I shared this picture on Instagram last week, where I proclaimed this to be among my least favourite liquid foundations. If I have a Top 8 liquid foundation list, this one falls in my Bottom 8 foundation list. Ok, I lie I don’t have a Bottom 8 (although if I think hard enough, I might be able to pick them out) but if I had that list, this would be down there at No. 7.

disappointing brands

But the abysmal performance of the foundation aside, what interested me were the comments I received. Those who had tried this foundation (so popular at one time, and which I hear, is making a comeback – WHY?!) agreed with me that it was heavy and greasy with no wow factor. But many were in agreement with the fact that as a brand, they tended to be disappointed with Benefit Cosmetics.

Naturally, that started me thinking. Is there a brand that consistently disappoints you with their products? Do you notice that trend, or are you liable to find hits and misses in all brands equally?

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I’m actually quite a fan of the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, one which I’ve forgotten time and again to dedicate a full review to, but one that I use quite often. I’d picked it as one of my Top 8 Liquid Foundations, which is no mean feat, considering I have quite a few in rotation. I’ll remedy this soon (I hope!) I keep saying it but I really should just buckle down and get to it instead of just saying it eh? :)

When I first heard that Urban Decay was coming up with a concealer in the same formula, I have to say I was interested. While I have my holy grail concealer that I’d already repurchased, I’m quite a sucker for concealer.

urban decay naked concealer fair neutral


I use a very light foundation base most of the time, so concealer is what I use and need, to help hide flaws that my foundation can’t deal with. I usually use them around my under-eye area (bad nights – what can I say?!) and along my cheekbones where my pigmentation/freckles are at their worst. So far, I’ve eschewed all concealer for my HG product.

But then one day, the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer landed on my desk, and I got curious. What if I liked this as much as I like their Naked Skin Foundation? What if this was my new Holy Grail? (Women, we’re fickle!) Well, there was only one way to find out! 😀

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I think I’ve built up a bit of reputation for liking (and burning) luxury candles. Yes, I burn Diptyque and while I do so because I enjoy the scents, I am aware that they are incredibly expensive. I’ve had people tell me I might as well just set some bank notes alight; which is true in a sense, except that a) burning bank notes don’t give off a lovely scent and b) they don’t last as long 😀

But recently, surrounded as I am with my trappings of luxury, I’ve found myself reaching more and more often for an affordably priced candle, that does a lovely job of scenting my living room and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg (nor provoke discussions of burning banknotes).

mrs meyers clean day scented soy candle

The candles in question are the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Soy Candles, and I can’t remember now who sicced me onto them (I think it was someone on Twitter – thank you!) but I picked up a couple from iHerb and I love them! Hey, for under RM40, what’s there not to love eh? 😀

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Some time a couple of weeks ago, I was looking up the price of Hydraluron serum and I noticed that it was now RM109 as opposed to RM80 back in December 2013 when I first used it. Now, I am quite aware that a price increase over time is inevitable, and in the big scheme of things, considering the price of skincare these days, RM109 is still fairly affordable. But at a RM29 price hike, that is an over 36% increase, not including the 6% GST (Goods and Services Tax) to be levied.

rising prices beauty products

It’s not just Hydraluron that’s gone up in price. Since I started this blogging lark, a lot of prices of beauty products have slowly creeped up over the years and what was expensive back then is astronomical now, and what was “quite expensive” then would be considered “luxurious” now.

And I just wondered how it has affected you, as the consumer? Have you noticed this slow creep of upward prices and does it influence your beauty spending?

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