There have been these “Random things about me” posts and tags going around for a while and I’ve been tagged on Instagram to share random facts about me but I mostly chose not to do them. I’m not a very interesting person and I’m not all that random, so I figured there isn’t anything very interesting to say.

40 random things

But I was told by someone recently that just because I didn’t find myself interesting didn’t mean that others would as well. So I thought “Alright, let’s do this” So here are 40 Random Things About Me and if you didn’t find it very interesting, don’t say I didn’t warn you! :D

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Hold your horses! The Collection Plumes Précieuses de Chanel won’t be at counters till 1 November at latest (end Oct at earliest) so this post serves as a preview and teaser so you can save your pennies if you have to, for Chanel’s offering for the Christmas and festive season :D And I know many of you have already turned your hawk eye onto the highlighting powder, haven’t you?

chanel plumes precieuses de chanel christmas

I have a few key items from the collection that I thought I’d share with you along with some swatches (oh yes, I swatched that powder! I did!) and I’ll also quickly share my thoughts on them.

Chanel this year, has drawn their inspiration for their Christmas offering from feathers and this is reflected in the delicate and intricate print on the Camélia de Plumes powder and in the names of the products on offer. I found it interesting that Chanel went with an untraditional icy silver theme for their Christmas collection. We are used to seeing gold and red on offer but silver? Rarely and that was something interesting. It’ll be a picture heavy post, so sit back and enjoy :)

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Last week, I shared with you my 3M tips for using facial oils and how they can actually be comfortable on skin. I thought it would be a good time to share with you a fairly affordable facial oil that I think is very lovely to use, smells amazing and is a close relation to a more expensive option out there ;)

human nature overnight elixir oil

The product is the Human Nature Overnight Elixir which claims to be 100% natural and is touted as a serum but which is, in fact, a blend of oils. It promises to leave you with softer, more luminous skin, from as early as the next morning after using it, hence the name I suppose. Or if you don’t see the effects overnight, then it promises results in a week.

I naturally had to give it a go because I was already using oils in my routine anyway. The product comes in a lovely brown glass bottle with a glass dropper, and it smells wonderful!

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I’m usually quite taken by Christmas or Holiday makeup releases, but this year, I’m feeling a little underwhelmed by most of the offerings. It almost feels like I’ve seen them all before and in a sense, I might have. After a few years, things do start repeating themselves. But there’s one item I always look out for – Guerlain Meteorites.

The simple reason is because I use them, and I collect them and no, I don’t expect everyone to understand :D

guerlain rouge parade meteorites perles d'etoile

It was quite a pain hunting these down, if I might just say so. Different department stores told me different things (most are only making them available in the 2nd week of November) but I managed to get my hands on the Guerlain Perles d’Etoiles Meteorites Illuminating Pearls and the limited edition Rouge G in Rouge Parade 820 at Parkson Pavilion KL. They don’t have the Petrouchka Eye and Cheek palette yet but I’m not planning to get it so I wasn’t fussed.

I got these yesterday and tested them on today so this will not be an in-depth review. I’ll just share my thoughts, swatches and whether they’re worth getting, because it will cost a pretty penny.

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