I was feeling a bit blah last week, and I’ve sort of worked out what it is (No, it’s not that damned construction). It’s beauty fatigue.  So, as much as I hate making announcements (because I always find myself going back on my word not long after) I’m just going to say that I’ve put myself on a beauty spending diet.

Not a no-buy nor a low-buy (I won’t commit that much) but just a diet of sorts, so slim-and-selective-buying maybe? So what this means for me is more money to save (yay! Or maybe to spend on other things heh) and what this means for you is that I’ll be working off the pile of material I own from yonks ago. This may also mean you may not get the latest and newest (unless I’m given access to them, which I’m not begging for – if it happens, it happens c’est la vie) but you still get beauty talk and I hope that means you don’t all run away :)

Which brings me to my favourite day cream du jour – REN V-Cense™ Youth Vitality Day Cream. I’d used a version of night cream from REN powered by Frankincense many years ago, which I really liked and this is the new iteration in day cream form.

ren v-cense youth vitality day cream

I like REN products in general. They’ve got a lovely clean, simple aesthetic and the concept is a good one. I have noticed though that they have changed their outlook over the years. Previously, they used to have these crazy long names of products and list their bio-active ingredients in the name and on the label. These days, they’ve abandoned that for a shorter, snappier naming process.

Which is probably a good thing because I’d have liked to ask them was sort of ingredient V-cense™ is. I’ve actually already used up half the bottle before I remembered that I hadn’t told you about this!

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Ok, there’s this infernal construction work going on outside my office window that makes me want to stab someone. Does this explain why I’ve been tardy with blog posts? Erm…. can it? LOL!

I’m just about all caught up with my emails (if I owe you one, I should have replied. If I didn’t, I didn’t get it) and I’m also all caught up with the comments (whew!) and I’ve just had some stuff going on, so I’m taking it slow and easy (read: I’m scrabbling around racking my brains trying to find something to blog about).


Rambling and excuses aside, I saw this rather interesting tag at Lily’s blog and it looked like fun. If you are studying psychology, you could well psycho-analyse me like the “burning house” question eh? :D But me aside, I’d love to hear what YOUR answers are too! :D So here we go – “What if…”

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One of the perils about reading and depending on online product reviews is that quite often, most reviews are raves about favourite products; so when you come across a product review of something you’re looking for, 90% of the time, it’s a rave (or it could be sponsored :P ). I’m not assigning blame to anyone. Heck, I myself often only post raves on my blog because that’s what gets me excited to share. Not much fun whining and moaning about a product you hate right?

Ok, actually yes, it’s a lot of fun, especially when you really REALLY hate a product :D

But my point is that we really do need a more balanced selection of product reviews out there, because then I wouldn’t have been bloody suckered into trying this lemon.

3ce glossing waterful foundation

For some reason, I’d been curious about this particular product. I love foundation and as much as I rave about the ones I like (and there are TONS!) my roving eye is always out there, looking for something else to like. And for some strange reason, 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation came into my foundation-seeking radar. The plethora of positive press out there doesn’t help me, naturally.

The problem was that 3CE (3 Concept Eyes – I know, it’s a weird name that should have set off my spidey senses) isn’t a brand you can walk into a counter and buy. I don’t even know where it’s sold locally, and only knew that it was available online at a webstore I boycotted, so that meant I had no access to this.

However, as luck would have it, I spotted a selection of 3CE products at my hairdresser, and the price was far lower than what I’d get online, so I decided to finally assuage my curiousity once and for all. Well, let me just say that I’m glad I scratched that itch. In fact, I scratched it so hard, I bled (or my wallet did) :P

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Stick foundation. Easy to use, compact and portable…. but they can go either one of 2 ways for me. I either end up with the product slipping off my skin (back when my skin was oilier, this was a peril I faced constantly), or I’d end up with it caking on my skin and showing up fine lines I never thought existed (on dry skin, this is a constant peril).

So, what made me buy this Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick?

bobbi brown skin foundation stick

Friends, your guess is as good as mine LOL! :D I picked this up a while ago, more out of curiousity than anything else. I’d tried powder and liquid and cream, why not a stick foundation?!

And for some reason, I felt the need to own a stick foundation. I’d tried one by Face of Australia before this that I liked. Many many years ago, when I was just learning about makeup, I paid for a lesson with Estee Lauder and I remember them using a stick foundation too. Anyway, long story short, I now own the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick and guess what? I like it! :D

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