Beauty and Lifestyle Tips

I love reading tips to simplify or enhance my beauty, makeup techniques or just simplify and enjoy my life so I try to share in turn. These are tips I have implemented or have practised and found helpful. Makeup tips may be picked up from makeup artists I talk to or have the pleasure of having their attention. I hope you find the tips helpful!

When I wrote about warming up concealer before using, I received a very interesting comment from reader Donna who had her question in a comment:- I am 70 yrs old, i like to use a little foundation to even out color but everything I have tried, looks cakey……..And I look worse then if I use […]


There are some beliefs and myths about sunscreen and its application that might be worth remembering aren’t quite true. I’ve heard of some of them quite often and most are things I hear over and over so here are 5 sunscreen myths debunked. You do not need sunscreen in winter or on a cloudy day […]


Have you ever had the problem when your concealer or foundation feels too thick? Or when you apply it, it feels and looks a little cakey? I have that problem sometimes with the Lancome Effacernes concealer and Ayu asked what I meant when I said that I’d warm it up with my fingers before I […]


I love lipsticks but because I wear lipsticks, my lips are less forgiving if I get lazy and don’t exfoliate them or get them nice and smooth before applying lip colour. Lip gloss is more forgiving in general. What I’ve also learnt from trial and error is that most lipsticks, even the most drying and […]


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