Toners or Lotions

Although this category is labelled Toners I prefer to use Lotions which are widely used as the first step of moisturising in Japanese skincare.

If you remember, back during the MWS 6th Anniversary giveaway series, I gave away a very exclusive item that had not yet even been launched at the time. It was the Estee Lauder Nutritous Radiant Vitality Essence Oil and I’m hoping the winner is enjoying hers, because I am really enjoying mine! I’ll be telling you […]


When I recently went away on vacation, it was to a country in the Northern Hemisphere which had just broken through a particularly long winter, and Spring was just in the air. That wasn’t quite what the weather report for Prague told me when I checked before I left. I had reports of weather in […]


Remember a little while ago, I told you I was using cream cleansers instead of oil cleansers? When I finished up the cleansers I decided not to repurchase but to try instead cleansing waters. I’ve heard so much about these micellar solutions and how they act as all in one makeup removers, cleansers and toners […]


Many of us who have been indoctrinated in the “3-step” skincare method of cleanser, toner and moisturiser will have at least once in our lives, used a toner with a cotton pad to prep skin before applying moisturiser. I used to do it from way back. But about 5 years ago, I stopped using this […]


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