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If you choose to leave a comment, or are new to leaving comments on my blog, you may want to read this all the way through.

Thank you for leaving a comment on My Women Stuff. Comments are actively encouraged to promote discussions between you and me and other readers or commentators. If you have a question, please check the date of the post – I usually do not respond to comments or questions on old posts exceeding 2 weeks from publication. You may drop me a line at parisb(at) if you’d like your query addressed specifically.

By leaving a comment on My Women Stuff you acknowledge that you are abiding by the following Comment Policy:-

  • you are fully responsible for the contents of your comment.
  • you will not defame or slander anyone in your comment.
  • you will not make inciteful, spiteful or hurtful comments about anyone.
  • you will be polite and promote constructive discussion.
  • Any links you leave will have value and will be related to the subject matter of the post.
  • you will not treat the comment box as an advertisement opportunity or for self promotion. You may contact me at parisb(at) if you wish to discuss any promotional activities.
  • You will not leave signature links. Links to your blog should be left in the URL box not the comment box. Such links will be deleted and your comment will be sent directly to spam.
  • you will use a proper name not a spammy name or company name for SEO purposes. Comments of this nature will be deleted without notice.
  • The comment box is not a classified ad space. Comments relating to sales or intentions to sell anything will be deleted without notice.
  • If you represent a shopping website or a website that is focused on promoting only 1 subject or brand, the comment will be treated as spam without further consideration, no matter the content of the comment.

As My Women Stuff has an international audience, please try to leave comments in English or mostly in English – text/sms language, short forms or slang (except commonly acknowledged abbreviations) are specifically discouraged because I too have difficulty understanding it and if I cannot understand it, I cannot and will not respond. If it is unintelligible, I may delete it without notice. If its not in English I may not approve your comment.

I exercise full discretion to moderate or disallow any comments which I find has infringed my comment policy here. This is to promote an enjoyable experience for all regular readers and visitors. I will not censor any comments that express a different point of view or opinion but I will delete comments that are rude or insulting towards others or are calculated to incite trouble or which are left solely to promote a particular brand or product or are just meaningless rants. If you work for a brand and want to promote your product please use the proper advertising channels – the comment box is not for self-promotion, and no links to shopping websites will be tolerated nor approved. The comment box is not your soapbox and these and anonymous comments will be deleted without notice.

If you have used a picture from my blog without permission nor credit and try leave a comment with a link to your blog, I will delete your comment without notice. I do not condone stealing nor thieves.

I do not encourage links that do not add value to the discussion and all spam comments will be deleted without reference. If you have a website or blog, you may leave your URL in the URL box not in the body of the comment unless it is specifically related and will add value. Otherwise, your comment will likely not be approved. Links within comments to websites selling stuff or blatant advertising or promotions will be treated as spam and deleted without notice unless they add value.

If you are a SEO company leaving comments on behalf of your client, your comment will be spammed without notice.

If you are a vendor I value your comments and input but I do not encourage advertising in my comment box on my website nor do I encourage self-promotion. Any comment left by a shopping website is automatically sent to spam and will not be approved, no matter the content. Should you wish to work out an advertising package on my site, please feel free to contact me with an offer or feel free to contact me for product review guidelines.

Please keep this an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Valid since 2009 and continuing.