MWS goes on an armchair travel adventure with Paris B

I love travelling and I hope to share my travel stories here on this page. I usually travel for pleasure so what I learn is by exploration and personal research. I am not averse to a little rough and ready fun adventure, and enjoy it as I do a touch of luxury on my travel adventures. In here, I will feature my travel adventures, travel tips, hotel reviews, food and shopping tips as I go along; so come along and join us on an armchair travel adventure. If you’d like to view by a particular country, the Travel tab above will help!

Wooh! How quickly the weeks fly by, and before we know it, we just ended the first quarter of 2014! How was it for you guys? Did you have a good start to the year? Or was it kicking you in the butt? I pretty much got kicked around the first few months of 2014 […]


If you didn’t realise, the brand new year is exactly 7 days after Christmas Day and the anticipation and momentum of the festive period just keeps rolling on to that last stretch to the year. With many people usually taking time off work and just slowing down in general, it is a good time to […]


Last month, I was given an unexpected privilege by Olay to join a few other Asian bloggers in Sydney, Australia. I didn’t quite share any travel tales from there because I actually didn’t have many! It was a very busy 2 days there working and despite it being Summer, Sydney was hit by a cold […]


My timing was so “good” that when I got back last week, it was quite late at night and I fell headlong into work the next day and was pretty busy the whole week. So, unpacking has been slow and you know how that’s like right? Slack off for a bit to unpack and suddenly […]


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