Toners or Lotions

Although this category is labelled Toners I prefer to use Lotions which are widely used as the first step of moisturising in Japanese skincare.

If you were to hearken back to the early days of my blog, you may realise that over the years and in time, I sometimes contradict myself and my skincare routines. Ah such is evolution, I say 😀 So in the early days, I used to not be much of a fan of using toners […]


Some time last year, I came upon this concept of using an exfoliating toner and chemical exfoliators. I started out using the Alpha-H Liquid Gold which I still use today, but I also read about how using a gentle exfoliating toner daily helps our skin cells turn over more quickly which generally means, better looking […]


Earlier this year, I predicted that 2014 shall be the year of treatment lotions, and you know what? I’m being proven right! We’re now in February and I’ve already showed you one from Estee Lauder which had gotten a lot of interest. Forward one month and I have for you another from Clinique and you […]


Cult products have a reason for being cult products. They are either very hard to find, produced in limited quantities with limited distribution or they work so damn well there’s a cult following. The Alpha-H Liquid Gold is one such cult product. I first came across this wonder product about 2 years ago (Damn! Has […]


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