When I was a kid, I remember being force-fed a foul smelling white emulsion that I came to fear and run away from the minute I see the bottle appear. Hands up if you too were averse to Scott’s Cod Liver Oil Emulsion icon razz Tip: Taking Cod Liver Oil for health helped improve my skin too The minute I could assert my rights, I refused to take any more of it and that was that.

However, I was recently nursing a very bad cough that was dragging on for weeks and I suddenly remembered my Mom telling me that taking cod liver oil would help. Well, I wasn’t about to down that foul emulsion anymore so I got a bottle of cod liver oil capsules from the brand Seven Seas.

cod liver oil Tip: Taking Cod Liver Oil for health helped improve my skin too

I was told that I could take a slightly higher dose to start, and the recommended dose was 1-2 capsules 3 times a day. So I would take about 8 capsules a day. My cough did go away eventually (a combination of antibiotics, cough mixture) but I continued taking the cod liver oil capsules since I already had a bottle of it, and to build up my immunity.

About a month and after taking 100 capsules, I woke up one day to a realization that not only was my cough almost gone, my skin was looking and feeling better than it has been in a while, despite the fact I’d been sick as a dog and under tremendous life stress. I had some marks from some stubborn cystic acne spots around my chin and mouth and my skin was feeling a bit clogged and bumpy and just blah.

But I hadn’t been experiencing that lately. Instead, I noticed that my skin was looking a lot better. It felt significantly smoother, pores looked smaller, skin looked more refined and glowy and most of the pesky spots and clogged pores were all but gone. Blemishes and marks healed and disappeared quickly and scarring and marking of skin was minimal. That was when I wondered “Could it be that the cod liver oil was helping my skin look better?”

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It’s probably not much of a secret that I’m not a huge fan of the Dior Addict Fluid Sticks. I love the colours and intensity of pigment, but the texture did not sit well with me. It was about this time that I came across many mentions of a similar hybrid lipbalm-lipgloss-lip colour product coming out of Lancome’s stables. The raves for this one was astounding and some touted them to be even better than Dior’s offering.

Naturally therefore, I had to see what the fuss was all about! icon biggrin Wondering if the Lancôme Lip Lover will make me fall in love with this hybrid lip product

lancome lip lover Wondering if the Lancôme Lip Lover will make me fall in love with this hybrid lip product

The product is the Lancome Lip Lover and I was told they would be available locally in June 2014 but I couldn’t wait, so I picked mine up online about a month ago. There is quite a large range of colours to choose from and I know the expectation is for me to go for a red lip so I did, but I also chose a lighter, more neutral lip shade as well.

The 2 colours I ended up with Beige Adage 332 and Belle de Rouge 356. I can tell you off the bat that I’m not fawning over them so these are likely to be my first and last Lip Lovers, but I have also found a lip colour to love so it isn’t a total whitewash icon smile Wondering if the Lancôme Lip Lover will make me fall in love with this hybrid lip product

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I haven’t had a lot of reason (nor time) to get on my blogging soapbox recently but I’m a little burnt out talking about makeup and skincare so I thought I’d make a little detour today (I was even soaking up info on car tyres recently, for a change of scene! icon biggrin Simple Blogging Tips: Its ok not to like everything and its ok to say so ). For those who are new, I like sharing some simple tips about blogging based on the experience I’ve garnered over the years and I like hearing about what you think too.

One of the things I’ve been asked is whether it’s alright to say you don’t like something that was given to you, or otherwise.

not like everything Simple Blogging Tips: Its ok not to like everything and its ok to say so

My answer has and always will be – why not?

There is no rule in blogging, whether about beauty or otherwise, that says that you need only say lovely things when writing a product review. Sure, it always come down to personal preferences, but I don’t see why personal thoughts and dislikes should be stifled in the hope of getting on the good side of a brand or PR person.

And this sharing of thoughts and opinions is, for me, what’s most important. It’s the whole essence of why blogs have become what they are – a repository of information. If you blog, do you ever feel a little conflicted about blogging about a product or service you did not like? Do you feel that you’d rather not write about it than say something that runs against the general raves?

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When I started my obsession with cleansing balms (yes, it’s an obsession I’ve curbed temporarily but will, I suspect be back in full force in a few months once I’m more settled) the one that kept popping up in recommendations was the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm.

Naturally therefore, at the first opportunity, I popped off and got myself a tub and dug in. It wasn’t all that smooth a journey though. I had my moments and my doubts about how I felt about this cleansing balm despite all the raves, and I just wasn’t sure.

clinique take day off balm At the end of a long day, Clinique invites you to Take The Day Off with their Cleansing Balm

But, fast forward 4 months and half a tub later, I can safely tell you that I’ve put all doubts aside and although I wasn’t enamoured with it from the get go, I like it now.

I even like it a lot more because of the attractive and relatively wallet friendly price, and because it comes in a large volume and will last a while. Oh and it does a great job as it claims, but with one caveat. I think it works best when used with a face flannel, not merely washed off. Continue Reading ►


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