Happy New Year 2009! If you partied hard last night, or maybe just partied :) , I hope you all remembered to remove all your makeup before going to bed. After some last minute planning, I had a blast last evening with a new friend, Kahani of Soloverly at The Curve. Yes, it was fun :)

I used to use cleansing oils to remove all my makeup every evening just before my shower and when I say all, I mean ALL including eye makeup. It was as a result of 2 things : (1) running out of eye makeup remover and (2) laziness 😛

However, I’ve recently been told that its not a good idea to use just cleansing oils to remove eye makeup, because the skin around the eye is very thin and delicate. When you use oil on the eye area you have to massage it to remove all the makeup and stubborn mascara and this might result in premature wrinkles and lines around the eyes. Also, cleansing oils might contribute to milia or oil seeds around the eye area.

Since I’m vain 😛 I decided to pick up an eye makeup remover and after my facial at my regular Kanebo International salon one evening, I spotted the Kanebo Eye Makeup Remover.

Kanebo Eye Makeup Remover

The Kanebo Eye Makeup Remover comes in a cute squat square blue-green bottle that’s slightly opaque. You will notice that there are 2 layers of liquid in the bottle. This is an oil based remover to help remove the most stubborn of makeup.

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As 2008 draws to a close, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the past year and also, to thank all readers for all the support I have received thus far. I’ll be honest – the support from you is what keeps me going even though sometimes, when I get hit by writer’s block, I have this urge to say “Dash it all!” and its what has turned this site from something of a little hobby to a bit of a part time job.  But I have enjoyed it and am still enjoying it and I hope you are too! The other side of things has seen some readers and fellow bloggers become friends and some pretty good friends at that!

I’d also like to express my appreciation to all the sponsors of the Giveaways that I’ve had in 2008. There were a few sponsored ones held and quite a few happy winners. I hope to continue to receive support from sponsors in 2009 so there will be even more giveaways and even more happy winners in 2009. I am currently working on something slated for the first quarter of 2009 and I think it will be fun so watch out for it. :)

In review, 2008 has been a momentous year for me, where I think I finally found and set the direction My Women Stuff was heading towards. I am thankful for any bit of traffic I get and I am thankful for everyone of you sharing it with me :) Here’s some of the more popular posts in 2008 on My Women Stuff – some are what I enjoyed writing most, others are what you enjoyed most and some are just milestones I’d like to mark.

Buying makeup on a budget – was it a dire prediction of things to come at the end of 2008? :) Some products may no longer be available or I might have changed my mind but the principle remains sound.

More makeup on a budget and some discussion on cosmetic companies that test on animals.


My Women Stuff celebrated its first year of existence and Make Up For Ever Super Matte loose powder got some lovin’! It still remains a staple in my arsenal.

I ran my first giveaway with Revlon and I also found NYX Cosmetics in Singapore. A highlight of the month for me was a feature in the New Straits Times newspaper 😀
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I came across a store called BodyBar Natural Skincare while I was at the newly opened Tropicana City Mall recently. What caught my eye initially was the neat, white, pristine layout of the store. I loved the green plant balls they had!

Bodybar store

The second thing that caught my eye was the candle holder with loads of Envirosax reusable grocery bags right in front of the store, and the table of assorted Soapy soaps.

Bodybar – Organic and Natural Skincare store – first of its kind

Curiosity sufficiently piqued, I wandered in and found that Bodybar sells exclusively certified organic skincare from a variety of brands. There is a fairly wide range of organic and natural skincare products available and I’d call it a one stop organic skincare store. I might be wrong, but I think they might be the first of their kind in Malaysia – a store dedicated to natural and organic skincare.

Their philosophy and tagline is “Good enough to eat” – the level of chemicals is so low that its possible to eat them… not that its recommended of course 😉 There are products for the face and body from Australian brands Mukti and Remedica Australia, New Zealand brand Just Herbal and French brand Biguine Blo. I was told they will be expanding the range as time goes by since the store is still very new. I did manage to work out a very special promotion for interested readers so make sure you check at the end of this post for details. :)

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NYX Black Label lipstick

I recently received 2 NYX Cosmetics Black Label lipsticks. Black Label. Doesn’t that conjure up images of luxury and a feeling it must be expensive? Well, that’s the image the NYX Black Label lipsticks are going for – the Elite line from NYX. Still, elite or not, its only US$7 which is a nice price! :)

I got Opium and Tribute to Marilyn sight unseen. From online reviews, I’d read that the NYX Black Label lipsticks are very pigmented, and that the colours on the website are quite close to what you will receive. Reviewers have said that Opium is a coral red shade while Tribute to Marilyn is a bright red.

NYX Lipstick Opium Tribute to Marilyn

Looking at them in the tube side by side, they both just looked RED to me! Red and Redder was my view. Perfect for the holiday season and maybe even for the coming Chinese New Year! The case is square and the base is transparent with the colour in there so you don’t have to open it up every time to check for colour. The cap has black patterns embossed on it, and overall, it looks pretty good. It does feel a little light and plasticky but hey, its US$7!

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