One of the most oft-asked questions of me is this “Can you recommend me an eye cream?” or something along the lines of how to treat the lines we inevitably get around the eyes. It’s a fact of life. Don’t want lines around your eyes? Don’t blink. Don’t show emotion. Or get botox :P

But you know what? I sort of dread getting questions like that because I’ve a terrible habit – I don’t use eye cream. There, said it!

la mer illuminating eye gel

Yes, I know you’re there behind your computer monitors/mobile phones going “Tsk! Call yourself a beauty blogger!” and unfortunately, that’s also the truth LOL! :D So no, ladies and gents, I’m not your foremost authority on caring for the eyes. I am however, blessed that I don’t have crepey or wrinkly lids, nor abundant crow’s feet. That might be what’s made me think I’m invincible (which I’m not of course)

But it is with this in mind that I preface my thoughts on the new La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel. A new product that cares for the skin around your eyes and which is light enough that it absorbs quite readily into the skin without feeling greasy and which makes a pretty kickass eye makeup primer (expensive but kickass nonetheless!)

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cny goat

Hello friends!

The Lunar New Year is upon us very soon (19th February 2015, if you’re wondering) and this year heralds the year of the Goat/Ram/Sheep. I say Goat/Ram/Sheep, because I’m not quite sure what it is. I’m gunning for Goat because they look smarter to me, and goodness knows, sheep don’t exactly look clever do they? :P

As I do at this time of year, I take a short break on MWS. I know, I just took an extended break not too long ago didn’t I? But it’s tradition and what’s the Chinese New Year without a bit of tradition eh? I admit to being a bit of a traditionalist ;)

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Every time I’ve sat down to tell you about the Cle de Peau Radiant Fluid Foundation, I’ve found myself checking myself. It’s by Cle de Peau which means it’s a luxury product, which means it’s expensive. Very expensive for a 30ml bottle. Which means I’ll have people moaning at me about how expensive it is. So I’ve sat on it for over 4 months since its launch last year, dithering…

But I’ve raved about it at every opportunity to anyone who’d listen, or who’d ask. I’ve convinced a friend to buy it (and I think she loves it as much as I do!) So, I finally decided that ok, I’ll talk about it on the blog. Again, please bear in mind that this is expensive, so please don’t moan about the price – it’s not as if I haven’t warned you :P

cle de peau radiant fluid foundation B10

The thing though, for the asking price, I do wish that Cle de Peau had thought to put the product in a packaging with a more luxurious look and feel. The liquid foundation comes in a pump bottle, but the deep navy body is plastic, and so is the golden cap.

It often boggles my mind when I see incongruity like this. Perhaps the cost is in the product itself (because it’s an amazing product!) but I’m quite sure a little bit of the cost could have been spent on making it look better and more luxurious. At least give it a little heft. Or perhaps the idea was not to make it too hefty so you won’t demur from taking this foundation everywhere you go – because if you travel a lot, you’ll want to. It just looks amazing when worn. There’s that word again.

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If there’s one thing I’ve noticed, it’s that sometimes, we women are our own worst enemies. Those of us who take a little bit of trouble to dress up are given the once over with a questioning look of “Where does she think she’s going?” and those who take a little bit more interest in makeup or fashion are quickly labelled superficial and shallow. Hey, beauty bloggers get it all the time so I’m pretty immune, because I know I’m not :D I’m a woman so I’m qualified to make this statement and I dare anyone to tell me otherwise! ;)

Yet, what I’ve found is that taking a bit of trouble with your appearance can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem, and even your mood. When your mood lifts, everything else starts to improve. It’s the law of the universe. Besides, it isn’t shallow if you take that trouble for yourself, not merely to impress friends or colleagues or the general public. You aren’t shallow if you’re trying to better yourself.

dress up

I speak from experience, mainly because when I was languishing at the bottom of a deep ravine of self-doubt and emotional turmoil, I took no interest in my dressing and even in my makeup. Heck, even my skincare routine suffered. I’d slob along to work in a sloppy cardigan top hanging over pants that barely fit me anymore, or in an ill-fitting dress that did not fit 5 years ago and still doesn’t fit now.

My makeup was rudimentary. I’d apply the most basic of makeup, not caring if the colours matched or clashed, or if they made me look tired or old :P This carried on for over a month and from day to day, it seemed that my mood of despair kept spiralling further and further down the abyss. It seemed that there was no end in sight.

Until one day, I stared out over the twinkling lights of the city landscape from my balcony, and realised what a bum I’d become. Fittingly, I’d stopped blogging at that time or you could say that I was a failed beauty blogger, not practising what I preached and just being a right slob. So I picked myself up by the figurative lapels and decided to turn things around.

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