Do you realise how HARD it is to get a pair of good-looking ballet flats that feel comfortable, allow you to walk for hours without pinching and above all, look cute? Well, yeah. Tell me about it! I’d been on the search for what seems like FOREVER!

But my search has ended! I’ve gotten a lot of enquiries about this pair of ballet flats, and every time I post a picture of them on IG, I get more. So, it’s time I actually blogged about them right? haha!

sam edelman felicia flats

These are my favourite pair of ballet flats and they are the Sam Edelman Felicia ballet flats. I first bought the black pair off Shopbop a year or so back, on a bit of a whim, without knowing anything about the brand or its shoes. Yes, I sometimes don’t do research – walk on the wild side y’know 😉

But my gamble paid off, for these are now my favourite pair of flats, ever! If you’re in the market for a pair of uber comfortable, soft as butter, cute as a button ballet flats, you could do worse than these 😀

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I’ve been promising some of you that I’d talk about this product, for quite a while now. Sorry for my tardiness, but finally, I’ve sorted out what I wanted to say, and more importantly, sorted out the photos! LOL! I swear, the latter takes a lot more time to sort out than my muddle of thoughts!

pai skincare rosehip bioregenerate oil

This product is the Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, and I don’t know where you can get it in store in Malaysia. I had to get it out there, so if it’s available locally and you know where, please do share. I can tell you however, that you can get it online, and that this is one of my favourite face oils.

But it wasn’t always that way. When I first received it from Pure Tincture about a year ago, I didn’t like it one bit. So what changed?

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When I told my friends I’d meet them at the Chanel counter, I didn’t realise it would mean I’d open my wallet and yell “Take my money!” at the cashier. Well, not nearly as melodramatic as that, but while I cursorily glanced at the Chanel Summer 2015 collection, just barely glancing at the pretty Camelia embossed Lumiere d’ete bronzer, it was at the Les Beiges display that I paused.

It was at the Les Beiges counter that my hands hovered, hesitating ever so minutely over the selection of Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Sticks available. Not for me the prettily striped Healthy Glow Multi Colour Mariniere SPF15 highlighting powder. The only thing that caught my eye was the stick blush.

chanel les beiges healthy glow sheer colour stick blush no. 21 pink

I even gave myself time over lunch to think about it. Hello, ladies. I have a whole drawer full of blush in all textures and shades imaginable. Did I need another blush? Do I need another nipple? Ok nix that last question LOL! 😀

But the answer, if you’re wondering, is no. I do not need another blush (nor nipple) and let’s face it, neither do you. But did I want it? For some godforsaken reason, I did. I wanted it so badly, I strolled back after lunch at a quick trot and got it – without even really testing it! Now that my friends, is lust 😛

I’m happy to report though, that ever since I brought it home, I’ve been using nothing but this blush for the past week. And that, my friends, is love! 😀

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A couple of years back, I shared what I packed for a trip where it was going to be chilly and dry in Spring. I come from the Tropics where the temperature varies very little. Our version of seasons is Hot and Wet and Hot and Dry, with Hot being the operative word. Humidity? It’s at 100%. We’re like fish living underwater LOL! I sometimes wonder if I should be evolving gills at any time…

So, whenever I head somewhere else in the world that has more variation in the weather, I face a little challenge as to what to pack in terms of my skincare, since I’m not about to head out and buy a whole new range just for travel, right?

skincare cold dry weather tibet

I thought I’d share an updated version of “What skincare is in my travel bag” because while the basic concepts I employ for packing skincare haven’t changed, the products have. So, some of you who are travelling may find this useful, or to take a peep at my updated travel skincare routine 😀

These products came with me on a 10 day trip to China and Tibet in Spring-Summer where the temperature varied from 23°C in the middle of the day to -2°C in the evenings. The air was chilly, the wind was cold and due to the altitude Lhasa is at, the air is incredibly dry. You can quite literally feel your skin tightening and stretching from all that loss of moisture. Due to its location as well, it gets incredibly bright sun, which is great for sightseeing and photographs, but all those unfiltered UV rays that beat down on you from a clear blue sky plays merry hell with your skin.

With all this in mind, here’s what I packed, and what, if anything I might do or pack differently the next time I head somewhere cold and dry, and you don’t have to buy new stuff! :)

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