One trend I’ve never really cottoned on is the tights or legging phenomenon. For some reason, it harkens back to the 80’s when big T-shirts and leggings were the norm everywhere, from aunties going to the wet market, to girls going out to clubs. I myself have been guilty of the tights phenomenon then and I swore never again!

That’s not to say that tights or leggings do not thave a place in fashion – they do – they are really cute with short tunic tops and they allow you to get away with wearing short dresses. I do prefer tights as opposed to leggings – one goes all the way like opaque stockings while the other cuts off at the ankle. If you are short, you might want to avoid leggings that stop at the ankle because it cuts your height down. Instead, stick to solid coloured tights that cover your feet to add an illusion of height.

However, I cannot help wondering if Angelina Jolie might have taken tights/leggings too far when she flashed her legging clad legs on the red carpet at the recent BAFTA awards.

Angelina Jolie in Armani Prive

In contrast to her blouson blue dress that had critics up in arm, she received nothing but praise for this black and yellow Armani Prive dress. It looks great on her but when I saw the second picture, I did a double take – was that LEGGINGS she was wearing under the dress? Why?? I did not think the dress went up too high to be obscene. Is being a 6 time mom making her a prude so that a bit of leg is taboo?

What do you think? Do leggings or tights have a place on the red carpet and especially, with a designer dress?

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Today has been a wonderful mail day. I got something I’ve been wanting, and something from a brand that I’ve never tried, both from a dear and very helpful friend in the USA.

Stila Precious Pearl Palette – Spring 2009 US$40

Ever since I first saw it online I knew I had to get this Stila palette. Stila has not excited me very much recently but the new Precious Pearl palette harkens back to the Stila days of yore.

Stila Precious Pearl Palette

The palette actually feels very substantial with a good weight unlike other palettes which have been a little light. The mother of pearl inlay in the top is lovely as are all the colours which they say contain genuine pearl. I can’t swatch them properly here in the office so you’ll have to wait till I get home and get some proper light :)

I’m not sure when we’ll get this palette here in Malaysia. I only knew I couldn’t wait for it. 😛

Lorac Multi-Platinum Palette – US$37

Lorac is a brand I’ve never tried nor heard very much of, but I liked the look of this Sephora-exclusive palette.

Lorac Multi-platinum palette

The reviews on Sephora of this palette were good and the colours appeal to me. I reckoned a palette was a good way to try a brand I’d never used before and besides the packaging looked awesome too! It looks just like a metallic clutch.

Ooh what a fun start to the weekend! :)

Stay beautiful,

Paris B


Happy Valentine

Lovers the world over have something to rejoice about this year for Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday i.e a weekend! This means you can spend the whole day with your Valentine (thereby avoiding the dinner crush) or it could mean whole day for primping for the hot dinner date. :)

Here are 5 things you can do to get ready for your Valentine dinner date:-

  • Paint your nails in the morning – Nails always take time to dry so if you paint them in the morning, you have time to let them dry properly and if you make a mistake its less stressful to repair than if it was just an hour before your date.
  • Do a mask in the day – take half an hour to yourself and slap on a tissue mask. It helps cool and calm your skin and aids in instant skin brightening. You can use a ready made tissue mask like the Garnier brightening mask or you can use a tissue mask soaked with moisturising lotion (toner). Careful that you do not use a toner that has too much alcohol. At the same time, you might want to try a coconut milk soak for your hair too.
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They say Cleopatra had skin as smooth as silk and as white as magnolia because she used to bathe in milk. If anything can give me skin as smooth as silk and white as magnolia, I’m not complaining! 😛 But milk is a little hard to bathe in right? So, I picked up the Milk series of shower gel, body scrub and body lotion from H2O+ recently. They are sold separately, but I picked up the Milk Trio gift box or trial pack for RM69.

H20+ Milk shower gel, body scrub body lotion

There were 3 items in the gift pack – Milk Shower Gel, Milk Body Scrub and Milk Body Lotion.

My first reaction – “It doesn’t smell like milk” which can be taken any way you wish. In fact, it has quite a strong fragrance that takes some getting used to. By common consensus with Kahani, it was agreed that it smells like Johnson & Johnson Baby Milk Bath.

In the gift pack I purchased, the products come in 60ml tubes. Very useful for travel. If you buy the product individually, the Milk series of products come in a bottle resembling a milk bottle – uber cute.
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