Beauty and Lifestyle Tips

I love reading tips to simplify or enhance my beauty, makeup techniques or just simplify and enjoy my life so I try to share in turn. These are tips I have implemented or have practised and found helpful. Makeup tips may be picked up from makeup artists I talk to or have the pleasure of having their attention. I hope you find the tips helpful!

When my grandma was hospitalized a few months ago, I found myself shuttling back and forth from the hospital almost every day. While at the hospital, and to avoid having so many people in one ward, I’d sometimes linger in the corridors reading the various signs around the hospital. One that caught my eye and […]


Its not only the Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons by Dan Brown that hides secrets in art. There too lies the secret of flawless makeup – step by step makeup built from a good foundation that gives a flawless finish. So what’s the secret to flawless makeup? Lancome’s recent “Secret to Flawless Beauty […]


I don’t know about elsewhere in the region but here in Kuala Lumpur, the weather has been crazy hot! Temperatures are hitting 35.6 C in the daytime, and we are told to expect this heatwave to continue until September. Its now May – goodness gracious! Not only is it super hot, its also been very […]


Personally I have never participated in an online spree. Not unless you count the ones I organize or the ones my friends that I know and trust organize. But join an online spree from a forum? Never because I’m a bit paranoid like that. An online spree or an online bulk purchase is usually where […]


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