blog giveaway Your Say: Do you enter blog giveaways? What prompts you to enter?

I had some people ask me about running blog giveaways and it was something I planned to talk about some day in my sporadic blogging tips category, but then I started wondering instead less about running giveaways than about going on the other side of the fence – entering giveaways.

Many of us, bloggers and readers, read a lot of blogs and many blogs will at one time or another run a giveaway. I’m curious if you are wont to enter these giveaways and what prompts you to do so? The prizes? To support the blogger? The spirit of entering a contest and hopefully winning?

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Ok, let’s get it out there. I love this Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. Yes, I’m late to to trying this foundation since it’s been out for a while, but it wasn’t for want of trying. I had a really poor experience at the MUFE counters at Sephora over 2 years ago and I swore off buying anything from them even though I was very interested in many of their things. I used to be a ardent user of their eyeshadows and Full Cover concealer, going through a couple of tubes of the latter even. But one horrible experience, where the SA at the counter refused (yes, that’s right, refused flat out) to allow me to purchase a foundation shade I wanted (I got the right shade, she wanted me to use one 2 shades darker) had me cutting off the brand from my radar.

But later, Make Up For Ever opened up their pro boutique on the 1st floor of Sephora Starhill and that is the place to go to for your needs. I had decent service there and I wasn’t pushed into buying crap I didn’t want, while allowing me to buy the crap I wanted, and everyone was happy.

mufe hd foundation2 Always have camera perfect foundation with the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Which is how I finally ended up buying the HD Invisible Cover Foundation in shade #N115. Sephora describes this as 115 Ivory, for light skin with pink undertones which is pretty accurate for me. I find this to be a fairly neutral shade that swatches on my hand lighter than I expected, but when worn on my face, is the perfect shade. So always try foundation where it is to be applied, folks, on your face not on your hands icon razz Always have camera perfect foundation with the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

I will have to say that finding the right shade can be a little tricky. There are about 26 shades available with subtle nuances in each that allow it to suit most skintones, but you have to try it on to be sure so it is a high risk buying this sight unseen.

Make Up For Ever (MUFE) describes this as a HD High Definition Foundation because it has medium to high coverage, and gives skin the soft-focus effect so you look flawless up close and even under harsh lighting. While I and most of us, are rarely thrust under the spotlight, I like how this foundation makes my skin look pretty much perfect for photographs and in person for days when I feel the need to impress. Oh yeah, we all have those days don’t we? icon wink Always have camera perfect foundation with the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

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Last year, Coach introduced a new bag – the Borough Bag – as part of their line up and that was quite a success, it seems. The sleek clean lines of the bag was reflective of Coach’s heritage and it was well received. This year, Coach welcomes a new designer, Stuart Vevers, who has taken a bold, and some might say, refreshing step away from the clean lines Coach is known for, and giving it an edge.

coach pink rhyder Riding a Coach into Fall/Winter 2014 with the introduction of The Rhyder bag

A new star bag is also introduced, the Rhyder bag, which is edgy, young and yet, will appeal to those who want a fairly affordable, embellished satchel type bag. While the Rhyder bag does get my attention somewhat, I can’t honestly say that the rest of the Fall/Winter 2014 collection was my style.

Stuart Vevers, had drawn his inspiration for his inaugural collection for Coach, from Americana it seems. I’m seeing a lot of Wild West influence, as well as some native American touches which are noticeable in the clothing and the accessories. I’d safely say that Americana isn’t my style, but since I’m not much into fashionable clothes and because I know my bags better than any other fashion accessory, let me show you some of the new bags from Coach, along with how they’d look when worn icon biggrin Riding a Coach into Fall/Winter 2014 with the introduction of The Rhyder bag

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If I can’t drag myself to Sardinia and the beautiful Mediterranean sea, I can jolly well pretend! At least I can try to ease myself into this mindset of glorious blue waters and bright sunshine with fragrance; and when I want that mindset, my fingers find themselves reaching for the crystal clear blue glass bottle of the Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo scents.

acqua di parma ginepro2 Acqua di Parma Ginepro di Sardegna: One of the softest wood and spice fragrances to comfort the senses

One of my favourite perfumes is the citrus whiff of Arancia di Capri that brings to mind sun-ripened oranges. Friends I’ve introduced it to have happily embraced it as well, which makes me happy of course. I have a rather strange nose for scents and what I like doesn’t always sit well with everyone.

The newest inclusion in the Blu Mediterraneo range of scents is Ginepro di Sardegna or Juniper of Sardinia. I’d tried a juniper based scent before this from Penhaligons and I can safely tell you I ran screaming in the opposite direction. So I approached Ginepro di Sardegna with a lot of trepidation. But my fears were for naught because I love this one!

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