If you were to look up safe colours for eye makeup that you can wear to work or the office, blue doesn’t usually feature. The safest shades recommended would always be a neutral shade, or safe, light shades of colour. Naturally, this depends on the type of work you do and the office environment you are in.

Those of you in the creative line will naturally have more leeway in your makeup, while those who work in a conservative environment will likely have less scope for experimentation. This post is for those of you in the latter category, who might want to sneak in a bit of colour now and then.

blue eyeshadow to work

Blue eyeshadow is hard to work with, and I find that this is more so on Asian skin because for the most part, blue is a very cool toned colour, while most Asian skintone are warm or have warmer tones. The coolness of blue does clash somewhat, which can make it look very stark on warm toned skin.

The trick therefore is to choose your shade of blue carefully. Navy blue is always fairly safe as it can be used like a black shadow. Pastel blues are tricky, as are bright light blues. For me at least. However, I often find myself drawn to bright, punchy blues, because they can actually look very nice, when used as an accent of colour on your lid.

While I could get away with pulling off an electric blue eye for work (I’m not overly fussy about makeup in the office, so long as everyone looks decent) it’s not a look people feel comfortable facing during a serious meeting, so I try to tone it down. When I broached the subject of blue eyeshadow on Instagram, I received a few suggestions on how to wear it. So, I took them on board, tweaked them a little to make them fairly office-friendly and here are my suggestions for 3 office-friendly ways to wear blue eyeshadow to work :)

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I haven’t embarked on a blogging rant for a while. The primary reason is because I’ve realised that the beauty blogging scene locally is markedly different from that I’ve seen in other countries. There is a lot of “me-ism” here as I call it, so I’ve decided to let sleeping dogs lie, let everyone do their thing and I’ll just do mine. I’m happier this way and I don’t get told off for preaching. Apparently, ethics rub people the wrong way.

Anyway, I remarked on Tine’s blog that I feel like I’m being treated by some people as a “loose cannon” because I refuse to be controlled and that makes me unpredictable. That’s how I like it, but it upsets people so contrary to what many people believe, I don’t work with many brands anymore. Most drop you like a hot potato on reading a less than favourable review about them and PR people come and go so relationships change over time. But you know what, it’s not about me today. I recently received an offer that incensed me so much, I just had to let loose about it.

dior my lady blush 007 eye reviver palette

This isn’t about beauty so you may leave now if it doesn’t interest you :) But because I needed a picture, here’s a gratuitous photo of one of my recent purchases. It’s the Dior Eye Reviver eyeshadow palette and the My Lady Dior blush in 007 at the back. Both are available only at the sole Dior beauty boutique at Sunway Pyramid for a limited time, if you’re interested. (Disclaimer: This post is not about Dior but the items were too pretty not to show you :) )

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When I diligently stick to just one cream for months on end, it must mean I like it. Well, it also means I’m lazy (I’m supposed to swap it out for something else) but in the main, I like this one enough to keep using it till it’s finished :)

origins high potency night-a-mins

The night cream in question is the Origins High-Potency Night-a-Mins which I’m given to understand, is an upgrade from their previous cream, also called Night-a-Mins. I’d never used the older version so I can’t tell you anything about it.

This new one however, I like. But it wasn’t always a smooth journey, which explains why I’ve taken so long with it. I had to figure out what troubled me and how I solved it :)

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I shared this picture on Instagram last week, where I proclaimed this to be among my least favourite liquid foundations. If I have a Top 8 liquid foundation list, this one falls in my Bottom 8 foundation list. Ok, I lie I don’t have a Bottom 8 (although if I think hard enough, I might be able to pick them out) but if I had that list, this would be down there at No. 7.

disappointing brands

But the abysmal performance of the foundation aside, what interested me were the comments I received. Those who had tried this foundation (so popular at one time, and which I hear, is making a comeback – WHY?!) agreed with me that it was heavy and greasy with no wow factor. But many were in agreement with the fact that as a brand, they tended to be disappointed with Benefit Cosmetics.

Naturally, that started me thinking. Is there a brand that consistently disappoints you with their products? Do you notice that trend, or are you liable to find hits and misses in all brands equally?

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