When I first started taking care of my brows and enhancing them through the use of brow pencils, I jumped in straight into the deep end. It was the Shu Uemura Hard Pencil 9 that made me appreciate the importance of a good brow, and I never looked back. It was so good, I even reviewed it twice, right here on the blog! A first, even for me.

What I liked about it was the very user-friendly angled point, or as Shu Uemura will have you believe, sword point, that makes pencilling in the brows quite a breeze. The problem however, is that I never got the hang of sharpening it myself. Yes, Shu Uemura boutiques and counters offer this sharpening service for free and I availed of it for years on end. But my last few experiences at the counter left me wanting. My pencils will go in a certain length, and when I return to collect them, inches have been sliced off. I’ve seen the sharpening at work first hand, and even tried my hand at it and I can safely say that it doesn’t take inches off each time, unless it breaks, or you’re incompetent like me. So I got pissed off, and decided to look elsewhere.

hourglass arch brow sculpting pencil

I wanted something with the same angled shape, but that didn’t need me to entrust it into the hands of another, whether competent or incompetent, to get it into that shape. I looked around for a bit, tried a few different retractable options here and there but one day, after reading raves of the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, I decided to have a go at it on one of my Net-a-Porter orders.

I didn’t quite know what to expect if I’m to be honest. I also wasn’t sure which colour to pick since we don’t have an Hourglass counter here and I wasn’t even sure of what the colours would look like. Sunny of Mostly Sunny’s review helped me with that, but I eventually bit the bullet and went with Soft Brunette.

Ladies and gents, meet my favourite-est brow pencil. Ever. Pricey for us hapless Malaysians and our sh-Ringgit, but so good, I haven’t looked or thought about looking elsewhere since I got it almost 10 months ago. It’s SO. GOOD! 😀

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I’d not been paying a lot of attention to many new and seasonal makeup releases for a while, so I actually had no idea that a new tub of Guerlain Meteorites had emerged on the scene. It wasn’t until I spotted it on Instagram that I felt a faint stirring of interest.

When I see the words “limited edition” and “Meteorites” together in one sentence, my first instinct is to run out the door for the nearest Guerlain counter and throw wads of money at them. This time, I didn’t actually stroll out to view this newest addition until a little while later. Goodness gracious. Am I losing my touch?

guerlain meteorites rainbow pearls

I think though, it’s mostly because it didn’t look too special or different or unique. Unlike the Pucci Meteorites from a couple of years back, I didn’t see bright blue balls staring at me, that piqued my interest. (Yes, I know you know what I did there! 😉 ) Unlike the unique packaging of Perles d’Etoiles or Perles de Nuit, I didn’t see a unique packaging that made me want to add it to my collection.

So, since I’m not jumping up and down with excitement about these Guerlain Meteorites Rainbow Pearls, should you be?

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The “problem” with some skincare is in how they can deliver all sorts of lovely positive results to your skin and yet when it comes down to the crunch, you’d never repurchase or even consider repurchasing it because you just can’t stand the artificial fragrance it’s infused with.

biotherm life plankton essence

Ladies and gents, meet my love-hate-and-hate-again relationship with the very popular Biotherm Life Plankton Essence which has received a lot of raves. The thing is, I can understand the raves, because this liquid lotion does do what it promises to do – leave skin more hydrated, softer and smoother.

Biotherm says this effect can be seen in as little as 8 days. 8 days! Well, if you’ve never used a similar sort of hydrating lotion/essence then yes, you will see a marked difference. But if you are already using a similar sort of essence or lotion then no, you won’t see a thing in 8 days, but over 2-3 weeks you may notice a positive effect on your skin.

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Hi friends!

I’m kicking off this new series today, (I didn’t want to call it a series, but it’ll be a recurring topic so I think that’s what a series is right?) which I’ll call “Beauty Scenario”. What it basically is, is a post where I pose a beauty related scenario, whether based on my own experiences, or based on questions I get from all of you curious cats, and we all get to gather around and have a good ol’ jaw about what YOU would do in that scenario.

You might be wondering how this is different from the other discussive “Your Say” posts that I have from time to time. Well, those tend to run a gamut of anything that enters my head from tampons to nosy questions about whether you shower in the mornings;  but I thought we’d enjoy and benefit from something that’s a little more focused on beauty, since this IS supposed to be a “beauty blog” after all right? LOL!

makeup that lasts in heat

I invite you to pose your own beauty scenario (you can always email me at parisb@mywomenstuff.com if you don’t want to ask it publicly in the comments) and I’ll bring it up the next time around :)

To kick things off, here’s a topic we see arise quite often.

If you want your makeup to last all day or for a few hours without melting off, what are the products you would use?

This is a real concern in our sort of tropical heat and humidity and while it will naturally depend on the situation and our skin types, here are my picks and why I pick them! Please do share yours – we’ll all learn from each other here :)

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