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After that 3000-th post yesterday, I reckon you may be tired of just me rambling on and on eh? icon razz Guest Review: Shu Uemura Porefinist Anti Shine Fresh Cleansing Oil by a long time fan So today, I’d like to feature a guest review today of an iconic product from an iconic brand…. that I cannot use! For some unknown reason, every single version of the Shu Uemura cleansing oils break me out. I’ve tried them all, I promise. I break out every single time and I’ve chalked it up to being one of “those things”. I work well with many other brands of cleansing oils though so it’s not the oil nor the technique. It’s the product.

So, when I was requested to give the Shu Uemura Porefinist Anti-Shine Fresh Cleansing Oil a go, I demurred. I no longer use cleansing oils but I was pressed into it so I decided to pass it on to a long time user for her evaluation.

shu uemura porefinist oil Guest Review: Shu Uemura Porefinist Anti Shine Fresh Cleansing Oil by a long time fan

Porefinist is touted to be a very light textured blend of oils targeted at those with combination-oily skin, which not only cleans skin of makeup and oil but also minimizes the appearance of pores and reduces shine. I recall a similar pink version of the cleansing oil from previous years, called Fresh Cleansing Oil, if I’m not mistaken. So, I now hand you over to my buddy LeGeeque, who not only is a long time fan and user of the Shu Uemura cleansing oils, she is a long time use of the pink coloured Fresh cleansing oil, and will tell you about this and how it compares to the old version.


Let’s get some facts straight before we delve into the product. I’ve got dry and and sensitive skin. My major concerns are fine lines, ageing, premature ageing and sun damage. The final simply stems from my irrational fears that I’m not topping up my sunscreen as religiously as I should during the harsh Australian summer months. (According to the sun-worshipper locals I call mates, I am too sun-conscious but heck, what do these sun-worshippers know!)

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When Marc Jacobs Beauty came marching in, all the pom-pom cheerleaders were raving over the Gel Foundation and the Style Eye-Con eyeshadow palette. Hmm… far be it for me to always be the Debbie Downer, the gel foundation did not make its way to my “most used foundation” list and now that I’ve given the Style Eye-Con No. 7 Plush Eyeshadow palette its chance over several uses, neither does it get a thumbs up from me.

Sorry folks! Let’s cut to the chase. I am not wow-ed.

marc jacobs eyeshadow case For sleek style and Style Eye Cons, Marc Jacobs presents The Vamp Eyeshadow palette

Sure, we could wax lyrical about the packaging. The long slim palette is certainly different from other palettes we get out there. It is sleek, but sleekly impractical if you want to take it on your travels. Well, unless you have a large makeup bag which I don’t. I like to keep things compact when I travel.

It comes sheathed in a pouch with a button to keep it closed. Again, something different from the velvet pouches we’re used to seeing from other luxury brands. But you know what? Velvet gives the impression of luxury. Polyester doesn’t. But I digress. Some people like it, I don’t because I don’t see the point.

My final gripe with packaging comes hot on the heels of the sponge tip applicator that seems to have been tossed into the pouch almost as if it was an afterthought. It was like someone said “Oh we forgot to provide an applicator. Let’s just buy one of those cheap sponge things and toss it in. No one will notice” Seriously, Marc Jacobs, you would have been better off not including an applicator at all. The included one is a cheap and horrible item that you’d immediately bin and I did. Bah.

Ok that said, the quality of the shadows aren’t too bad and that would be their redeeming point. I don’t have the very popular neutral Lolita palette but mine’s the rather more exciting looking The Vamp 208 palette.

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The pursuit of beauty seems to have taken a decidedly medical slant if the sharp increase locally in aesthetic clinics that offer beauty medical procedures are any indication. It’s no secret that I have been approached by many skin/aesthetic treatment clinics to try their procedures in exchange for a review, an offer I decline almost immediately. I don’t have anything against anyone who does go for these medical beauty procedures, but it’s not a route I am particularly interested in going down. Not even laser treatment. I’ve had an experience that scarred me psychologically for life and it’s one I have no desire to repeat.

But facial procedures aside, I have noticed a proliferation of weight loss treatment offers, that worried me. It bugged me more, when I saw people endorsing the treatment as a quick way to lose weight. The irony is that those endorsing it aren’t even overweight to start with! It was the HCG Diet treatment and because it involved injections, I did a little reading up to see what it was about.

weight loss hcg Your Say: How far are you willing to go to lose weight? Would you use hormones?

What I discovered scared the daylights out of me and blogging about it probably doesn’t make me very popular among those who have tried it or the institution promoting it, but hey, some things have to be said! icon razz Your Say: How far are you willing to go to lose weight? Would you use hormones?

A local clinic claims that with this HCG diet, you can do everything from lose 30 pounds in 30 days, boost metabolism, spot reduce fat, eliminate binging… and I was terribly sceptical. You see, on the HCG diet, not only do you have to be injected with hormones, your daily calorie intake is reduced to 500 a day. I don’t know, is that like a bar of chocolate? A bag of crisps? Heaven knows, I probably inhale that in one sitting when indulging in my favourite keropok lekor! icon razz Your Say: How far are you willing to go to lose weight? Would you use hormones?

But it was the hormone injection bit that had me concerned, and it made me wonder just how far people would go to lose weight easily.

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Liquid foundation was something I came into late in my makeup life. I came into makeup late in life as it was, but that’s a story for another day. When I discovered liquid foundations that were actually comfortable on my skin without looking like I was headed to the Beijing Opera, I couldn’t stop. I also discovered that as my skin got drier, liquid foundation actually felt more comfortable and looked better on than powder foundation, which I’d been using before.

After all these years, and after realising that every morning, when I reach for a foundation, I find my hand hovering over just a few in the drawer, it was time to share with you my favourite liquid foundations icon smile Paris Picks! My Top 8 Favourite Liquid Foundations I reach for most often

favourite foundations bw Paris Picks! My Top 8 Favourite Liquid Foundations I reach for most often

I make no apologies that barring an extra 2 which are not included in the group shot for reasons which I’ll explain below, my favourite liquid foundations come from the department store brands, which means they come from the higher end of the price scale. I use so little product and I get such wonderful finishes from these, I have no real desire to find cheaper options. So, apologies if you’re looking for a pharmacy/drugstore brand in here, I have none in my Top 8 but I’ll tell you of 3 I like, further down icon smile Paris Picks! My Top 8 Favourite Liquid Foundations I reach for most often

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