Daiso is like an Aladdin’s cave of wondrous things that you never thought you needed till Daiso told us so. Stepping in there, it’s so easy to get carried away – I dare you to tell me otherwise! Before I know it, I’m staggering up to the cashier with a basket piled high with all sorts of random items. The worst part is that RM5 adds up very quickly!

Yet, like Aladdin’s cave, it’s full of treasures, especially in the organization/storage department. Today, I’ll show you one that I posted on Instagram a couple of days ago and which generated quite a lot of interest. I figured, I might as well blog about it right? :)

daiso stackable plastic box

The item is this innocuous looking plastic box, which is known as a Stackable Storage Box and you can find it at the section where they sell all the different types of storage boxes available.

I picked up a few a couple of months ago, because I wanted something that would help me keep my dresser and drawers organised, but didn’t want to pay for something from Ikea (functional but expensive) nor Muji (ditto). In fact, it was while I was in Muji buying my PP Storage box that I first saw similar looking storage boxes but I wasn’t up to paying for them either.

So, finding what is commonly termed a ‘dupe’ at Daiso had me dancing in the aisles. Ok, erm… no I don’t dance 😀

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a girl who, through neglect and the evil spell of “laziness”, found herself slowly morphing into a lizard.

It started at the furthest of her extremities, with the skin on her toes first drying out and flaking. But did she pay attention? Oh no! (If she had right then, there wouldn’t be a story to tell would there?)

The evil spell and gentle morph from human to scaly reptile slowly crept up the feet and legs, turning once smooth, soft skin into dry, hard, scales. Skin was stretched and shiny and lined through neglect. Things came to a head one day, when lizard-gal discovered a very dry and itchy patch of skin on her shin.

Thinking it was mere skin irritation or a bug bite, she gave it no mind, but scratch she did. Until one day, she looked down (finally!) and noticed the scales and the red, angry, bumpy, itchy, irritated patch of skin on her legs.

Panicking, she turned to Dr. Google, which told her it could be anything from psoriasis to cancer (Isn’t Dr. Google a consolation?) But more digging prompted a different diagnosis. It might just be skin that was too dry, which had cracked and allowed itself to be infected.

So Lizard-gal started oiling herself up like a salad daily, yet it didn’t stop the slow encroachment of scaly skin. Until one evening, her eye fell on an old gift which had been sitting on her bedside table for the longest time.

loccitane ultra rich body cream

Now, the problem with Lizard-gal is that she hated using body lotions and body creams. Living in the tropics as she did, body creams and lotions tended to be sticky and to leave a greasy, oily film on the skin that could be very uncomfortable, especially on warm nights.

It didn’t help that the salve was called the L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream Rich in Shea Butter, which conjured up images of butter on toast, and a sticky date pudding.

But desperate times called for desperate measures, if Lizard-gal was to stop the onslaught of the scales.

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If there is one item from the Chanel fashion house that most women covet, it’s their Classic Flap bag or the 2.55 bag, both often confusingly referred as the same thing, and they are. But also a wee bit different depending on your point of reference. It gets complicated to get into details, so suffice to say that the iconic quilted flap bag is our common point of reference.

2.55 refers to February, 1955 the year that Madamoiselle Coco Chanel designed the bag we know today as the 2.55 – a rectangular bag with quilted leather design and a turnlock clasp, with thin double straps of metal chain interwoven with leather strips.

Ok, I did say “most women” but truth be told, when I was much younger, I thought the 2.55 was quite “aunty” looking and scoffed at it 😛 Naturally, I changed my mind later when I approached Aunty age haha! 😀

chanel l'intemporel eyeshadow palette

Anyway, what Chanel beauty has done, is drawn on that inspiration of the double-chain strap of the iconic 2.55 bag and come up with an eyeshadow palette embossed with that very design. Think of it this way – if your savings aren’t quite there to purchase your own Classic Flap or 2.55 Reissue bag, this palette would probably be the next best thing 😉

The thing about Chanel eyeshadow palettes is this. They have this permanent range of quads (recently reformulated, so I’m in love with the reformulation!) but they often release limited edition quints, and previously when Chanel quads were crap, I’d look out for these quints because the quality of these pressed shadows were far superior. My personal favourite is the Matelasses palette from a couple of years ago which I still use often.

So, when news of the L’Intemporel de Chanel Eyeshadow Palette first came out, I was very intrigued.

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Buy enough makeup or skincare and chances are, you never ever have to buy a makeup bag/pouch. Hands up whoever agrees with me LOL! 😀 I don’t know how it is overseas, but here, GWP (Gifts with Purchase) are common and a common GWP is a fancy makeup pouch. Heaven knows, I’ve collected, given away and used so many free makeup pouches in my time. It came to the point that I’d actually decline a free makeup pouch because I have a cupboard full of them!

Yet quite recently, I bought one.

I blame my friend Xin, who texted me one evening with her dilemma as to whether to buy this adorable makeup pouch she discovered at Muji.

muji wide mouth makeup pouch

It’s quite unassuming isn’t it? So we texted back and forth, she sent me a bunch of photos and eventually the clincher came – “It’s on 30% discount” so I said “Ok, buy me one and let’s see what it does!” I’m suggestible that way 😀

But there was a reason I wanted it, and when I took it home during the Chinese New Year break recently, I discovered just what a nifty little thing it is. Yes, emphasis on little, because it isn’t very big is it? As you see in the picture, it sits in the palm of my hand quite comfortably and it barely takes up any space, yet it’s like Mary Poppin’s bag in there – it fits a ton!

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