I don’t know about you guys, but where I am now, the weather is so darned hot, I don’t even feel like putting anything on my skin! Ok, let me rephrase that. I don’t feel like putting anything heavy on my skin. It’s usually quite humid here but the burning sun seems to have burned up all the humidity so it actually feels quite dry. And HOT!

So, when I’m faced this THIS pool of quivering jelly, all I want to do is dive right in!

olay aquaction gel Cool off and help skin stay hydrated with Olay Aquaction Long Lasting Hydration Gel

This blue transparent gel is the Olay Aquaction Longlasting Hydration Gel. Part of the Olay Aquaction range, this range is currently only available in South East Asia – previously only Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand and now also Phillippines, I believe.

While I don’t get regional releases, I understand why a product like this would be released in our region, because it suits our weather to a T! The very lightweight gel feels very comfortable on our skin especially in hot and humid tropical weather, and it delivers a burst of hydration to the skin that we so desperately need, without turning our skin oily.

It’s been available for a while now, so I’d be curious if you have tried it and like it? icon smile Cool off and help skin stay hydrated with Olay Aquaction Long Lasting Hydration Gel

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loreal ftc genifique PSA:  L’Oréal reaches a settlement with FTC : Claims that skincare targets genes is misleading

A few years ago, I attended the launch of the then brand new Lancome Genifique serum. It claimed to be able to activate the gene profile and basically activate your youth from within, and make skin (and therefore you) look younger while helping skin respond more quickly to external aggressors. While I had a very interesting insight into genes and gene therapy during the launch, and a fascinating experiment, I could not help feeling oh-so-sceptical. If this were indeed true, why isn’t this gene activator used in medical research instead of for cosmetics purposes?

Then a year or two later, the trickle-down effect led to the launch of L’Oreal Youth Code Pre-Essence on the same principles. A much more affordable option, Youth Code also talked about genes and their activation and that consumers could crack the code to younger looking skin. I remember receiving an invite to the launch for which a friend attended and reported back.

Well, I hope that as well as both products may have worked for you, you didn’t buy into the gene-cracking, youth-activating claims because as it turns out, they’re now found to be “deceptive and misleading”!

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instagram week8 Highlights of Instagram Vol. 9: Saying Hi after the disappearing act

Oh hello everyone!

I’ve been quite tardy on the blog as the regulars amongst you would have noticed, but I’ve been much more active on Instagram in this period. I guess, it’s mostly because it’s far easier to just snap a picture and caption it, than it is to write a blog post, which is much more permanent in nature and therefore something I want to put a little more effort into.

So, it’s been a while since I shared my Instagram highlights with you, but here are some of my highlights from the last few weeks. I can’t believe the last one was in May!

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Summer! For the most part, that’s what we are experiencing right now in most parts of the populated world, with varying degrees of heat and humidity. Summer usually brings to mind corals, bronzes, warmth and the sun. So when I first saw the NARS Adult Swim Summer 2014 collection, my brow furrowed.

nars adult swim summer2 Hello Summer! Quick Overview of the NARS Adult Swim Summer 2014 Collection

Ok, so the bright lip and nail shades do scream summer, but the eyeshadow duos? You couldn’t get further from warm summer colours if you tried! I’d even peg them for conventional Spring shades. Ah Francois Nars, you have stumped us once again! icon biggrin Hello Summer! Quick Overview of the NARS Adult Swim Summer 2014 Collection

I don’t have the time to break down the colours and products at the moment in great detail, but I thought I’d better get this out there before they’re all sold out. Some items are limited edition, which I’ll identify, and some aren’t (whew!) so I’ll revisit the permanent items later, and just get things out of the way for now. So, head on for a picture and swatch fest icon razz Hello Summer! Quick Overview of the NARS Adult Swim Summer 2014 Collection

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