I always go a little nuts when I see shower stuff. I have a soft spot for nice shower gels and since they finish up quickly enough with regular use, I always tend to stock (rather, overstock) my shower stuff. So, when I finished up my current shower gel, instead of hopping out to buy another (as I’m wont to do) and in the spirit of shopping in my stash, I looked in my shower gel collection to pick out one bought over 5 months ago.

clinique2 Clinique Happy Shower Gel   happy to shop in my stash

My eyes fell on the Clinique Happy to be shower gel. I’d forgotten I had it!

I’m not one for the Clinique Happy perfume, but I rather like the scent in the shower gel. It does make me feel happy to use it and it smells citrusy and nice too, leaving the bathroom smelling lovely after my shower.

The shower gel itself is quite thick and lathers up well, so you only use quite little and the fragrance lingers on the skin – light enough to be noticed but not strong enough to be cloying. This is part of the reason I prefer to use perfumed shower gels rather than spritz some perfumes on me. Sometimes, the perfumes may be too strong in the eau de toilette or parfum, but is nice and light in the shower gel.

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When Garnier brought their skincare into Malaysia a year ago, I would pause by the counter every so often to check it out. The lemony yellow packaging of the Light line was very eye catching in a pharmacy filled with white clinical bottles. I’d sniff the lemon essence and play with the testers but I never got round to trying it. I’d only tried the Garnier tissue mask.

garnier 1 New Loreal Garnier BodyLight Body Scrub and Body Lotion

A year later, I was kindly invited by Garnier to the media launch of a new product in the Garnier Light line – the BodyLight Brightening Exfoliating Scrub and BodyLight Whitening Hydrating UV lotion. Yes, Garnier has expanded from face to body. This is so you look even toned all over yes? icon smile New Loreal Garnier BodyLight Body Scrub and Body Lotion

The 3 main ingredients in the Bodylight line are:-

  • Lemon Essence – for exfoliating and illuminating the skin
  • Mulberry Extract – for suppressing and preventing uneven skin ton
  • UV Filters – to protect from the sun and further uneveness

I tested the products in situ and I can tell you that from a first impression, the Bodylight Exfoliating Scrub is simply wonderful! My skin was so smooth after the exfoliation. The body lotion is light and feels refreshing and importantly, sinks right in without feeling sticky! The lemon scent is still very strong and that bugs me a little to be honest but it dissipates after a while. Continue Reading ►


Last weekend saw me spending 4 hours with 6 other girls at my regular Kanebo salon learning the rudiments of proper skin cleansing and the basics of putting on makeup. I’m pretty used to using makeup on a daily basis, but it was a good refresher course for me, to pick up some new tricks, and try some new things like liquid eye liner (which I can’t get the hang of using) and mascara base (oh what a difference it makes!).

It being a DIY workshop, after listening to the theory and demonstrations, we had to then put on the makeup ourselves. Pretty fun, I’d say because there were people on hand to guide you along the way if you felt lost or if you were not quite sure what step came next or how to use something like eyeliner. All the testers were available for us to test and play around with which was super fun because I then got to test loads of products I’d been curious about. The other fun part was the skincare section when we had a little mini facial (DIY again) to prep the skin for the makeup.

And of course, what is a workshop without some lovely door gifts? icon smile DIY Beauty Workshop with Kanebo and My Women Stuff

kanebo DIY Beauty Workshop with Kanebo and My Women Stuff

There were 2 T’estimo eyeshadow singles, 1 T’estimo eyeliner pencil, 1 Coffret D’or Fluffy Shine Eyes Mousse Eyeshadow (Fall 2008) and 1 Coffret D’or Combient Rouge lipstick/lipgloss (Fall 2008) in a nice bright orange bag for us to take home. I paid RM120 for the 3 hour workshop and got products worth over RM300 + some makeup tips – not bad for a weekend eh? icon smile DIY Beauty Workshop with Kanebo and My Women Stuff

Anyway, beauty being a topic central to my blog at My Women Stuff, I talked to the manager to try to arrange a similar DIY Makeup Workshop session for readers of My Women Stuff because I thought it would be beneficial for anyone wanting to learn the basics of using full face makeup. Continue Reading ►


I was recently away for an overnight trip to Bangkok. It was super fun and I got reasonable shopping done and ate myself silly. I also walked my legs to death – they were so tired even after I got back! How that relates to this post is that I chose to go with just a backpack on my back. I wanted flexibility of time and I wanted to challenge myself to pack and move light. I managed with my clothes – I kept it down to the basic minimum but I knew skincare and cosmetics would be a different story. So, here’s what I did.

packlight Travel Tips: Packing light for your cosmetics bag

I hauled out all the sample sachets of products I had. I spread them out on the bed and picked out one of each for hair, cleanser, moisturiser etc even down to foundation and lipstick! The best part is that I got to test some products I’d been meaning to, but never got round to it.

The products I took along with me that I had wanted to try were:-

Aesop Fabulous Face Cleanser

After a 2 hour flight, washing my face with this Aesop cleanser was wonderful. The aromatherapy smell was very calming and helped soothe frazzled nerves. There was minimum lather but it cleaned well. My face did feel a little tight after cleansing though. Continue Reading ►


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