Alright, who’s ready for Christmas… or as they say in very PC circles these days, the “Holiday season”? It used to be called Christmas collections not very long ago but it’s now known as Holiday collections. Call it what we want, the end of year makeup and beauty collections are usually one that everyone looks out for because you get some very good value sets and also some very pretty products. Bling! Sparkle! It’s all found in the Chris… I mean Holiday makeup collections :D

sephora christmas holiday sets

Sephora Makeup Trio Pouches RM92, Ornament Lip Gloss RM16

I was recently given a preview of some of the Holiday Collections that will be carried by various Sephora-exclusive brands and since I know that most of you are also waiting for news of their availability and what to get, I thought I’d give you a quick overview and preview of what will be available from the various makeup brands, and also what I would look out for.

To make it easier for you, I’ve also separated them out into 3 price categories (do note that because I’m in Malaysia, this information is accurate for Sephora Malaysia stores and prices are listed in RM)

  • Below RM100
  • RM100-199
  • RM200 and above

This will, I hope, make it easier for you to decide how to budget for your Sephora purchases come early November 2014 when everything bursts into stores nationwide :D So, brace yourself for a very photo-intensive post and please tell me what your picks will be! :D

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Truth be told, I’m not your biggest fan of micellar waters or cleansing waters. I know they are all the rage, with Bioderma Sensibio taking centrestage for many (Bioderma is now available locally. I’ve seen it in Guardian pharmacies but the prices are jaw-droppingly high! I’d never buy any of their products here sorry to say. Wanting me to pay over RM200 for a sunscreen I’m not even sure is that great is just crazy. I’ll buy online instead) Ahem! Moving on… :D

Personally, I found that I preferred using Caudalie’s cleansing water, and since if I do use cleansing waters, I only use it to remove face makeup and then move on with my double cleansing routine, I’m not really that fussed about how efficient they are as a one stop cleaner-remover-thingy. But I recently tried this one from Dr. Brandt and I must say that despite my scepticism, this Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water is very nice.

dr brandt xyy dual fusion water

What I liked about this Dr. Brandt Dual Fusion Water is how gentle it is against my skin and yet how effective it is at removing most of my makeup at the end of the day without using a lot of product.

The product comes in a plastic bottle and the liquid is a strange yellowish shade which would have looked nicer if it was clear but I guess they have their reasons for choosing this colour. It comes with a flip top cap that doesn’t over-pour product onto your cotton pad. When something is as pricey as this one is, it matters not to waste a single drop!

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I love using facial oils and I’ve personally found that they’re very good for me. In fact, in recent times, I’ve been focusing a lot on facial oils and have been neglecting using serums. But happily, the oils seem to be working well enough that I don’t feel the need to use a serum unless it’s a hydrating serum. Yes, I’m afraid even the use of my old standby of the EL ANR serum has fallen on the wayside. It isn’t to say that I’ll never use it again. I will, but in recent times because I’m paring back on my skincare routine for a while, facial oils fill that gap that a serum would otherwise fill, and in many ways, fills it better.

how to use facial oils

It is also rather heartening that since my renewed interest in facial oils, many brands now carry good quality oils and I’m seeing a bit of renaissance in the beauty industry with many new facial oils being launched and made available under many brands, including the mainstream brands. I think it’s great! Choice is always good :D

However, I also know that a lot of people struggle to use facial oils and to get over the notion of putting oil on their skin so after months of experimenting, I’ve narrowed it down to 3 very simple ways to get the most benefit out of using face oils. I call it the 3 M’s of using facial oils :D

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no makeup weekends

You know, I often read posts like “10 minute makeup” or “How to do the no-makeup look” which, if you ask me is commendable. There is something to be said for wearing makeup, even if very minimal makeup. In many ways, just a touch of powder to reduce shine, or a touch of base to even out skintone, or just drawing in brows can make a subtle and flattering difference to how we look and how we face the world; and face it, how the world perceives us.

But I was wondering also if you put on your “face” every time you head out the door, even if just for a grocery run? Does it matter to you to have to have some makeup on when you leave the house, or do you just walk out the door au naturele? How often do you leave the house bare-faced?

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