MWS goes on an armchair travel adventure with Paris B

I love travelling and I hope to share my travel stories here on this page. I usually travel for pleasure so what I learn is by exploration and personal research. I am not averse to a little rough and ready fun adventure, and enjoy it as I do a touch of luxury on my travel adventures. In here, I will feature my travel adventures, travel tips, hotel reviews, food and shopping tips as I go along; so come along and join us on an armchair travel adventure. If you’d like to view by a particular country, the Travel tab above will help!

You know style or trends must come naturally to you when, out of a billion brands and bags in the world, you pick one that is not only unique in name, but which is one of the trendiest backpacks available right now. Not blowing my own trumpet. Of course. What happened was that I decided […]


A couple of years back, I shared what I packed for a trip where it was going to be chilly and dry in Spring. I come from the Tropics where the temperature varies very little. Our version of seasons is Hot and Wet and Hot and Dry, with Hot being the operative word. Humidity? It’s […]


I’ve been mentioning my recent holiday long enough, with talk on Twitter early in the year about an adventure I was going to take. It turned out to be quite an adventure indeed, for which I’m very pleased about. There’s much to be said for going on little adventures in your life. No, I did […]


Wooh! How quickly the weeks fly by, and before we know it, we just ended the first quarter of 2014! How was it for you guys? Did you have a good start to the year? Or was it kicking you in the butt? I pretty much got kicked around the first few months of 2014 […]


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