A couple of years back, I shared what I packed for a trip where it was going to be chilly and dry in Spring. I come from the Tropics where the temperature varies very little. Our version of seasons is Hot and Wet and Hot and Dry, with Hot being the operative word. Humidity? It’s at 100%. We’re like fish living underwater LOL! I sometimes wonder if I should be evolving gills at any time…

So, whenever I head somewhere else in the world that has more variation in the weather, I face a little challenge as to what to pack in terms of my skincare, since I’m not about to head out and buy a whole new range just for travel, right?

skincare cold dry weather tibet

I thought I’d share an updated version of “What skincare is in my travel bag” because while the basic concepts I employ for packing skincare haven’t changed, the products have. So, some of you who are travelling may find this useful, or to take a peep at my updated travel skincare routine 😀

These products came with me on a 10 day trip to China and Tibet in Spring-Summer where the temperature varied from 23°C in the middle of the day to -2°C in the evenings. The air was chilly, the wind was cold and due to the altitude Lhasa is at, the air is incredibly dry. You can quite literally feel your skin tightening and stretching from all that loss of moisture. Due to its location as well, it gets incredibly bright sun, which is great for sightseeing and photographs, but all those unfiltered UV rays that beat down on you from a clear blue sky plays merry hell with your skin.

With all this in mind, here’s what I packed, and what, if anything I might do or pack differently the next time I head somewhere cold and dry, and you don’t have to buy new stuff! :)

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I’d never really used face mists before this. Sure, I’ve tried my share of thermal water mists back in the day but it wasn’t something I used daily. Well, until I revamped my skincare routine, that is. Now, I use a face mist in the morning and evening routine, everyday.

Is it necessary? Well, it depends on the school of thought you belong to. In my school of thought, I don’t think it’s necessary per se, but it helps my skin and heck! Anything that helps my skin, I keep!

bobbi brown face mist

And when it’s something that spritzes out a mist as fine as this one, I like it even better!

This is what I like best about the Bobbi Brown Face Mist – the spray. Barring aerosol sprays, I haven’t yet come across a spray nozzle that gives you a mist so fine and gentle on your skin! Needless to say therefore, that I’m keeping this bottle so I can refill it later 😛

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If it seems like I’m the last person on earth to mention these new lip colours from Bourjois… I might well be! LOL! Well, I got lazy and then I went on holiday and … you don’t want my excuses. All you want to know is this “Should I throw my money at the Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque lipsticks?”

bourjois rouge edition aqua laque lip colours

Hmmm…. Hmmm… Hmmm….

Do you like liquid lipsticks? That’s because this is what these Aqua Laques are. They are liquid lipsticks, that Bourjois says contains some sort of ground-breaking technology that makes it not your usual lipgloss.

Ok, to be honest, I’m tired of brands telling me that these sort of pigmented lip colour in a liquid form in a tube is not just another lipgloss. I get it. It’s a liquid lipstick. That’s not new. Can we get over that already and stop perpetuating that same old story? So, quit telling me that it’s a lipgloss with a difference and I might even give you a bit more credibility 😛

Right, whining aside, these liquid lipsticks are quite something. I like the pigment and I actually like how it feels on my lips. I think, if I were in the market for a nice shiny, pigmented liquid lipstick with pretty decent staying power and a wallet-friendly pricetag, I could do a lot worse than these.

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I’ve been mentioning my recent holiday long enough, with talk on Twitter early in the year about an adventure I was going to take. It turned out to be quite an adventure indeed, for which I’m very pleased about. There’s much to be said for going on little adventures in your life.

No, I did not really go to Afghanistan, as I’ve teased you. I value my life a little too much for that sort of adventure! But I did go into Central Asia.

My adventure holiday this year was right up to what is known as the ‘Roof of the World’ – Tibet!

tibet potala palace by night

View of the Potala Palace by night as viewed from the hotel room

I wasn’t sure where to start my travel tale this time, as unlike previous adventures, I’d opted for the easy way out and gone on a group tour for this trip. The last time I went on a group tour was over 10 years ago, and I think I was ready to kill people by the 2nd day LOL But this time, I survived (and so did everyone else – whew!) so I’ll be able to share some tips on surviving group tours if anyone’s interested LOL! 😀

Today however, I’ll just share some highlights of my recent trip, since I know that Tibet isn’t a place many people plan to visit, nor intend to visit in their lifetime. But it was for me. You could say that it was something I had to do (it wasn’t a religious pilgrimage) because I love the mystical, and Tibet has always been so shrouded in mystery and mystic that I just had to go and touch the clouds, as it were.

I have shared quite a lot of pictures, so do be warned that this is quite picture and word heavy. But it’s allowed me to re-live my holiday and the wonder of nature and I hope you’ll enjoy it and perhaps, it might just spark your wanderlust :)

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