Toners or Lotions

Although this category is labelled Toners I prefer to use Lotions which are widely used as the first step of moisturising in Japanese skincare.

You know, I’ve tried most of the big name products out there in my time. SK-II. La Prairie. La Mer. I was a user of La Mer quite a few years ago when they were new to the local market, and I quite liked it. But about halfway though my experience, it made me break […]


Ah you know, with all the feasting and late nights that is wont to happen at the end of every year when people celebrate the close of yet another year, something that promises a glowing, smoothing complexion just grabs you by the lapels doesn’t it? It says “Buy Me!” I’d heard so much about the […]


A while ago, I told you about a new range of skincare from Japanese cosmetics giant, Shiseido called Ibuki. You can read more about it in the previous post. In a nutshell, Ibuki works to build and repair skin’s resistence to external stresses – pollution, uv etc and strengthen it. I had the opportunity to […]


At one time, anyone who wanted to use natural or organic skincare had a tough time at it. I tried a few brands and products in the early days but if I’m to be honest, few of them really did anything for me. Some even made my skin worse and there were others that gave […]


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