premature babies through their first few difficult days. I thought that was interesting although a dosage that large in an adult may be way too much! I do wonder if the preemies might get a little “addicted” to the caffeine though…
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Something new from Revlon comes.

And if you caught the blatant paraphrasing of MacBeth kudos to you! 😛 If not nevermind, there is something new from Revlon that is at once gimmicky yet alluring. A foundation that self-adjusts to match your skin tone? How is that so?

Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching foundation

This is the new Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching foundation which I received in 210 Light and which you might have seen around in stores for about a month or so. It was just launched in December 2008.

The Revlon Beyond Natural skin matching foundation is quite an innovative product. Coming in a small 30ml tube, it looks rather like a tinted moisturizer.

When you squeeze it, out comes a white cream with little black beads in it. Is that foundation? You might wonder. How can it be foundation when it is so WHITE?! Ah, that’s when the magic happens.
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