You know what really sucks? When you own something that you really like and finally get around to taking pictures so you can blog and tell the world just how much you absolutely freaking love this thing…. only to find out it has been discontinued.

What. The. Flying…. Fish!

But you know what? I’d already taken my pictures and I found a new version that is close enough so I will tell you about it anyway, because I damn bloody love this blush…. even if it costs the earth.

by terry terrybly blush erotic pink

This offending product is the By Terry Terrybly blush in the shade #2 Erotic Pink. Did I buy it for the name? Hmm… what d’ya think? 😀 But actually no, I did not. I found that the shades were a bit deep and Erotic Pink was one of the lightest and pinkest, so since this colour works for me, I went with it.

The blush line was refurbished last year (tsk!) to appparently be even better and softer and more luminous on skin, and it is now called the By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Blush and there is a sort of similar shade in there called #5 Sexy Pink. It does look a little more baby pink than this so don’t take my word for it.

So why am I going to bang on about this discontinued product you ask? Well, because I do like it a lot, and because I’m quite sure you might be able to still find it floating around if you want it, perhaps even on sale (you’re an intrepid lot, you’ll find it!) and because I wanted to tell you if a £52 blush is worth the splurge. Yes my friends, I see your cringe and I raise you a grimace!

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Most of you are by now very familiar with my HG sunscreen aren’t you? I preach it from the rooftops, it would seem, and it gratifies me that almost everyone I’ve suggested it to likes it as much as I do. The only complaint we all have is one big one – price.

Yes, the Shiseido Perfect UV sunscreen might be perfect, but it comes at a high price that some of us might find galling to spend on a product you will use lavishly, and often and that you just must replenish! I mean, what else would you use right?

So I decided I’d try some affordable sunscreen and tell you what you think. This was one of my experiments.

skin aqua sarafit UV sunscreen

I couldn’t possibly try every brand in the market, so I reached out to some PR people to ask if they had anything they were willing to put under my pretty microscopic scrutiny having a minimum of SPF50 and PA++++ rating. Happily, some were quite willing to hang it out there and the Skin Aqua Sarafit UV was one of them.

There are 2 versions of the Skin Aqua Sarafit UV sunscreens – one is a UV essence (cream) and the other is a mist. Let me first deal with the mist, so I can get it over and done with. Ah yep, I am not a fan of the mist version and I will tell you why!

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I’d imagine that going to sleep for 100 years would leave your lips feeling pretty dry and chapped wouldn’t it? What d’ya reckon? Do you think Sleeping Beauty might have benefited from this lip mask? HAHA!

If you’ve hung out with me long enough, you’d realise that aside from lipsticks, I don’t talk a lot about lip care. I don’t use a lip balm and my only concession to caring for my lips is to drink lots of water to stay hydrated, and to use the Lucas Papaw Ointment at night. That’s it.

So, when I was introduced to the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, I raised a brow. Ok, I can’t physically raise just 1 brow (I wish I could!) so I raised both.

laneige lip sleeping mask

Most of us are by now familiar with Laneige’s bestselling Sleeping Mask (it’s been reformulated and is now called a Sleeping Mask not Sleeping Pack and I’ll tell you about it some time) which is a hydrating mask that you apply on your skin and go to sleep in.

Well the Lip Sleeping Mask is the same. You slather it on your lips and head to bed. I was pretty intrigued by it, since I’ve never used anything so specific like this before. Is it something you are familiar with?

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Over the past couple of weeks, I noticed that there were rumblings of Christian Louboutin (yes, that famed red soled shoe brand) releasing a lipstick very soon. They had already ventured into beauty with their nail polishes, with packaging which could poke your eyes out. I believe this was last year.

christian louboutin lipstick

There, that’s that nail polish bottle that could double up as a weapon if you’re pissed. Perhaps if you were disturbed while painting your nails? 😛 I wonder if they allow this on board planes. Hmm…

And yes, that is also what the Louboutin lipsticks are supposed to look like. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about the packaging. I’m not sure what it is they’re trying to channel and it has been compared to some *ahem* risque sex toys – not that I know anything about them *shifty eyes* 😀

But more importantly, each lipstick will retail at US$90. $90!! Now, I’m going to imagine that that’s a lot of money even by US cosmetics standards, although I can safely say that at today’s exchange rates which puts this at almost RM359 A TUBE it is freakishly expensive by Malaysian standards.

So this begs the question – Will you pay US$90 for a lipstick by Louboutin or any other brand for that matter?

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