Hello Hello peeps! 😀

We haven’t had a good ol’ chat in a while have we? I just checked my archives and the last time I ran a MWS Cafe chat was back in 2013. What the….?!

Well, let’s remedy that :)

mws cafe

If you are wondering what this Cafe business is, no, I’m not opening a cafe and most certainly am not opening a cafe at the foot of snowy mountains! 😀 Goodness, I’d drink all my profits, I’m sure! Instead, it’s a little break in routine, for you to pull up a chair and join us around the figurative table for some good ol’ chit chat. New to the cafe? You’re in for a treat!

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I haven’t talked makeup brushes for a while haven’t I? This last post doesn’t quite count LOL! But I am still buying and using my brushes, it’s just that the slow down in my posting schedule means my blog real estate is really quite precious space these days. So I’ve put off telling you about the makeup brushes I use… until now.

You see, I can’t put this one off any longer. I realised that I just HAD to share with you how much I love this little brush, after I realised that I didn’t like when I wash it and then have to use something else while waiting for this to dry. So, this is back-up material, this is!

make up for ever 216 precision eye blender brush

I bought this last year during one of the Sephora 20% off storewide sales. I passed the Make Up For Ever counter and for some reason, paused to peep at their (then) new brushes on display. For some reason, this one caught my eye and with a 20% discount making it even more attractive, I bought it.

It’s the 216 Medium Precision Eye Blender Brush and next to my MAC 239, it’s my favourite eyeshadow brush that I own! It may even be yours too, if you have small eyelid space like me and want a brush that can help you with crease and accent colour 😀

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The only reason I started wearing liquid foundation was because all these wonderful brands started releasing liquid foundations that were lightweight on skin without wearing like a mask. Yet, so often, lightweight is equated with sheer doesn’t it? Well, this one isn’t, and it’s one of my favourite new foundations (I’m working on a new compilation after my Top 8 fave foundations – Next 8 favourite maybe?) with 2 caveats.

laura mercier smooth flawless fluide foundation creme

This new foundation is the Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Foundation, which is such a mouthful I just call it the Fluide foundation. It was released early in 2015 and from online reports, seems very well received, and rightly so I feel :)

First off, the packaging is sleek and compact. If you ever want a foundation that you can take travelling with you or slip it into a slim makeup pouch, this would be it.

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A little while ago, I received a very interesting query from a reader. I can’t remember who it is now, and I apologise, but I promised I’d explain it all in a blog post, which is this one right here 😀

Basically, the reader had noted that I was using quite a lot of natural and/or organic brands of skincare products in recent times in my skincare routine, and she was wondering if it was a conscious choice on my part. Was I veering towards using more natural and/or organic skincare, away from my love and use of chemical based products?

use more natural or organic skincare products

I thought it was a very interesting question because I hadn’t quite consciously noticed it on my part, but when I took a look at my skincare routine, the question made sense.

But I’m also curious about what you think. With natural and/or organic skincare products being more easily available these days (and from fairly established brands, not only indie brands) do you find yourself using more natural and/or organic skincare products? Is it something you consciously choose to use?

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