One of my first forays into the Antipodes Skincare brand was through a cleanser – the Juliet Brightening gel Cleanser – which I thoroughly enjoyed using to the very last drop. It was natural therefore that when I finished the last cleanser I was using, and wanted something new, I toddled off and picked up another Antipodes cleanser. This time, it was their cream cleanser, and I picked it because I’ve realised that I like using cream cleansers. They feel more gentle and more luxurious on older… ok, more matured skin like mine. Ah, what a difference semantics makes!

antipodes hallelujah lime & patchouli cleanser

Do I like this as much as I have enjoyed using the other Antipodes products? Would it surprise you to hear that my answer is yes? 😛 Ok, let me spare you the drama. Yes, I thoroughly enjoy using this cleanser, which is my morning cleanser, and I love how gentle and comfortable it feels on my skin.

Now, lets get down to the nitty-gritty 😀

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Ok, hands up whoever has faced this problem of laziness before. Picture this.

You come home late from either a long day at work, or a party, or a meeting, or you just feel lazy that evening as you stare at your skincare arsenal, thinking of the multiple steps you have ahead of you. All that spritzing, massaging, lotions, potions…. When all you want to do is to just shower and get into bed and let Mr. Sandman do his job.

lazy skincare routine

What do you do?

Do you drag yourself up, tell yourself that you can’t afford to be lazy, and go through your whole skincare routine? Do you think “Oh sod all this!” and just crawl into bed and hope for the best?

What will YOU do in this beauty scenario?

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I was browsing Sephora one day (as you do) and felt the need to purchase something. Despite how it might look, I don’t buy a lot of stuff from Sephora. For some reason, I get terribly disoriented and confused when I enter a Sephora store, and I usually walk out without a bag. But I ended up by the Caudalie shelf and my eye fell on a range of masks. I think they’re new? At least I’ve seen them being touted around.

There are 4 different masks for 4 different concerns, and I decided to pick one up. RM115 a tube. It was a little pricey but not terribly so.

caudalie glycolic peel mask

The one I picked was the Caudalie Glycolic Peel Mask which promises radiance in 10 minutes. Ah, instant claims! The sceptic in me just had to see if it was true 😀

What Caudalie tells us this will do is to renew skin texture, tighten pores, lighten dark spots, reduce oil, provide an immediate burst of radiance to the skin… without irritating the skin! Is there anything this mask can’t do?! But the main reason I got it was because it said it was a Glycolic Peel Mask and I like the whole glycolic acid thing.

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Some of you may remember that I have a thing for red lipstick. Or bold lipstick at any rate. It’s sort of my trademark. But I went through a phase not very long ago, when I’d only wear safe lip colours. Near-nude, neutral, rose tinted lip colours that were polished… but safe. It kind of coincided with a phase of my life where I just wanted to be, well, neutral and safe.

But a week ago, I decided I’d revert to my roots. I cut my lipstick wearing teeth on red lipstick and I’ll be back! (I also have a drawer full of red lipsticks that need some loving!) So I’ve been back wearing red lipstick for a week now, and I love it!

You might hear people say that it takes confidence to wear a red or bright lip and it’s true in a sense. It stands out, it makes you stand out and sometimes, because it does, you stand up a little taller and perhaps, feel a little better about yourself.

fave red lipstick

And while I’m at it, here are 4 of my favourite reds that I’ve been wearing most often in recent times. I’m going to tell you that yes, they are from high end brands. But I have a reason for picking these. For the most part, I find a good red lipstick needs a high quality texture, strong pigment and good hydration. Red lipsticks can be drying, and something that won’t travel and yet won’t leave your lips looking like a prune is important. For me, I find that these are more easily found in a higher end product than in the pharmacy/drugstore.

Also, with the accompanying glamorous packaging, it makes me feel a helluva good slicking these on – instant mood booster! 😀

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