I’d never had any luck with Chanel foundations. The popular Vitalumiere Aqua was a dud, the powder foundation turned me orange and I thereafter swore off all Chanel bases. Gonna put it up front and out there because this is one instance when I have had to bite my tongue and eat my words with ketchup (everything tastes better with ketchup!) because I actually found myself liking a Chanel foundation so much, it’s found its way into my Top 10 liquid foundations (that was a post about my Top 8 but the list grows doesn’t it?)

chanel perfection lumiere velvet liquid foundation

The foundation in question is the Chanel Perfection Lumiére Velvet Smooth Effect Makeup foundation that was available a year or so ago and received a lot of raves. I wasn’t going to try it, because whenever I see the word “Velvet” in any makeup item, it implies a matte finish and when you have dry skin as I do, matte anything just screams “Lines! Drying! Parched!”

But try it I did, and what d’ya know – like how when you least expect to, you fall in love! :D

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Sleeping masks or sleeping packs would be something most of us are familiar with by now. It’s a popular skincare product in Asian, particularly Korean skincare ranges and can be found in all ranges, from the wallet-friendly budget priced ones to the higher end pricey ones. I find it interesting that few Western brands have hopped on this trend, because I think sleeping masks are the best thing ever!

The reason I often get lazy to use a mask (yes, I get lazy too!) is because I get lazy to clean my face twice (or 3 times) in one routine. Often, a hydrating or treatment mask comes in a cream form that you apply, leave on then rinse off before going on with the rest of your skincare routine. With a sleeping mask, you apply it, leave it on and go to sleep. HOW EASY IS THAT? Why aren’t more brands making sleeping masks? Who knows! But I’m glad the Koreans are.

sulwhasoo overnight revitalizing mask

And I’m especially glad to have picked this one up from department store (and slightly more luxurious) brand, Sulwhasoo. I remember a few readers telling me in the comments last year, just how lovely this mask is, and one day when I was passing by the counter, I decided to splurge. I can’t remember the price anymore. It’s been too long but it could be something close to RM200.

But man, do I love this! Previously I used to use the very popular Laneige Sleeping Pack, which is pretty good if you ask me, but this aging skin needs MORE! More attention! More treatment! More revitalizing goodness! And this Sulwhasoo Overnight Revitalizing Mask gives me all that :D

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Urban Decay didn’t really need to create a palette called “Naked on the Run”. Any palette they release under the Naked franchise causes a run on the palette market that mimics a run on the share market in bullish times. Or perhaps that’s their tongue in cheek reference to the very popular Naked range of products, in launching what they call their ultimate travel kit.

While a limited edition item launched about a month ago, I believe it’s still available, if not locally then online where intrepid types will be able to get their paws on it if they really want. I was quite privileged to be gifted this Naked on the Run palette, and I wasn’t quite planning to write a review, but I was requested to on Instagram and so here I am.

urban decay naked on the run palette

For a travel palette, I must say I was very surprised to see that it’s large and bulky. Yes, it’s sturdy but it’s also heavy and thick and altogether unwieldy. Personally, I just keep this on my dresser top. It’s not going anywhere with me simply because it’s just far too bulky and takes up far too much space in my travel bag. I’d have preferred if the powder products had been placed in a slim, compact palette, and the tube items just packed separately. After all, once you are done with the lipgloss, liner and mascara, what else are you going to place in those holes? They only fit UD items and if you use only UD lipgloss, liner and mascara then it’ll come in handy. For myself, since I use neither of them, it’s a waste of space. I never like palettes that include these products within the palette because it is just poor planning to me.

So, as you can guess, just from the initial overview, the Naked on the Run palette had an uphill task to impress me :P Oh but I’m in the minority, trust me, because most people love it :P

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Very often, in my beauty experiments, I come across products that I consider similar in form or function and when I find them from different ends of the price spectrum, I share what I call a “Save and Splurge” post. Often, they’re products I like. It only makes sense to share things you like, and finding a good enough option to save money on is always a boon.

But today, I’d like to warn you instead that sometimes, a splurge is a lesser evil than a save option. Today we talk about shower oils.

loccitane almond oil lipidol body cleansing oil

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t have a lot of experience with shower oils. In fact, I don’t know of many brands that do shower oils, or a body cleansing oil that you can use in the shower. So, my experience may be limited to just one, the very excellent L’Occitane Shower Oil.

Shower oils are, as the name implies, an oil that you use in the shower in place of your shower gel or soap. It cleanses your skin without stripping it of its natural oils, keeps skin feeling moist and supple and contrary to popular belief, does not leave your skin feeling oily after use. Think of it like a cleansing oil for the body – it emulsifies upon contact with water and rinses off clean. I’m a huge huge fan of the Splurge option, but I was also introduced to a Save option not long ago, so here’s what I think of it.

Oh and if you know of other brands that do shower oils, please do let me know because I’m always up to try more!

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