Beauty and Lifestyle Tips

I love reading tips to simplify or enhance my beauty, makeup techniques or just simplify and enjoy my life so I try to share in turn. These are tips I have implemented or have practised and found helpful. Makeup tips may be picked up from makeup artists I talk to or have the pleasure of having their attention. I hope you find the tips helpful!

With the Stila Clearance sale going on in Malaysia (Stila is leaving to return to the USA – no news on what’s happening in Stila USA) I thought it would be a good time to highlight some items I like from Stila and if you are lucky you might be able to pick them up […]


Most of us when we get a headache, automatically reach for pills – aspirin, panadol/ paracetamol – which are kept handy in our first aid kits or even in our handbags. I should count myself lucky that I’m not susceptible to getting headaches – when I do, its debilitating Because I’m a little paranoid about […]


I received an email recently from reader Melinda Rudy with the following enquiry:- I’m not sure whether to ask you this, but this thing really bothered me. I have trouble applying make up since my face sweat a lot. I have oily + sensitive skin. And i sweat after walking for 5 minutes or expose […]


Do you sometimes find that your foaming face wash does not foam up nicely nor does it create a nice thick lather? When you wash your face, do you just quickly create some bubbles and then proceed to wash your face thinking that is sufficient lather? Do you find yourself preferring to use the mousse […]


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