Very often, in my beauty experiments, I come across products that I consider similar in form or function and when I find them from different ends of the price spectrum, I share what I call a “Save and Splurge” post. Often, they’re products I like. It only makes sense to share things you like, and finding a good enough option to save money on is always a boon.

But today, I’d like to warn you instead that sometimes, a splurge is a lesser evil than a save option. Today we talk about shower oils.

loccitane almond oil lipidol body cleansing oil

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t have a lot of experience with shower oils. In fact, I don’t know of many brands that do shower oils, or a body cleansing oil that you can use in the shower. So, my experience may be limited to just one, the very excellent L’Occitane Shower Oil.

Shower oils are, as the name implies, an oil that you use in the shower in place of your shower gel or soap. It cleanses your skin without stripping it of its natural oils, keeps skin feeling moist and supple and contrary to popular belief, does not leave your skin feeling oily after use. Think of it like a cleansing oil for the body – it emulsifies upon contact with water and rinses off clean. I’m a huge huge fan of the Splurge option, but I was also introduced to a Save option not long ago, so here’s what I think of it.

Oh and if you know of other brands that do shower oils, please do let me know because I’m always up to try more!

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Finish makeup? You have to be kidding right?!

I can just see that running through the minds of all you makeup afficionados out there :D I can quite easily run through my favourite skincare and use it up over time, but makeup is a whole different kettle of fish. I attempted a project once a few years ago, where I only used 1 eyeshadow and 1 blush for a whole month and I barely made a dent in them, much less come close to finishing it.

finish makeup

As much as we like to complain about how little product we get with makeup items for the price we pay, the fact is that we only use very little each time. The product we would use the most would be foundation and that usually runs out more quickly. Not so for me, because I have a ton that I cycle through, but for the majority, foundation is the item that runs out the quickest. Colour products are rarer.

But you know what? I actually have recently finished (or at least practically finished) 2 makeup items very recently, including one colour product, and that makes me kind of proud, in a perverse sort of way :P Have you finished any makeup item recently and if so, are you repurchasing or was it just a one off thing?

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You know, before I got into this makeup thing, I didn’t know something called a “primer” existed. Ok, I did. But it was in the context of painting walls. Ideally, you apply a layer of primer before your paint colour to make it last longer and look smoother (but how many of us know or do that? Very few, I’d warrant!) So, when I was introduced to the concept of face primer, I was quite intrigued. When I came to know about eyeshadow primer, I was even more intrigued! Something to help eyeshadow stay in place!

At the time, the Urban Decay Primer Potion, or affectionately known as UDPP was all the rage. I tried a tube and hastily discarded it. It felt like polyfilla or spackle or whatever you call those things you use to patch up holes in walls. It was dry and drying and thick and yuck. Hated it and didn’t get the hype. I also realised it was also because I didn’t need it. I don’t have oily lids so eye colours don’t usually smudge or fade a lot on me. Sure, it fades after a whole day at work, but then I’m faded by then too, aren’t you? :P

nars pro prime smudgeproof eyeshadow primer

So, when I was introduced to the NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, I raised a brow. Another thing I didn’t need. But I tried it for the sake of experimentation, and it surprised me. While I still don’t need to use an eyeshadow primer on a regular basis, if I do have to use one, this would be the one I’d pick. And why would that be?

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Happy New Year 2015

by Paris B on · 54 comments

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Happy New Year lovelies!

With the dawn of a new day and a new year, this is probably the most opportune time for me to crawl out of my hidey hole where I’ve been hibernating for the past 2 months and squint into the sun and say “I’m back!” Or maybe I’m not. Where are my sunglasses again? *squint*


Either way, dithering and rambling aside, I’m here to tell you that MWS is for the most part, back on your reading list. While this is a rather insipid post to kick off the new year and to make that slambang comeback (I feel more like a fizzled out firework than the glorious pinwheel spinning across the night sky) that really wasn’t my intention. I’d have loved to spring into your mailbox and feed reader with a huge grin and theatrical flair, all glitter and glitz and fireworks, and then proceed to tell you just how I was going to kick ass now that I’m back, refreshed from being a bear all the winter of my discontent.

But instead, I’m going to invite you come sit down on this comfy couch, sip some tea and slow down a little. I’m not going to make a big announcement about how “things are going to change” or what I’m going to do to make that change because the truth is that I don’t know. So often, what looks like change ends up being just the same old thing so I’m not falling down that rabbit hole again.

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