I’m usually quite taken by Christmas or Holiday makeup releases, but this year, I’m feeling a little underwhelmed by most of the offerings. It almost feels like I’ve seen them all before and in a sense, I might have. After a few years, things do start repeating themselves. But there’s one item I always look out for – Guerlain Meteorites.

The simple reason is because I use them, and I collect them and no, I don’t expect everyone to understand :D

guerlain rouge parade meteorites perles d'etoile

It was quite a pain hunting these down, if I might just say so. Different department stores told me different things (most are only making them available in the 2nd week of November) but I managed to get my hands on the Guerlain Perles d’Etoiles Meteorites Illuminating Pearls and the limited edition Rouge G in Rouge Parade 820 at Parkson Pavilion KL. They don’t have the Petrouchka Eye and Cheek palette yet but I’m not planning to get it so I wasn’t fussed.

I got these yesterday and tested them on today so this will not be an in-depth review. I’ll just share my thoughts, swatches and whether they’re worth getting, because it will cost a pretty penny.

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Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but when I went for the Chanel Fragrance Journey a while ago, that was the first time I found out about something called a “Hair Mist”. Apparently, although it sounds like a decadent beauty item to own, it’s one of their most popular fragrance products. Go figure eh?

tip perfume neutralise food smell

But that wasn’t my take-away from it. What I learned is that the Hair Mist can not only refresh hair and leave it smelling softly of your favourite scent, if your favourite scent is No. 5, but it can also be used to neutralise food smells. Now, that was a bit of trivia I filed away in my memory palace. I knew it was going to come in handy one day.

And it did! I don’t own the Hair Mist, but I decided to try something of my own using travel/sample perfume spay vials :D

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You know, it took me a long while to warm up to BB Creams and it wasn’t until I eventually found some that actually worked for me that I actually warmed up to the idea of using them. By that time, CC Creams had come on the scene and I had a headdesk moment. I was going to have to re-learn the whole notion of alphabet creams again!

CC Creams, or Colour Correcting creams claimed to be an improvement on BB Creams. They boasted a lighter texture, and colour correcting pigments instead of mere tint. If you ask me however, barring some truly colour correcting creams that are basically primers to correct sallowness or redness in skintone, there is very little to distinguish BB or CC Creams. So you know what? Don’t bother. Just use whatever you like, whatever it may be called. Even if it be a GG (Glamorously Gorgeous) Cream which isn’t yet invented but which just might be :P Remember however, it is first and foremost a makeup item, not skincare so please clean it off accordingly and please do not attempt to sleep in it.

clinique, peter thomas roth, olay cc cream

But because everyone loves labels, I thought I’d share with you 3 CC Creams I’ve tried that I actually like and use pretty often. It might surprise you that a popular CC Cream that was said to have started the whole trend isn’t here in my list, but you know, that’s life :) I just found myself preferring these. So let me quickly share them with you because I’ve never reviewed them individually before this and I’ve got a tip for making these CC Creams work better for me! :D

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Earlier this week, I confessed that I tend to wander around on off days without makeup. But you know, in this age of selfies and easy access to high quality cameras in mobile phones, sometimes that just isn’t a good idea. Especially more so if you’re with friends and then someone whips out their swanky new phone and says “Hey guys, let’s take a groupfie! I want to share it on Instagram!” and before you can unfurrow your brow and wonder “What on earth is a groupfie?!” the photo is taken and uploaded to Instagram and oh dear, you look all washed out and no amount of filters will help you! :P

laura mercier tinted moisturiser

If I know I’ll be out with company, I sometimes put on some very simple makeup, just to even out skin tone and define features. Sometimes, this forms the basis of a casual workday face too. And for this purpose, I often turn to some easy tools from Laura Mercier which aren’t only easy, they’re importantly quick to assemble! Let me show you what I use to get a selfie-ready face :D (psst! There’s a very easy Instagram contest at the end of the post to enter to win their famed tinted moisturiser for a year!)

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