A while ago, I gave my tips on how to use cleansing oils effectively and one of the tips I mentioned was to use the oils straight on dry skin. Reader Lav left a comment that said it was not true of all cleansing oils as Biore’s Oil Cleanser can be used in the shower on wet skin. I was intrigued because I’d not seen it here in Malaysia.

28014dfe Review: Skincare: Kao Biore Cleansing Oil

While I was in Hong Kong, I came across the Kao Biore Oil Cleanser in Watson’s and decided to get it to see if it really does it says – work in the shower. Continue Reading ►


While browsing Sephora, I came across something really cute from Stila – the Backstage Beauty eyeshadow palettes.

stila runway Stila Backstage Beauty   Cute Eyeshadow Palettes

The Backstage Beauty eyeshadow palettes are limited edition and come in 2 colour combinations – Runway Look and Red Carpet and retail for US$40. Continue Reading ►


I don’t pay much attention to Estee Lauder as I keep saying, but ever since the Chocolate Decadence collection, Estee Lauder has reignited my interest in the brand. That and their new more elegant, more luxurious looking packaging.

elblush Estee Lauder New Signature Blush   powder and cream

I saw on the official Estee Lauder website that they have launched a new Signature blush in powder and cream.

For a moment, I wondered what was new about it. Didn’t Estee Lauder always have blushes in their lineup? Continue Reading ►


Quite some time ago, I had a reader FireAngel ask me what sorts of eyeshadow I could recommend for work. My answer to her then was “Whatever suits your line of work”. You see, what colours or textures of eyeshadow you can wear depends largely on what sort of work you do and what image you are expected to project.

Creative and relaxed workplace

If you are in a creative line of work without too much restriction on dressing e.g. you can wear casual clothes to work or dress in an eccentric manner without raising eyebrows, then you can pretty much use any colour or texture. If you do fall in that category, then lucky you! You can likely pull off wild blue and green eyeshadow or glittery orange shadow or teal or turquoise mascara and not have anyone stare at you.

In a serious traditional workplace

Unfortunately, the majority of women who find themselves asking this question work in a rather more sedate and staid environment, where colour seems to be taboo. I find it hard to see why a light sheer wash of colour e.g. green, lilac or peach on the eyes should raise eyebrows. Continue Reading ►


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