Earlier this year, we were treated to a slew of new foundations from different brands, and noticeable among the new offerings were these “serum foundations” – liquid foundation infused with skincare benefits like that of a serum, so your makeup doesn’t compromise your skin.

I tried the one from Bobbi Brown a while ago, and I liked it, much to my surprise. It might be because of the texture, which is a little creamier and therefore kinder to more *ahem* matured or drier skin types. Then, I was later offered to try the Dior Diorskin Nude Air foundation. Naturally, I said yes. I had to see if one of my favourite brands for foundation got it right.

diorskin nude air foundation 010

Well, let’s just say that I wasn’t as enamoured with the Diorskin Nude Air foundation as I was with the Diorskin Nude which I still use and still love to bits. That one’s one of my Top 8 foundations and suffice to say, this one won’t make it. It won’t even get a sniff at anywhere near the top BUT I don’t think it’s all bad. I think I am not as in love with this as many people, because I believe it suits someone with combination-oily skin better than someone with drier skin.

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Hello friends!

Guess who’s now live and on TV.

No, go on, guess. LOL Ok, enough of the teasing. I’d like to welcome you to my new little project – MWStv, which is basically my swanky name for my brand new YouTube channel. Yes, I’ve only just gone and set up a YouTube channel! Eeps!

mwstv youtube

I had intended to share this piece of news in the coming week, but it sort of sprouted a life of its own and got out there (as will happen), so I didn’t think it fair to keep it under wraps any longer.

I premiered my very first video yesterday, to the MWS Companions who are subscribed to the email newsletter and I’m very encouraged and thankful for the support given. At least no one has told me they hated it… yet 😛 But while YouTube is known to be a scary place, I have every confidence that the friendly, mature and comfortable nature of the MWS community will extend itself to MWStv :)

I’ve got the video for you below if you’d like to watch it here, and I’ll tell you a little of what you may expect (lest I get your expectations up) :)

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One of my first forays into the Antipodes Skincare brand was through a cleanser – the Juliet Brightening gel Cleanser – which I thoroughly enjoyed using to the very last drop. It was natural therefore that when I finished the last cleanser I was using, and wanted something new, I toddled off and picked up another Antipodes cleanser. This time, it was their cream cleanser, and I picked it because I’ve realised that I like using cream cleansers. They feel more gentle and more luxurious on older… ok, more matured skin like mine. Ah, what a difference semantics makes!

antipodes hallelujah lime & patchouli cleanser

Do I like this as much as I have enjoyed using the other Antipodes products? Would it surprise you to hear that my answer is yes? 😛 Ok, let me spare you the drama. Yes, I thoroughly enjoy using this cleanser, which is my morning cleanser, and I love how gentle and comfortable it feels on my skin.

Now, lets get down to the nitty-gritty 😀

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Ok, hands up whoever has faced this problem of laziness before. Picture this.

You come home late from either a long day at work, or a party, or a meeting, or you just feel lazy that evening as you stare at your skincare arsenal, thinking of the multiple steps you have ahead of you. All that spritzing, massaging, lotions, potions…. When all you want to do is to just shower and get into bed and let Mr. Sandman do his job.

lazy skincare routine

What do you do?

Do you drag yourself up, tell yourself that you can’t afford to be lazy, and go through your whole skincare routine? Do you think “Oh sod all this!” and just crawl into bed and hope for the best?

What will YOU do in this beauty scenario?

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